Ph.D. Programmes

Last Date To Apply & Test Date

FAQs :

1. What is the minimum qualification for admission to a PhD Program ?

Minimum qualification for admission to a PhD program is Master’s Degree in the relevant field. Kindly refer to the concerned PhD program on (Programs & their eligibility) for exact details on percentage requirement and relevant subject areas.

2. At the time of filling up the application form, is it mandatory that I have with me mark sheet of my master’s program, till the final semester?

Yes, it is mandatory to have all mark sheets, however, provisional mark sheet for final year/semester of Master’s program will be acceptable.

3. Can I apply to the PhD program by personally visiting the campus and submitting a hard copy?

No, PhD Application forms can only be filled and submitted online through the website

4. When can I apply to a PhD program at Amity?

The Ph.D. Application forms are accepted twice a year i.e.
For January Session    -  Between October to December
For July Session    –  Between April to June

5. Who all are expected to submit an NOC (No Objection Certificate)?

If you are in a job, then irrespective of whether you are a full time or part time candidate, you have to produce an NOC from your employer at the time of joining

6. What is the admission procedure?

After your online form is found complete in all respects and is accepted, you will be asked to appear for an Entrance Test( unless you are exempted) followed by an Interview at the Noida campus on the date selected by you. The entire selection process will take place on the same day. There will be no online test or skype interview.

7. In the PhD entrance test, what subject will I be tested in and what is the difficulty level?

In addition to the General Section, you will be tested in the subject of the PhD program you have applied to and the subject you have done your Master’s degree in, if the two subjects are different but allied. Difficulty level is UGC-CSIR-NET, GATE etc.

8. On what basis is a candidate selected for a PhD program at Amity University?

Following parameters are considered for selection to a PhD Program at Amity:

- Score in the Amity Entrance Test
- Performance in the Interview rounds
- Proposed research idea - its relevance and brilliance
- Academic record

9. I have completed M. Phil. Will I be exempted from the Entrance Test?

No, there is no exemption from entrance test for M.Phil candidates.

10. I have a rich teaching /corporate work experience, Am I exempted from the Entrance Test?

No, you have to go through the entire selection procedure.

11. Is Ph.D. available on distance mode?

No, Amity does not offer Ph.D. Programs on distance mode.

12. How is a research topic/ preliminary research idea decided?

Research topic is conceptualized by the candidate. It can be modified with the help of the appointed Guide and Co-Guide after selection. It is finally approved by the Competent Authority of the University.

13. Is the preliminary research idea uploaded at the time of applying, final?

Not necessarily. You are allowed to modify/ improve upon your research idea with the help of your appointed Guide after registering for the PhD program.

14. How do I write the preliminary research idea?

Refer to the guidelines available on, under Application Procedure.

15. Does University provide any Hostel facility to a PhD scholar?

Hostel facility may be offered to full time research scholars subject to availability. Preference is given to undergraduate and graduate students.

16. What is the pattern of classes for full time and part time candidates during the first year coursework?

For full time PhD candidates, classes are held during the week days tentatively between 9 - 5.00 pm.

For part time PhD students, Saturday-Sunday, 8 – 6.00 pm.

No adjustments are possible in this schedule, especially, for the first semester, as, classes are jointly held in a group.

17. How is a Guide and Co-Guide decided?

The Main Guide and Co-Guide are decided by the Departmental Research Committee (DRC) and Faculty Research Committee (FRC). While the Main Guide will have to be from Amity, the Co-Guide, if required, must be from outside Amity. The Co-Guide will be appointed only after his/her profile is approved by the university authorities

18. Am I assigned a Guide by the university or I select one on my own and when?

You are assigned a Guide by the University after you have secured admission to a PhD program. Your request for a certain Guide and research topic, both are kept in mind while doing so.

19. How many Guides am I allowed to work with?

Two guides will be allowed, one Main Guide from the concerned Department at Amity and one Co-Guide who must be from outside Amity. In case of interdisciplinary topics, there is a provision to appoint a third Guide, if necessary.

20. Am I allowed to change my appointed Guide during the course of the PhD program?

No, unless the Guide himself becomes unavailable for certain reasons.

21. Is a transfer to/ from another University (Including Amity in another city) possible during the course of PhD program?

No transfers are possible at any stage.

22. What are the criteria for Exemption from the Course work?

A candidate who has completed M. Phil in full time mode with relevant course work and is pursuing research in the same field, on the recommendation of the Research Committee, s/he may be given exemption from the course work in the PhD program. Here too, exemption is based on the merit of individual case, subject to the approval of the competent authority of the University.

23. I have rich teaching experience, can I get exemption from the course work?

No, the exemption from the course work can be given only to M.Phil. Degree Holders, subject to the approval of the Competent Authority of the University.

24. Can I complete course work at my work place?

Work can also be carried out in sister department / Institution, like MOU Labs, under the supervision of Guide / Co-Guide either within or outside the University, subject to the approval of the Competent Authority of the university.

25. How can Ph.D. be pursued with a full time Job?

To complete the residency requirement, long leave may be availed from the job.

26. Is it mandatory to publish a research paper before submitting the thesis for award of PhD degree from Amity University?

Yes, minimum two papers in reputed journals.

27. Am I expected to teach while pursuing PhD at Amity University?

No, not as part of the curriculum. However, you may sometime be asked to do so during the course of program.

28.Is the PhD degree conferred by Amity University recognized in India and abroad? And, is it valid for Indian Government jobs?


29. Can PhD Scholars apply for ASTIF i.e Amity’s fellowship program?

Yes only Full Time PhD scholars are eligible to apply for it but after their selection to the PhD program. The Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation (ASTIF) awards Fellowships to brilliant young researchers and scientists. Fellowships are available in all disciplines and are not restricted in number. The candidate must have first class academic record throughout up to Master's Degree from a recognized University. The PhD research area should be of above average academic brilliance and relevance. The ASTIF Fellowship will be given to only those candidates who are not getting fellowship from any other agency and who meet the above eligibility criteria. Decisions regarding ASTIF Fellowship awardees, are made entirely by the management and are not fixed. The Fellowship amount varies from 10,000/- to 14,000/- and HRA (30%) per month according to the merit and research experience of the candidate For further details, please visit

30. Do all PhD scholars get stipend for pursuing a PhD program at Amity?

No, only those full time scholars who are NET- JRF/SRF holders of UGC/ CSIR /ICMR/ ICAR/ any other and have joined the program within the validity period, get grants from their respective organizations to pursue PhD at Amity. For others, opportunities to work in various projects at the university may arise after joining a PhD program.

31. As a full time PhD student, can I work after classes to support myself financially?

Yes, as long as you attend coursework classes regularly and maintain an attendance of 75 % which is mandatory, you may engage in part time work inside or outside the campus with the knowledge of your Guide.

32. Duration of the Programme: - As per University Grants Commission (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M.PHIL./PH.D
Degrees) Regulations, 2016 {In supersession of the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awards of M.Phil./Ph.D. Degree) Regulation,
2009, notified in The Gazette of India [No. 28, Part III- Section 4] for the week July 11-July 17, 2009}

1. M.Phil. programme shall be for a minimum duration of two (2) consecutive semesters / one year and a maximum of four (4) consecutive semesters / two years.
2. Ph.D. programme shall be for a minimum duration of three years, including course work and a maximum of six years.
3. Extension beyond the above limits will be governed by the relevant clauses as stipulated in the Statute/Ordinance of the individual Institution concerned.
4. The women candidates and Persons with Disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed a relaxation of one year for M.Phil and two years for Ph.D. in the maximum duration. In addition, the women candidates may be provided Maternity Leave/Child Care Leave once in the entire duration of M.Phil/Ph.D. for up to 240 days.