Other Research Centres Established

Amity Institute of Click Chemistry Research & Studies (AICCRS)

Amity Centre for Soil Sciences (ACSS)

Amity Centre for Spintronic Materials (ACSM)

Amity Centre for Inter-Disciplinary Research (ACIDR)

Amity Centre for Antarctic Research & Studies (ACARS)

Amity CIMA Centre of Excellence

Centre for VUCA Studies (CVS)

Amity Centre for Yoga Education, Therapy and Research

Amity Society for Nuclear Security

Amity Centre for Cancer Epidemiology & Cancer Research

Amity Institute of Indian System of Medicine

Amity Center for Bio Control & Plant Disease Management

Amity Institute of Herbal Research & Studies

Amity Center for Carbohydrate Research

Amity Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Amity Institute of Water Technology and Management

Amity Food & Agriculture Foundation

Amity International Centre for Post Harvest Technology & Cold Chain Mgmt. (AICPHT& CCM)

Amity Center for Extension Services (ACES) (Agriculture)

Sir Richard Robert Center for Genetically Modified Organism

Amity Center for Environmental Health and Sciences

Amity Mega Center for Natural and Man-Made Calamities

Centre for Media Studies

Center for Photonics and Optoelectronics

Centers of Excellence

NRDC-Amity Innovation Facilitation Centre

Amity Center for Entrepreneurship Development

Quanser Qube Laboratory

Amity Innovation and Design Centre

Amity University- Institution Innovation Council (Associated to MHRD’s Innovation Cell)

DST - Technology Enabling Center (TEC)

Center of excellence for Photonics & opto-electronics

Center of Excellence on Media studies