Since we cater to the requirements of around 20 institutions in Amity University with about 8,000 students, we do not have separate Lecture Halls. This responsibility rests with the individual institutions, who have classes earmarked for their courses. These Lecture Halls are available to our faculty members for taking English Communication classes whenever they go for taking these classes in a particular time slot. The day and the time slot when the classes will be taken is intimated to these institutions much in advance enabling them to make the Lecture Theatres available. All the faculty members have their earmarked kiosks in the institution at R. No.206, D Block, 2nd Floor, Amity University, Sector 125, which is notified to the students. The faculty members earmark the time when they can meet the students to attend their individual problems. Every faculty member is provided with a separate Desk Top. This helps them in updating their lectures and preparation of Power Point Presentations. The Amizone is available to the students and to the faculty members while the students give their feedback about each faculty on the Amizone, the faculty uploads the Session Plan indicating thereunder the topic to be discussed in the different classes. There is thus, a very systematic and scientific manner in which, both the faculty members, the university and the students get to know what is important for them from time to time. The faculty members upload the attendance of each student. Each student therefore, gets to know as to how alert he should be to ensure that there is no occasion form him to be declared as debarred for shortage of attendance. He also has the benefit of knowing his marks secured as they are uploaded by the faculty members on Amizone. The whole Semester Management therefore, is in a most scientific manner. Since there was a big library in the same block, it was not necessary for each institution to have its separate library. All institutions in D Block including AICC had therefore, the authority to utilize the library facilities. Both faculty members and the students make use of this library.

Common Facilities

Whenever some events are organized, auditorium in different blocks are arranged through the Director Administration depending upon the size of the total gathering in that event.


Cafeteria is available for the faculty members. Tea & Coffee to the faculty members and the staff is provided free.

Sports Complex

Sports FacilitiesSports Facilities

The Sports Complex can also be utilized by the faculty members. All these common facilities for students can be utilized by the faculty members and staff also.

Medical Facility

Medical FacilitiesSimilarly, the medical facility available in the D block itself is available to the institution also.