Advantages of Institute

The students of ASFA are offered to learn some of the in-demand foreign languages for their prospect such as French, German & Spanish apart from English. And besides their major course that is the Fine Arts they will also be offered a minor degree to choose from Animation, Fashion Design, Photography, Film Appreciation, Tourism, English Literature, Human Rights, Social Work, Economics, Physical Education etc. that would enhance and hone the skills and lateral knowledge etc. Not only that, there are several other courses running within the campus from Architecture to Bio-technology, so there are ample scope for the inter-disciplinary learning.

Collaborations and trainings

ASFA makes it a point to expose our students to the leading mainstream avenues. Hence actively conducted are students visits to art galleries, museums, artist studios, art conferences etc. being conducted in the city as well as encourage them to participate in workshops and academics beyond the city limits.

Life @ Amity School of Fine Arts