At Amity, we believe that education must inspire innovation. It must find solutions for pressing issues affecting humanity, at large and lead us towards a sustainable future. That's why, at Amity, the faculty, research scholars and students are carrying out path-breaking research across diverse disciplines. Together they are shaping the next level of education.


Amity’s guiding motto for research and innovation has been to find affordable solutions towards real problems. Its mission is to take every innovation and commercially scale it up to benefit every strata of society. From Magic Fungus ‘ROOTONIC’ with ‘magical’ benefits for crops to a low-cost Water Purifier that doesn’t depend on external power supply; from an Iodine based Finger Print Powder that develops latent fingerprints long after any crime’s occurrence to low cost LPG sensor that enhances household safety: Amity innovations find solutions to few of the most pressing issues affecting the world.

List of Patents Granted

A Nanomaterial Based Culture Medium For Microbial Growth Enhancement.

Ajit Varma, V.K Jain, Suman, Ram Prasad (AIMT & AIARS)

Sensor for detecting Nitrogen Dioxide Gas.

Kanchan Saxena, Pramod Kumar, Vinod Kumar Jain (AIARS)

An Improved process for the production of Mucuna pruriens seeds extract.

D.D Joshi (AIPP)

Plant Biomass Nanomaterial Composite Based Electrode for the Removal of Industrial Dyes from Waste Water.

Suman, Nidhi Jain, Rupesh Kumar Basniwal, A.K Srivastava, Vinod Kumar (AIARS)

Process for the synthesis of Z 3- halo-2-styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents.

Seema Bhatnagar (AIB)

Process For The Synthesis Of E 3- Halo-2- Styryl/Vinyl Chromones As Therapeutic Agents

Seema Bhatnagar, S. Kaushik, S. Sahai (AIB)

Regiospecific oxiation of carbon-metal bonds of organometallic compounds using chiral iron(III)-salen complexes as catalyst

Monalisa Mukherjee, Anjana Srivastava, A. K. Srivastava(AIB)

A low cost, disposable, ambient temperature colorimetric sensor array for detection and identification of eight toxic gases

Ruchi Srivastav, Abhishak Varma, V. K. Jain(AIARS)

Process for preparation of Iron (III) porphyrin catalyst immobilized on Dowex resin and its application thereof in biomimetic oxidation

Monalisa Mukherjee (AIB)

Cement-Nano Composite coated pebbels based water purification system for Microbial Decontamination

Suman, Ramesh Kumar, Mansi Punjabi, V.K. (AIARS)

Standardized Method for extraction and purification of forskolin from the roots of Coleus forskohlii

Dr. D D Joshi (AIPP)

Polyphenol Enriched Antioxidant Nutraceutical Product As Adjuvant Therapy For Cancer Chemo - Prevention And Process For The Preparation Thereof

Dr. Dhan Prakash, Dr. Charu Gupta and Dr. Harsha Kharkwal,

A sensor for Detecting. Air Leakage In Packed Items And Storage Plants

V K Jain, Suman, Vikesh, Pramod Kumar

A method for preparation of andrographolide from Andrographis peniculata

Dr. D D Joshi (AIPP)

A process for the preparation of 3-substituted-2-9phenyl ethyl chromones

Seema Bhatnagar, S.Kaushik, (AIB)

A process for the synthesis of semiconducting metal oxide nanoparticles of controleed size distribution

T.Basu (AINT)

Process for imparting or enhancing electrical conductivity of polymer matrix with semiconductor nanoparticles

O.P Sinha (AINT)

Method for preparation of catalyst its activity and method for treatment of Textyle waste water

Sandip Chakravarti (AINT)