⦿ 61% students qualified in JEE Advanced 2023    ⦿ 86% students qualified in NEET 2023
  • Classrooms

    Well ventilated and spacious classrooms are provided which make teaching - learning an enjoyable experience for the students. Apart from classroom, well-equipped laboratories are provided to enhance the overall learning of the students.

    Students learning in the class

    Students in computer Lab

    Students in chemistry Lab

    Students in Classroom

    Special attention being given to each student.

  • Girls Hostel
  • Boys Hostel
  • Hostel

    Separate hostels are provided for the junior and the senior students so that the children live with their peers. Each hostel is assigned a warden who takes care of the students like his own. The hostels are kept meticulously clean. Fumigation is done frequently and the coordinator pays a visit to the hostel at least once a day. Daily laundry is an integral part of the hostel. Each hostel has state-of-the-art water geysers, to provide hot water to all the children. The toilets are provided with the best of sanitary wares and all measures are taken to maintain the best standards of health and hygiene.

    Hostel rooms well equipped with beds and study table

  • On-campus Cafeteria

    Well balanced, wholesome and nutritious food is provided in the centrally air-conditioned dining hall in the hostel building. All the members of staff and faculty dine with the students. The visiting parents are welcome to scrutinise the menu displayed on the notice board of the dining hall and join the students for a meal. The menu is changed periodically to avoid boredom.

    Clean and hygienic food being provided to students

  • Medical Facilities

    The school has a medical room. First aid kits are available with the warden. The hostel has an ambulance facility to carry the students to the hospital in an emergency. The school has corporate tie-ups with multi-specialty hospitals in the city.

    In-house medical facility

  • Sports

    The campus has a large sized ground for multiple sports like cricket, basketball, horse riding, football etc. Indoor sports like table tennis, chess, carrom etc., are provided in the hostel.

    Students playing Cricket

    Students playing Table tennis