Programmes Offered

The learning programs at ASFA have been designed to engage students in a combination of practical and theoretical pedagogy that trains them with skill as well as critical thinking while being informed with the historic and contemporary art praxis. The curricula sensitise the pupils to explore and ideate their own line of practice through defined assignments, hands-on activities. Bachelor of Fine Arts is a 4-year full time program. The first year (2 semesters) is a common Foundation Course after which, the students will be guided to opt for one of the 3 specializations viz. Sculpture, Painting & Applied Art, depending on their merit, aptitude and counselling by the concerned faculty.


BFA is the minimum qualification required to apply for our MFA program. The students enrolled in the program are encouraged to develop critical, yet reflective understandings of the areas of concern of the profession which enable them to navigate through diverse cultural fabric. This is further strengthened by making the students undergo summer training which induce practical and technical knowledge.