Established in 2014, ASFA is empaneled to run full time bachelor's in fine art program of 4-year duration, where we foster a sense of ingenuity amongst students, scholars, faculty and collaborators.

Our faculty members have a diverse range of practices and a professional background of working with institutions, galleries, and organizations of national and international repute. This enables the students to access information and forge connections with various practitioners working in the visual arts, and design space.


The course structure takes students through rigorous practice-based sessions for skill improvement and the much-needed motor abilities to work across a wide range of mediums and material practices. Furthermore, the structure is designed to introduce students to a range of subjects and ideas by taking them through the History of Art through prisms of critical studies and visual culture on one hand and philosophy and aesthetics on the other.


This theory-practice based structure helps the students to develop an independent, critical and holistic view of their practice in the context of the art field.

This ultimately enables the students to develop the necessary skill set to develop a confident practice needed to plunge into the advertising industry, to practice as a freelancing artist or to apply for MVA/MFA/MDes courses for further studies.


  • To prepare visual visionaries with a solid foundation of the basics such as skill, imagination, creative thinking and capable of constructing an aesthetic world around us.
  • To make the students realize the true potentiality of the forms and images those are capable of critical thinking as well as the social wellbeing.
  • To build an environment that helps the students discover themselves first.
  • To promote sustainability in the thoughts, process and medium that is the need of our environment.
  • To encourage students to dare to think beyond and materialize those thoughts appropriately.
  • To respect the individuality in thoughts-opinions of the students and encourage to bring in new aesthetics boundaries into the society.
  • To provide students a strong theoretical base that makes them complete, as well have a competitive edge.
  • To bring-in new aesthetics to the society


Amity School of Fine Arts is committed stay abreast with the leading art schools of our country, in the vast and ever-growing horizon of the contemporary art scene worldwide.

Strength of the Institution

The faculty from diverse backgrounds and their operations in the actual art world is the true strength of the Institution who is equipped to enrich the learning experience within the academic and on - field exposure.