Popular Case Studies
S.N. Case Title
1 M-PESA: Kenya's Experiment with Branchless Banking.
2 TOMS: One for One Giving Model
3 Cadbury's Relaunch of Caramel and Wispa: Reposing faith in Standalone brands?
4 Walmart: Scripting Success through Customer Analytics
5 Frugal Engineering: Innovation at Renault-Nissan
6 Himalayan Tsunami: A Wake Up Call for Humanitarian Logistics
7 Southwest Airlines: Transforming Boarding Process via Game Theory
8 IRCTC: Supply Chain Management
9 Reliability Centered Maintenance: What Went Wrong at Boeing?
10 Amazon’s Drone Deliveries: An Operational Dilemma?
11 Goldman Sachs' Private Placement in Facebook: Sound Financial Strategy?
12 The Rise of Brand Tendulkar: Sachin's Success and Beyond
13 Big Data: Can it Rejig the Global Food Chain?
14 IoT in the Indian Dairy Industry
15 Pepsi's 'Refresh' Ad Strategy: Shift from Super Bowl to Social Media
16 Mumbai Dabbawalas Go Digital
17 Moda Operandi Inc.: Rise of High-end Fashion Retailer
18 The Master of Sound Amar Gopal Bose: Transforming Innovation into Business
19 India’s First Bullet Train Project: A Big Leap to the Future?
20 Green Technology: Bank of America's Initiative towards Sustainable Development
21 Success Mantra of Myntra.com
22 The KFC ‘Chicken Crisis’: What Went Wrong?
23 Lean Six Sigma: Ushering A New Era in Healthcare?
24 Elon Musk: ‘Iron Man’ of Innovation
25 MokshaYug Access (MYA) in India: Enriching India’s Dairy Farmers
26 Impact of GST on Growth of Logistics Industry in India
27 Limyè Pa w: Lighting up the Lives at Haiti
28 PepsiCo India: On Road to Sustainable Development?
29 Indian Railways’ Freight Traffic: Caught in a Growth Conundrum?
30 Urban Ladder: Scaling Up Success?
31 General Electric's Reverse Innovation : Will it be Successful?
32 Indian Railways’ Freight Traffic: Caught in a Growth Conundrum?
33 Starbucks Unbranded Stores - A Move to Regain Former Glory?
34 WeWork: Transforming the Traditional Workplace
35 Chumbak: The ‘India-inspired’ Entrepreneurial Success (Compact Case)
36 Google Launching Superphone 'Nexus one' : Will it succeed?
37 Groupon: An Emerging Giant in Social Commerce
38 Indizel: Fuelling India’s ‘Energy Independence (Compact Case)
39 Unmetric: Unleashing Competitive Edge in Social Analytics
40 3D Printing Technology – Harbinger of a New Industrial Revolution?
41 Dove's Real Beauty, men's Version: Will it Work?
42 Ambush Marketing: A Free Ride on Global Sport Events?
43 100 Years of Indian Cinema – Expanding Horizons
44 Zenefits: Creating a Splash in the Health Insurance Industry?
45 Mann Deshi Foundation – Empowering Rural Women in India
46 Are New Technologies Killing the PC?
47 Harley Davidson's Commitment to Brand Communities
48 RIM's BlackBerry: Can it outsmart the Competition?
49 ‘Chetna Organic’: A Fair Trade Initiative through Organic Cotton
50 Net Neutrality: The Indian Dilemma
51 ‘White Spaces’ – Connecting Africa with the World
52 SandWedges for Delhi-ites (Compact Case)
53 Idli Factory: Churning out Fresh Idlis in Chennai (Compact Case)
54 Khan Academy: Reinventing Education through Technology
55 Crowdfunding: A Blessing for Small Business Start-ups?(Case for undergraduates)
56 Realising Financial Goal: A Case of Dreamers Media (Case for undergraduates)
57 Is India Ready to Learn Online?
58 Pizza Studio: Will it be the ‘Chipotle’ of the Pizza World?
59 Yerdle: The $0 Marketplace of the Sharing Economy
60 Latvia’s Euro Adoption Strategy: A Wise Move?
61 IBM’s Big Data Analytics ‘Watson’ – Taking Artificial Intelligence to New Heights?
62 DICCI SME Fund: The First Venture Capital Fund for Dalits in India (Case for Undergraduates)
63 RuralShores: Will the BPO Create a Social Impact in Rural India?
64 Social Media: Shaping the Future of Pharma Industry?
65 Coursera in India: A New Discourse to Enhance Skill
66 Hint Water: Kara Goldin’s Ambition to Grow a Billion Dollar Brand
67 Innovative Fund Raising Tool: Crowdfunding in India
68 Bitcoin: Rising like Phoenix from Cyprus Rubble
69 Raise: Heating up the US Gift Card Marketplace?
70 Biosimilars: Bringing New Opportunities for India?
71 Samsung Smart School: Smart Integration of Education and Technology
72 Mobile Banking in India: A Game Changer?
73 Teespring: Can it Define the Future Of Custom Apparel?
74 General Electric: Engaging Employees through Social Media
75 IBM Employee Retirement Plans: Chaos in the Offing?
76 Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Bringing Laurels to Biocon
77 Indian Banking Sector: Treading A Rough Road Ahead
78 Geekie: Revolutionising Brazilian Education System
79 Chatbots: Stirring up a Storm with Artificial Intelligence
80 ‘Lending Club’: The Pioneer in Peer to Peer Lending
81 First Agro in India: Promoting Crop Cultivation the Zero Pesticide Way
82 Devon Energy Corporation: Building Talented Human Capital
83 Sexual Harassment at Workplace: What the iGATE Story Unfolds?
84 Farmigo: Disruptive Marketing to Benefit Farmers and Community
85 Alibaba IPO
86 Flipped Classroom: Cisco’s Signage for New Age Learning
87 ‘Grade Bank’: A Glossy Deal for China’s Education System?
88 Masala Bonds
89 Simple Sugars: The Journey of a Teen Entrepreneur
90 Managing Talent in Frontier Markets: The Etisalat Way
91 Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Success Mantra
92 Musthafa: The iD Man (Compact Case)
93 Hewlett-Packard: Corporate Restructuring to Drive Shareholder Value?
94 Artificial Intelligence: Job Creator or Job Destroyer?
95 Vocational Education: Can the German Model Work in India?
96 Amazon's 'Kindle Fire' - Setting Ablaze the Tablet Market
97 Instacart: Delivering Convenience (Compact Case)
98 Whole Foods Market Inc: Inculcating Team-Oriented Culture to Foster Leadership
99 Bandhan Bank: Born from the Cradle of Microfinance
100 Currency Trading Scam: Alarm Bell for Regulators?
101 Spencer's Retail Ltd: Managing Talent to Gain Competitive Advantage
102 Jumbo King: Branding the Indian Vada Pav (Compact Case)
103 3D Printing: A New Prescription for Healthcare?
104 The Inspiring World of Finnish Education
105 Vijay Mallya: The King Who Lost His Kingdom
106 Collective Bargaining: Management Lessons from Bajaj Auto
107 Equitas Microfinance: Making Entrepreneurs in Rural India
108 ADIB – Can it Leverage the Barclays Customer for Growth?
109 Fleximoms – Corporate Initiatives for Fostering Work-Life Balance
110 Elizabeth Holmes: The Social Entrepreneur as Change Agent
111 Facebook’s Ozlo Acquisition to Strengthen AI
112 Alli Webb’s ‘Drybar’: Will the ‘Hot Air’ Blowout Salon Sustain?
113 Managing Millennial Workforce: The Accenture Way
114 Vanguard: Innovating in the World of Investments
115 XSEED: Redefining Primary Education in India
116 STEM Education: Is Dubai Ready to Take on the Challenge?
117 Capital Adequacy: Ringing Alarm Bells for Public Sector Banks in India?
118 Sir Alex Ferguson Blows Final Whistle: Will it Hurt Manchester United’s Future?
119 Building Scale in Online Food Delivery: The Swiggy Way
120 Disrupting the Food Industry – The Hampton Creek Way
121 Post Bank of India: Next Big Thing in the Indian Banking Sector?
122 SAP AG’s New Recruitment Approach: Harnessing Unique Talent to Stay Ahead
123 IoT for Disaster Management: Is India Ready?
124 Digitalisation of Education in India
125 John Chen: BlackBerry’s Saviour?
126 Cairn India-Vedanta Merger: Can it Create a ‘Win-Win’ Situation?
127 Ampere Vehicles: Providing Electric Mobility Solutions
128 Ferns N Petals: Spreading Fragrance Across the Globe
129 Electrosteel Steels Limited: Fighting for Survival
130 Teva Pharma: Leadership Prescription for Turnaround
131 Cloud Computing: A Boon for the Healthcare Industry?
132 Pharma’s Drug Discovery Challenge: Can Artificial Intelligence Show the Way?
133 John W Bluford III: An Epitome of Healthcare Leadership
134 Barclays Africa Group: Bracing for a Tough Sell?
135 NestAway: The Online Marketplace for Rental Homes in India
136 Billions in Change: Empowering the Impoverished
137 SBI – Associate Banks Merger: A Win-Win Move? (Case for Undergarduates)
138 Why Google Is The Best Place To Work For?
139 Gujarat – Giant Strides towards Solar Power
140 Big Data in Healthcare: Heralding a New Revolution
141 Emotional Machines: Redefining Artificial Intelligence
142 Domino's Pizza: Digital Marketing Plans to Drive Growth
143 Big Data: The New Age Recruitment Tool?
144 Coca-Cola’s Bottling Plant Project: Hitting Roadblock in India
145 Why Wells Fargo Dives Deep into Investment Banking?
146 Inthree's Foray into Rural E-commerce: A Sustainable Business Model?
147 The Minute Bistro: An Anti Café Experiment (Compact Case)
148 Coca-Cola India's Win-Win Growth Strategies: Empowering Women through 'Parivartan'
149 Johnson & Johnson: Organisational Rebuilding through Leadership Change
150 Italian Banking Sector: Caught Up in a Crisis of Confidence
151 Blockchain: A Disruptor in Agricultural Supply Chain
152 Online Learning: The New Mantra for Higher Education?
153 Bank of Cyprus: Growth Plans Post Financial Turnaround
154 Amazon’s ‘Pay to Quit’ Program – Will it Enhance Employee Engagement?
155 National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd: Prioritising Women Empowering Initiatives
156 Yummade: Selling Preservative-free Packaged Foods (Compact Case)
157 Toppr: Online Tutorials a Good Bet? (Compact Case)
158 Unique Hiring Process at Amazon: A Boon or Bane?
159 Lijjat Papad: Success Story of Women Empowerment
160 The Indian Microfinance Sector: Reeling under Demonetisation Stress
161 Spektacom Cuts an Intelligent Edge to Batting
162 Xiaomi in China: Struggling with ‘Cooling’ Growth
163 PrivatBank Nationalisation: A Move to Secure Ukraine’s Financial Health?
164 Tupperware: Showcasing Women Power in India
165 Raja Easa Al Gurg – Creating Dynamic Forces of Change
166 Expo 2020 – Will It Reshape UAE’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?
167 Blockchain: Exuding Hope or Hype?
168 ‘Humans of New York’: Brandon Stanton’s Tryst with Social Entrepreneurship
169 Infosys: Facing Hurdles in Transformation Plans
170 The Bangladesh Garment Factory Disaster – Whither CSR?
171 Payments Banks in India: A Sustainable Business Model?
172 Chai Sahay: A Boon for Small Tea Growers?
173 Apple’s Environmental Investment via Green Bonds (2017 oikos competititon)
174 Tata Group: Developing a New HR Architecture for Growth
175 ColaLife’s Innovation in Medical Supply Chain: Redefining Health Care
176 Mo Abudu: Africa’s Oprah Winfrey
177 MaaS Global’s Whim App: Promoting Intelligent Mobility in Finland
178 The Rise of Ponty Chadha: A Rags-to-Riches Story
179 Roche’s Sustainability Initiatives: A Case of Corporate Philanthropy
180 Holacracy at Zappos – The Right Fit?
181 Telematics: Redefining the Concept of Motor Insurance
182 3D Printing in Aerospace Industry: Can it be a Game Changer?
183 China’s Digital Currency Plan: A Monetary Innovation in the Making?(The Case Centre Writing Competitions 2017 -18 for Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic – Disruptive Change)
184 Major Sporting Events Vs. Employee Productivity: The Ongoing Dilemma
185 Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Initiatives: A ‘Refreshing’ Move?
186 Advanced Analytics: Scripting Business beyond the Hype
187 Double Roti: The Neighbourhood Burger King (Compact Case)
188 ‘Innovation: Africa’ – An Israeli Business Model for Rural Empowerment
189 Gender Equality in China: A Workplace Conundrum
190 The Indian Mutual Fund Industry: Shaking Up to Spruce Up
191 Digital India: Sufiyan Ismail Khatri's Entrepreneurial Journey (Compact Case)
192 Internet of Things: Casting Shadows of Threats?
193 Voice Search – The New Driver of Retail Landscape?
194 Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen: The Humanitarian Entrepreneur (oikos competition entry)
195 Will Blockchain Disrupt the Finance World?
196 Gen Z: Engaging the Digital Natives at Workplace
197 Alcohol Industry’s CSR Initiatives: Rhetoric versus Reality
198 SABMiller plc: Sustainable Growth Strategies
199 Gamification of Education: A Disruptive Model?
200 Managing Health Workforce: An Indian Perspective
201 ‘Aakash’ Tablet: Unhappy Ending to a Happy Beginning?
202 InnerChef: Eating Different and Eating Better in India (Compact Case)
203 India-Japan Currency Swap Agreement: The Rationale
204 YSWARA: Rise of an African Luxury Brand
205 Gamification of Education: A Disruptive Model?
206 Ford's Long Drive to Myanmar
207 Can Vishal Sikka Revive the Past Glory of Infosys?
208 Etisalat and Du: Can the UAE Telecom Giants Augment Value Creation?
209 Unilever’s ‘Project Sunlight’ – Moulding a Sustainable Business Model?
210 Halal Cosmetics: A New Approach to Eco-Ethical Lifestyle
211 Online Jewellery Business in India: Facing Challenges
212 Pixar - Creating a Culture of Candour
213 Ratan Tata’s New Avatar As an ‘Angel’ Investor
214 Arvind’s Demerger Moves for Value Creation
215 Rupa Publications: Next Gen Reinventing the Legacy Brand
216 Netflix: Reinventing HR Policies
217 Dr. Devi Shetty: A Human Face of Healthcare Business
218 China's Real Estate Market: A Boom or Bubble?
219 IL&FS: The Implosive Journey of the Infra Financier
220 UAE Free Zones: A Thrust to Economic Growth
221 Sanofi-UNICEF Pact on Polio Vaccine: Alliance with a Cause
222 Workplace Happiness: A New Organisational Culture?
223 Appeti: Delivering Traditional Indian Recipes (Compact Case)
224 Shadow Banking and Global Financial Stability
225 Solar Sister: Empowering Women to Light Rural Africa
226 Mary Barra: Breaking the Glass Ceiling at General Motors
227 Piramal’s ‘Sarvajal’ Water ATM: Can it Quench India’s Thirst?
228 South African Economy at Stake: What Lies Ahead?
229 Goodbye LIBOR: The Sun Sets for the Benchmark Rate
230 Kenya: Can the Resource Surge Lead to Economic Prosperity?
231 Indian Tea Industry: Plagued by Harmful Pesticides
232 Apple's Success Story: Will the 'Cool Factor' Sustain?
233 Shikha Sharma: The Architect of Axis Bank
234 Tea Café Chain ‘Chaayos’: Creating Customer Experience the CCD Way
235 Activity-Based Costing: Is the GCC Ready for the Transition?
236 Srikanth Bolla’s Bollant Industries: The Success Story of the Underdog
237 Pawan Munjal: Setting New Benchmarks in Leadership
238 Edward Whitacre: Turning Around General Motors to Profitability
239 Cinthol Brand Rejuvenation: A Smart Move?
240 An Anatomy of the NSEL Scam
241 Obamacare: Does the Healthcare Programme Really Care?
242 Why Mindtree Minds L&T’s Takeover Bid?
243 External Benchmark: RBI’s Move on Loan Pricing in India
244 GCC Currency – Mission and Challenges
245 Is Healthcare Marketing Unethical?
246 Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: The Ultimate Disruptor!
247 Teabox: Using Technology to Brew Success (Compact Case)
248 Sidai Africa Ltd.: Transforming the Livestock Value Chain in Kenya
249 Dilip Shanghvi: The Self-Made Pharma Icon
250 Warby Parker: ‘One-for-One’ Model in Eyewear (Prize Winning Case in '2015 John Molson MBA International Case Writing Competition' )
251 Takamul – Driving Knowledge and Innovation in UAE
252 Russian Economy: Facing Challenges from Ukraine-EU Free Trade Deal
253 Satyarthi’s GoodWeave: Betting on Ethical Consumerism to Fight Child Labour
254 Dilemma of Visible Tattoos and Body Art in Workplace
255 Bakeys’ Innovative Move to Mould a Zero-Waste Future
256 Freshdesk: Providing Customer Solutions the Fun Way
257 ‘Egg Freezing’ as a Retention Strategy: An Ethical Dilemma?
258 Balancing Trade with Pharmaceuticals: A Belgian Perspective
259 Kudumbashree: Kerala’s Women Empowerment Model
260 Samsø: Beacon for Sustainability
261 Honda Motor Co: Management through Waigaya Way
262 Saudi Arabia’s ‘Nitaqat’ Policy: Cause of Concern for Indian Expatriates
263 Reliance: Gearing Up for Third Generation Succession Planning
264 Greyston Foundation: Creating Social Impact Through Altruism
265 India’s Formula 1 Grand Prix: Skidding Off the Track?
266 eBay Inc: Creating Business Climate for Women
267 D-Rev: Designing for Base of the Pyramid
268 Goonj: Echoing the Vision of ‘Clothing for Dignity’
269 Banco Santander: Can Ana Patricia Botín Emulate Emilio’s Legacy?
270 McDonald’s in Vietnam - A Recipe for Success?
271 Akshaya Patra: On a Social Mission to Fight Hunger (2017 oikos competititon)
272 Juggernaut App: Redefining e-Reading?
273 Walmart's Expansion in Africa: A New Exploration Strategy
274 Libya: Bankruptcy Concerns Posing Threat to the Economy
275 Womenomics: Promoting Gender Equality in Japan
276 Social Stock Exchanges: Trading Social Good
277 Microsoft’s Youth-Spark Initiative: Transforming Lives of the Underprivileged
278 Reinventing Haier – The Zhang Ruimin Way
279 Why DoorMint Closed its Doors?
280 International Cricket Council: Ushering an Era of Reforms
281 FIFA World Cup 2014: Socio-Economic Impacts on Brazil
282 IBM Reshaping Growth – The ‘Ginni’ Rometty Way
283 China’s Tobacco Use: Economics Overriding Healthcare?
284 Pearl Automation: Driving on Smart Technology
285 Entrepreneurship in Bahrain: Can the Little Kingdom Compete with the Big Boys?
286 UK's Luxury Brand Burberry: Capitalising through Digital Marketing Strategies
287 ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’: The Women Empowerment Model from Modi
288 Chanda Kochhar: Steering ICICI Bank Back to the Growth Track
289 Elderly Health Care Services in China – Opportunities and Challenges
290 Workaholism: Japan’s Culture on a Treadmill
291 Is the Buy-One, Give-One Model Right for Social Entrepreneurs?
292 Nigerian Economy – On Surge or a Mirage?
293 Yeh China: Can it Scale Newer Heights? (CC)
294 KickStart: Turning Wheels for the Differently Abled (CC)
295 Social Media Impact on the Elections: Hype or Reality?
296 Mandating CSR for Indian Corporates: The Right Move?
297 Leadership Lessons from Lee Kuan Yew
298 How to Lay Off Employees More Humanely?
299 Arunachalam Muruganantham: Innovating in a Woman’s World (oikos 2015 - Competition prize winning case)
300 Narendra Modi: The Man on a Mission
301 BYJU’s App: Spreading Love for Learning
302 Social Commerce: The New Retail Frontier
303 Coke Studio: Promoting Brands Through Music (Case For Undergraduates)
304 Chai Point: An Indian Tea Retail Chain (CC)
305 Japan Greys and Shrinks: The Population Dilemma
306 ‘Hello Barbie’: A Surveillance Toy?
307 Deloitte Harnessing Women Power: Setting a New Trend?
308 Goodbye to Bell Curve: Dawn of a New Era for Performance Appraisal?
309 Sundarbans: Environmental Sustainability at Stake?
310 Philippines: The New Tiger Economy of Asia?
311 NoBroker: The Real Estate Disruptor
312 Branding of Gujarat: The Marketing and Promotional Strategies
313 Regional Soft Drink Brand Sosyo’s National Ambitions (Case for undergraduates)
314 ClassDojo: The Education Startup With a Difference
315 Economics, politics and business environment
316 Apple’s Environmental Initiatives: A Win-Win Strategy?
317 K.V. Kamath: The Banker of Choice for BRICS Bank
318 Saudi Aramco: A Haven for Talented Women?
319 Waste Management in India: A Lost Opportunity?
320 Malaysia Airlines – Struggling to Stay Aloft
321 Ather Energy’s Smart Scooter: A Disruptive Innovation?
322 Indian Fiction Marketing Takes A New Turn to Success
323 Qantas Airways Limited: Revival Plans to Strengthen Brand Value
324 Nebia: Revolutionising Shower Technology for a Social Cause
325 India’s FDI Policy on Pharmaceuticals: Are the Stakes too High?
326 Closure of Corinthian Colleges: An Erosion of Values?
327 Rahul Yadav: The Housing.com CEO's Fall From Grace
328 Jack Ma: The Indomitable Entrepreneur
329 Corruption Scandal at FIFA: Will it Fuel Sponsorship Concerns?
330 Ebola Virus Derailing West African Economy?
331 Dettol Vs. Vim: Stirring the Low Involvement Product Market
332 Flintobox: An Innovative Learning Kit
333 Biryani: Replicating Pizza Delivery Model in India
334 The Levelfield School – Transforming Education the Unconventional Way
335 BRICS Bank – Built Brick by Brick
336 SERVe: An Innovation Driven by Industry-Academia Interface
337 Sania Mirza: The Sports Icon of Indian Youth
338 Generational Diversity: The Evolving Workplace Conundrum
339 Because International’s Shoe that Grows
340 Bengali Film Industry: Can it Capture Commercial Excellence?
341 David Beckham: The Unbending Celebrity Brand
342 Banka BioLoo’s Environment Friendly Toilets (Oikos Case Writing Competition 2018)
343 Kheyti – Making India’s Small Farmers Smarter
344 Google: A Game Changing Shift in Email Marketing Strategy?
345 Kolkata’s Trams: Chugging Their Way to History
346 Samasource’s Impact Sourcing – A New Anti-poverty Strategy?
347 Family Business in U.A.E: Hurdles of Succession Planning
348 Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam: The Visionary Who Ignited Young Minds
349 Ashley Madison: The Infamous Data Breach
350 Luxury Retail Market in UAE: Delivering Value to the Consumers
351 West Bengal Jute Industry: In Search of the Lost Glory
352 Starbucks-Tata Alliance: Brewing a Fresh Strategy for India
353 Wifi Dabba – Will it Disrupt India’s Mobile Data Market?
354 Dunzo: The ‘Errand Boy’ of the Internet
355 Nestlé’s Growth in Europe – Throttled by Economic Deflation
356 Hero MotoCorp: More Miles to Go
357 Will LED Lighting Make India Power Efficient?
358 Is Tim Cook’s Radical Openness Good for Apple? (Compact case)
359 Retaining HiPos: An Organisational Challenge?
360 Hershey’s Push towards Sustainability
361 Hindustan Unilever Limited: Reinventing Sales and Distribution Model in India
362 Project ‘Aadhaar’: Providing Digital Identity to Indians
363 Honest Tea: An Entrepreneurial Success
364 Zipline: The Startup on a Lifesaving Mission in Africa
365 Air Pollution in Delhi: Can Combat Strategies Restore Environmental Sustainability?
366 Dubai World Expo 2020 – Exploring New Growth Trajectories
367 Allen Solly’s ‘Colour Lab’ : Adding Colour to Consumer Tastes
368 LGBT: A Social Stigma at Workplace?
369 Tectonic Shift in Talent Retention: The Adobe Way
370 Sachin Tendulkar: A Brand Forever?
371 Global Impact of Falling Oil Prices
372 The Lucky Iron Fish: An Antidote to Anaemia?
373 Flux Auto’s Self-Driving Truck: The Pride of India?
374 Cotopaxi’s ‘Gear for Good’: Nurturing a Social Mission
375 Bumpadum: Bringing Innovation to Indian Diaper Market
376 HMT Watches: Will the Timekeeper Keep Ticking?
377 SABMiller’s Race to Woo Tipplers in Africa
378 Best Companies to Work for in India: A Reality Check
379 Facebook: Social Networking Success
380 Marissa Mayer: A Case of Bad Leadership?
381 Disney’s Magic Bands: Enhancing Customer Experience
382 West Bengal: Unlocking the Growth Potential
383 Ingvar Kamprad: The Visionary In Furniture Retail
384 Global Warming: Where the World is Moving?
385 Are Apple's Products Powered By Child Labour?
386 Mamaearth: The Startup that Keeps Babies Toxin Safe
387 Collapse of the Russian Economy: The Rippling Effect
388 IT Czar Azim Premji: The Most Generous Indian
389 Taco Bell's Entry Strategy into the Indian Food Market
390 Online Retail in UAE: Driven to Grow
391 Maruti Suzuki’s Celerio: A Hatchback for the Mileage Conscious Customer
392 Startups: Struggling with HR Issues
393 Fighting the Biopiracy of Khadi
394 ShopUp – A Game Changer for Facebook Entrepreneurs (Compact Case)
395 Caste Based Discrimination in Education: A Roadblock to India’s Progress?
396 Electrifying Rural Africa: M-Kopa’s BOP Model
397 JetSetGo: The Uber of Indian Air Travel
398 Fabindia: Scouting for ‘Make in India’ Online Privileges
399 Mondelez India (Formerly Cadbury India): On a Growth Spree with ‘5 Star Chomp’
400 The Fall of Maria Sharapova: An End to ‘Maria Mania’?
401 Gender Diversity in Technology: An Unending Conundrum?
402 Walmart’s 5-Step Plan: Bringing Innovation into Marketing
403 Child Labour in Tobacco Industry: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
404 GreenSole: Refurbishing Footwear for the Needy in India (2019 oikos Case Writing Competition - Social Entrepreneurship Track)
405 Turner Impact Capital: ‘Monetising’ Philanthropy?
406 Climate Change: Can COP21 Solve the Environmental Puzzle?
407 EarlySalary: A Rising Star in the Digital Lending Space
408 YPF: Orchestrating Shale Boom in Argentina
409 Facebook: Strategies to Tweak Advertising Revenues
410 Generation Alpha: The World Changers?
411 Ericsson: Transforming Organisation through People Support
412 ‘Make in India’: Modi’s Magic Mantra for India’s Growth
413 Seiko India: The Watch Maker on a Growth Spree
414 John's Crazy Socks: A Unique Business
415 bKash Bangladesh: Transforming Banking Services to the Poor
416 Jessica Alba’s Honest Company: Facing a Crisis of Confidence?
417 Adidas vs. Nike: Brand War Heats Up in 2014 FIFA World Cup
418 Medical Tourism in India: A Destination for Good Health?
419 Talent Acquisition and Retention: The Reliance Industries Way (Compact Case)
420 HelpUsGreen - The Social Enterprise’s Green Venture
421 Valve Corporation: Agility Pays
422 ‘Digital India’: Dawn of a New Vision
423 Brand NaMo - ‘Modi’fying India
424 You Are Not Alone’: A Mission for Mental Health
425 Can Dyslexia Make Better Entrepreneurs?
426 Nedbank’s Makeover Approach: Banking on Sustainability?
427 TransferWise: Making Sense of Money Transfer
428 Hilton Worldwide: Plans to Delight Customers with Brand ‘Curio’
429 Raghuram Rajan: The Promising Central Banker
430 Aetna’s Mark Bertolini: An Unconventional Leader
431 Citibank’s Cash for Crèche: Promoting Gender Diversity?
432 Rugby World Cup 2015: Can it Give a Boost to British Economy?
433 HUL Grooming Men in India
434 myAgro: Seeding Success through Mobile Technology?
435 Medical Council of India: In Need of a Surgical Overhaul?
436 Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana: On an Overhaul Extravaganza?
437 Coca-Cola’s Real-Time Digital Marketing Strategy
438 Maternity Leave in the US: An Unending Conundrum?
439 ‘Made in China 2025’: The Dragon’s Next Phase of Growth
440 Argentina’s Debt Crisis: An Impact Assessment
441 General Electric: A Laboratory for Management Practices?
442 Kohler’s ‘Magic Toilet’: Delivering Customer Expectations
443 Can British Brands Address the Stigma of Mental Illness?
444 Pratham Education Foundation: A WISE Educational Mission
445 Hindustan Unilever’s Rural Outreach Initiative ‘Kan Khajura Tesan’
446 Rebel Workforce: Redefining Employee Engagement?
447 Cuba’s Economy: A Safe Haven for Investors?
448 Full Rupee Convertibility: A Distant Dream for India?
449 Workplace Politics: Success Mantra for Survival
450 Marketing to Chinese Consumers: The P&G Way
451 TOMS: From One for One to For One, Another
452 ‘ASHA’: Redefining Community Healthcare in India?
453 Wonga Inc’s Image Impasse
454 Pret A Manger: The Happy Factory
455 Greek Tourism: Rising Above All Odds?
456 Expo 2020 – A New Dawn for the UAE Banking Sector?
457 Managing Anger at Workplace: A Boost to Productivity?
458 Sainsbury’s: Simplifying Prices to Stay
459 How Fair is Fairphone?
460 Marks & Spencer’s Standalone E-Commerce Foray to Spruce up Retail
461 Massive Layoffs at Larsen & Toubro: A Strategic Move?
462 English Premier League: Caught up in a Sponsorship Mess
463 Master MoltyFoam: Creativity for Social Cause(Compact Case)
464 Ben & Jerry’s: Staying Cool under the Unilever Banner
465 Corporate Governance in MENA Region: A Clarion Call for Banking Sector
466 Incivility at Workplace: At What Cost?
467 Moto E: The Feature Phone Killer?
468 Flipkart: Facing the Flak of ‘Big Billion Day’ Sale
469 Phased Retirement: A Boon or Bane for the Sunset Years?
470 China’s Economic Meltdown: An Impending Catastrophe?
471 iD Trust Shops – A Trust Movement in the Making? (Compact Case)
472 Counterfeit Drugs: An Enduring Challenge for India?
473 Absher Initiative: UAE’s Emiratisation Drive
474 Women Empowerment Takes Wings in UAE Aviation
475 Pavers England: Repositioning the Brand in Indian Footwear Market
476 IKEA's China Experience: From an Overseas Home Furnishing Store to a Loitering Destination
477 Huawei: A Global Brand in the Making
478 InMobi: Creating Innovative People Practices
479 Greece Debt Crisis 2015
480 YUWA: A Sporting Platform for Social Development
481 Agastya International Foundation: Nurturing Creativity in Education for BoP
482 Iran Nuclear Deal: Building Bridges for a Better World?
483 Upheaval in UBER(CC)
484 TVS & Sons’ New Car Dealership Model: Driving a New Trend?
485 Coca-Cola’s Supermilk Fairlife – A Fair Deal?
486 H&M’s Sustainability Initiatives: A Reality Check (2017 oikos competititon)
487 Boomerang Employees: A Good Hiring Strategy?
488 Yuan Devaluation: Will it Trigger off a Currency War?
489 China’s Environmental Apocalypse: Sustainability Challenges
490 Starbucks’ Trial with Frugalpac Cup: Heralding a War on Waste?
491 The Single, The Better: A Corporate Bias for Productivity?
492 Puma: Stretching Footsteps in India to Strengthen Market Share
493 Amway India: Tough Times for the Direct Selling Giant
494 Is Employer-Employee Loyalty a Thing of the Past?
495 Harley-Davidson: Facing the Flak for Air Pollution
496 Europe’s Refugee Crisis: What it Portends?
497 Kenco: Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Youth (2017 oikos competititon)
498 EverYoung’s Unique Recruitment Strategy
499 Coca-Cola’s ‘One Brand’ Strategy
500 What’s Driving the UK Economy on a Downslide?
501 Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A Well Intended Move?
502 Lego: Co-Branding Crisis Management
503 Carlsberg's New Global Branding Strategy
504 Unilever’s Unconventional Hiring Experiment
505 L'Oréal: On a Mission for Ethical Mica Mining? (2017 oikos competition)
506 Jain Irrigation Systems Limited: Promoting an Inclusive Business Model
507 Design Thinking at Cisco: Creating HR Excellence
508 The Indian QSR Landscape: Is Digital Technology Setting New Trends?
509 The Nicaragua Canal: China’s Pathway to Latin America?
510 China’s Automobile Industry: Struggling in the ‘Cooling’ Economy
511 Gender Inequality at Workplace
512 Sensory Branding: An Unconventional Branding Strategy to Stay Ahead?
513 Biobanking: A Sustainable Initiative?
514 ‘Akon Lighting Africa’: A Mission to Build a Brighter Africa (oikos)
515 Fuel Retailing in India: End of PSU Hegemony?
516 Bosses or Leaders - Who Drive Organisational Success?
517 Modi’s Visit to UAE – Uncovering New Areas of Cooperation
518 Is Cybercrime Crippling African Economy?
519 Tech Startup Pymetrics’ Innovative Hiring Practice Using AI
520 Red Bull’s Offbeat Branding Strategies
521 Urban Mining: A Panacea for Recycling Waste
522 Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Fashion Initiatives
523 Dove’s ‘Choose Beautiful’ Campaign: A Marketing Misadventure?
524 Chandra on an Overdrive to Revamp Tata Group
525 China Lifting the One-Child Policy: A Move in the Right Direction?
526 Is it Time Up for the Swiss Watch Industry?
527 IBM Restricting Remote Work: An Alarming Policy Reversal?
528 ‘Daily Dillagi’: Tata Sky’s New Marketing Mantra
529 Acid Attacks in India: An Anatomy of the Gruesome Act
530 Forever 21’s Sustainability Initiatives: A Move In the Right Direction?
531 Kiehl’s Since 1851: The Unorthodox Brand
532 Managing Multiple Bosses: A New Age HR Conundrum?
533 Denmark Ranks as World’s Happiest Nation: A Social Model to Emulate?
534 Ban on FDC Drugs in India: A Bolt on the Pharma Industry?
535 Xi Jinping: Redefining Leadership in China
536 Brand Driven Innovation: A Springboard for Growth?
537 Beware! Facebook Knows You Better through Big Data (The Case Centre Competition 2016/17)
538 Mars’ Sustainability Initiatives: Will They Pay Off?
539 L’Oreal’s Digital Strategy to Grab Media Space
540 Vaidyanathan: Another Emerging Leader from the ICICI Stable?
541 Obama’s Visit to Cuba: Will it Usher a ‘New Day’ in US-Cuba Relations?
542 Japan: Facing Failure of Abenomics?
543 Iceland: A Torch Bearer for Gender Wage Equality
544 Why Apple Is The World's Most Valuable Brand?
545 CSR Initiatives at Reliance Foundation: A Reality Check
546 Wilmar International: On Amnesty’s Radar for Human Rights Violations
547 Brownie Brittle: Stirring Success Through Social Media
548 Recruiting through Social Media: Will Instagram Up the Ante?
549 India’s Drug Patent Regime: What the Gilead Sovaldi Story Unfolds?
550 Brexit: The Right Move?
551 HR Startup Reculta: Using Technology to Ease the Hiring Process
552 Fake News: Posing Global Challenges
553 Mayo Clinic: An Enduring Brand in Global Healthcare
554 Greenply Industries Limited: Breaking from the Mould to Stay Ahead
555 Charles Feeney: The Epitome of Giving While Living
556 Grey Group’s Innovative HR Practices
557 Tata Steel’s Pull Out from UK: Crisis Time for the Government?
558 What Gives Mexico an Edge Over China in the Manufacturing Sector?
559 Samsonite CEO Ramesh Tainwala Steps Down Over Resume Padding
560 Vertical Forests: Heralding Sustainable Architecture?
561 Native Advertising: A Growing Threat to Traditional Advertising?
562 Vi-John: Value Creation for Branding
563 Dairy Industry in India: The Dark Side of a Growth Story
564 NTPC’s New HR Initiatives for Long Term Business Growth
565 Delhi’s Maiden Solar Policy: A Sustainable Energy Solution?
566 Brazil’s Insurance Market: On the Brink of a Financial Crisis?
567 Amazon Career Choice: An Innovative HR Program
568 Eastern Mediterranean International School: A Ray of Hope in a World of Despair
569 Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay: Can He Revamp the Brand Image?
570 Videocon: Brand Communication as a Growth Strategy
571 The Business of Marijuana: Struggling for Legal Identity
572 Shadowing at Workplace: A Recipe for Organisational Success?
573 Multigenerational Households: A Rising Future Trend?
574 Can Venezuela Tide Over Its Current Economic Crisis?
575 Starbucks’ HR Initiative to Counter Racial Bias
576 India’s Gourmet Coffee ‘Araku’ Goes Global
577 Kellogg India’s Masterbrand Strategy: Will it Continue to Woo Indian Consumers?
578 Titan Sonata’s Super Fibre Watches (Compact Case)
579 Debiasing the Organisation: A Tall Order?
580 HSBC: Facing the Flak for Environmental Breach in Indonesia
581 Brazil’s Recession Woes
582 China’s Robot Industry: Can it Reverse its Dwindling Fortunes?
583 Coca-Cola’s Plastic Pollution Conundrum
584 Is Uber Driving Gender Discrimination?
585 Manyavar: The Ethnic Fashion Brand on Survival Spree
586 PepsiCo’s Content Marketing Lessons: Will They Drive Growth?
587 Apple to Address Gender Pay Gap in UK Operations?
588 Google’s Internet Saathi: Bridging the Digital Gender Divide in India
589 Capping Stent Prices in India: A Right Move?
590 BP-Exxon Crude Oil Impasse in Azerbaijan
591 Icebreaker: On a Sustainability Test
592 Workplace Happiness: Are Women Happier than Men?
593 The Ritz-Carlton’s Rendezvous with Gen Y
594 Cycle Pure Agarbathies: Ambitious Plans to Spread Fragrance Across India
595 ‘Kanyashree Prakalpa’: Road to Women Empowerment?
596 How GST Would Impact Business Environment in India?
597 Talent Management for HiPos in the Digital Age
598 Feminisation of Health Workforce: An Evolving Trend
599 Women Entrepreneurship in UAE: Touching New Milestones
600 Ecofiltro: Can it Alleviate the Water Woes of Latin America?
601 HBO Vs Netflix: Conflict, Competition or Future Convergence?
602 New Balance: Can CEO Robert DeMartini Reinvent the Brand?
603 ‘Instant Classroom’: Vodafone’s Refugee Empowerment Initiative
604 Why India is a Laggard at the Olympics?
605 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: A Millennial Perspective
606 State Street Corporation: Champions of Diversity and Inclusion
607 China’s Banking Sector: On the Brink of a Looming Crisis?
608 Can Dubai be the Epitome of World Happiness?
609 Telenor India: Surviving Competitive Indian Mobile Telecom Market
610 Blue Apron: Cooking Up New Trends in American Lifestyle
611 Blue Whale Challenge: The Vicious Face of Internet
612 Silicon Valley’s Failure in China: Will the Tide Ever Turn?
613 McDonald’s ‘Snaplications’ Campaign: An Innovative Hiring Process?
614 Can Corporate Culture Define Organisational Success?
615 Dubai Fitness Challenge: In the Quest for a Healthier Lifestyle
616 Deutsche Bank on a Downslide: What Lies Ahead?
617 HUL Brooke Bond Red Label: Can the Brand’s Communication Strategy Brew Warmth?
618 Missed Call Service – A New Marketing Tool to Engage Customers? (Compact Case)
619 Can China Lead the War Against Air Pollution?
620 Sustainability International’s Alliance with ConsenSys – Leveraging Technology for Social Impact
621 Gender Abuse in Academia: A Continuing Conundrum
622 Global Himalayan Expedition: Touching Lives of Millions
623 Expo 2020: Will Dubai’s Real Estate Market Break the Bearish Cycle?
624 Brand Building Strategies of Global Burger Chains in India
625 Transformational Leadership: Has Industry Learnt the Lessons?
626 Amazon’s Minimum Wage Hike: An Altruistic Move?
627 OLX Inc. in India: Managing the Brand Life Cycle
628 What’s the Legacy Left Behind by Barack Obama?
629 ‘Hawa Badlo’: A Social Movement to Combat Air Pollution
630 Tata Nano: Environmental Concerns
631 L’Oréal: Leveraging AI for Hiring
632 Pharma Industry in Indonesia: On Road to Self-Sufficiency?
633 Branding Hello Kitty for Men: Will the Strategy Succeed?
634 Shaadi.com: ‘My Conditions Apply’
635 Referendums: A Costly Exercise in Political Decision Making?
636 Ambidexterity: A New Formula for Organisational Success?
637 Hurricane Harvey: America’s Unforgettable Nightmare
638 Will BP and Shell Flare Global Warming in the Future?
639 Can South Sudan Tide Over Its Economic Crisis?
640 SBI Life Insurance: Can it Stay Relevant in a Crowded Market?
641 Automation Shifting Skill Sets: What Awaits the Future Workforce?
642 Lithium Technologies: Enhancing Fresher Recruitment in IT Industry?
643 Roca India: Digital Engagement to Stay Relevant
644 Freedom from Hunger: Can India Win the War?
645 Hermès Handbags: Exotic Skins Over Sustainable Fashion?
646 Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Has Genpact Erred in Swaroop Raj Case?
647 Selfie Addiction: A Growing Social Concern?
648 Bank of Japan: Grappling with Ineffective Monetary Policy
649 BIBA Apparels: The Ethnic Indian Brand on a Success Spree
650 Somany Ceramics: Brand Building Through Social Initiatives?
651 Gig Economy: Changing the Future of Work?
652 ‘Gasolinazo’: Will Deregulation Fuel Economic Growth in Mexico?
653 LGBT Inclusion in Workplace: An Evolving Conundrum
654 Tata Trusts: Redefining Corporate Philanthropy
655 Mega Mergers in Telecom Sector: Dwindling Fortunes?
656 Workplace Friendship: An Organisational Asset?
657 Coca-Cola’s Positioning Strategy: Putting Product Over Brand?
658 Responsible Marketing: The Coca-Cola Way (Compact Case)
659 Four Day Work Week: A Worthy Option?
660 Burj Khalifa: Can the Emirati Pride Outlive Competition?
661 Chocolate Goes Bitter in Africa?
662 Cape Town Water Crisis: What Lies Ahead?
663 North Korea: Living in Isolation
664 Jack Ma’s Succession Plans for Alibaba
665 Colgate-Palmolive India: Wilting Under Competition in Oral Care
666 ‘Bagrry’s On the Go’: A Move for Healthy Fast Food? (Compact Case)
667 The Cab Aggregators Set the Indian Automobile Industry Thinking (CC)
668 The ‘Girl Effect’: Transforming the Lives of Adolescent Girls
669 HR Chatbots: A Disruption in the Making?
670 Infosys Under Salil Parekh: The Silent Turnaround?
671 Balkrishna Doshi: ‘The People’s Architect’
672 Colombian Economy: Can Peace Usher Prosperity?
673 Rooh Afza: The Legacy Brand’s Strategy to Stay Relevant
674 PepsiCo’s ‘PepsiMoji’ Campaign: A Sustainable Move?
675 Workplace Depression: The New Age Mental Health Challenge in India
676 Gujarat Pharma Industry: Taking Giant Strides in Export
677 The Ocean Cleanup: A Dutch Solution for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
678 ReTuna Återbruksgalleria: Promoting Responsible Consumption
679 Walmart’s Greeter Controversy: A Blow to the Brand Image?
680 Dubai Future Accelerators – Will the Entrepôt City Race Ahead of the Competition?
681 Patanjali Ayurved’s Promotional Blitzkrieg
682 PepsiCo India: Tweaking Brand Portfolio to Tap Traditional Snacks Market
683 Will The US Continue to Dominate the Global Economy?
684 Exam Malpractices: A Bane for Indian Education System?
685 Workplace Ghosting: A Rising Reality?
686 Student Suicides in India: The Harrowing Story
687 Trump’s Immigration Ban: What it Portends for Doing Business in the US?
688 Airtel’s Aggressive 4G Campaign: Striking Gold with Sasha Chettri
689 Career 2.0 for Women: A Welcome Move
690 Is McDonald’s Breaking the Minimum Wage Pledge?
691 Marriott International: Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing (Compact Case)
692 Bundelkhand: On Survival Pangs Driven by Drought
693 Human Trafficking in India: Ringing Alarm Bells
694 Pharma’s Ordeal to Address the Global Problem of Obesity
695 Increasing Workplace Stress: A Clarion Call for UAE Employers
696 Israel: The Global Startup Powerhouse
697 Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Customer Experience?
698 United Spirits: Brand Reinvention to Stay Ahead of the Curve
699 Reforms in Health Sector: Can India Scale Up Success?
700 Walmart’s ‘Fight Hunger. Spark Change.’ Campaign: A Move for Hunger Relief in the US
701 ITC’s Solid Waste Management: Creating ‘Wellbeing Out of Waste’
702 International Schools in China: Are They at the Crossroads?
703 Honey Maid: The Wholesome Brand on a Preaching Spree
704 Maruti Suzuki: Shifting into Overdrive?
705 Pharma Sector in China: On an Innovation Spree
706 The Dark Side of Social Media
707 IKEA’s ‘Food is Precious’ Initiative: Wasting Less for Feeding More
708 Rodan + Fields: Breaking Stereotype Marketing Models
709 Rural India: A Huge Market for ICT Products (CC)
710 Norway’s Electric Vehicle Surge: A Model to Emulate?
711 Reliance LYF: Enhancing Digital Experience for Brand Building
712 Ola Launches ‘Mission: Electric’ – A Move Towards a Greener Environment?
713 Dick's Sporting Goods’ Clarion Call for Common Sense Gun Reform
714 Goldman Sachs’ Contingency Plans: What’s in Store After Brexit?
715 ITC Vs. Britannia: The War of the Titans in India’s Biscuit Industry
716 Dr. Fixit: Maximising Brand Recall
717 Cola Giants Facing the Heat of Drought in India
718 Hospital Corporation of America: Redefining Ethics in Healthcare Business
719 Waste Management: In Search of a Sustainable Solution for the Mountain Ecosystem
720 India’s Pledge to Double Farmers’ Income by 2022: A Rhetoric or Reality?
721 Fashion Retailer Grana: Disrupting the Online Fashion Business?
722 Social Media: Customer Engagement Via Visual Content
723 India’s Drug Pricing Regime: On an Overhaul Spree
724 Plastic Pollution: A Rising Global Threat?
725 Pernod Ricard’s CSR Initiatives: Setting a Benchmark?
726 Public Private Partnership in MENA Region: What Lies Ahead?
727 Intex Technologies: On a Risky Brand Building Strategy?
728 How Donald Played His Trump Card to Win the US Elections!
729 Doping in Sports: The Endless Chase
730 ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’: Pakistan’s Drive for a Greener Future
731 Burberry Burning Excess Stock: An Ethical Move?
732 Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: What Lies Ahead?
733 Priyanka Chopra: The Making of a Celebrity Brand (CC)
734 P&G’s Pampers: Promoting Inclusive Parenting
735 MGNREGA: A Decade of Hope-Hype Paradox
736 Cyberbullying: A New Global Menace
737 East Kolkata Wetlands: Epitomising Urban Ecological Sustainability?
738 Can Frugal Innovation Eradicate Inequality?
739 Titan SKINN’s French Connection: A Strategic Move to Tweak Brand Sales?
740 Amway India: Driving Growth Through Omni-Channel Retailing
741 ‘In Reach Africa’: Boehringer’s Healthcare Sustainability Initiative
742 Is Technology Abetting Terrorism?
743 Indian Biotech in 2025: A Billion Dollar Dream
744 C&D Waste: A Roadblock to Sustainable Development
745 Johnson & Johnson: New Marketing Philosophy to Build Global Brands
746 SeaWorld’s Blackfish Disaster: Can the Brand Bounce Back?
747 China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Strategy to Sustain its Global Dominance?
748 McDonald’s Ecofriendly Initiative in India
749 Child Marriage in South Sudan: A Social Stigma?
750 Australia: The Hot Spot for International Education
751 P&G’s Advertising Ramp Up: CEO David Taylor’s Plans to Rekindle Growth
752 KFC’s Recipe for Growth in India
753 Syrian Conflict: A Geopolitical Disruptor?
754 India’s #MeToo Movement: Making Waves
755 Can India Emerge as a Front Runner in Fighting Climate Change?
756 Tata Motors: Driving on Celebrity Endorsement?
757 LEGO: Breaking the Gender Barrier
758 Are Search Engines Biased?
759 Taj Mahal: Can the Monument of Love be Saved?
760 Lenovo India’s Dual Brand Strategy: Will it Pay Off?
761 The Rohingya Crisis: An Indian Perspective
762 China’s Tryst with AI: Harbinger of a New Global Order?
763 Breaking Social Stereotypes: Setting New Trends in Indian Advertising
764 thredUP’s Remade: A Sustainable Fashion Venture?
765 Volkswagen's ‘TOGETHER – Strategy 2025’ – A Lofty Vision?
766 Chinese Super League on a Mega Spending Spree
767 ICICI Bank Caught Up in Conflict of Interest Controversy
768 Agriculture: The New Driver of Italian Economy?
769 Responsible Marketing: The P&G Way (CC)
770 Danone Opts to be a B Corp: Ethical Journey of the Food Giant
771 The Social Voice of Brands: Leveraging Cause Marketing
772 Indian Generics Industry: Headed for a Growth Spurt?
773 United Airlines' Image Impasse (CC)
774 Saavn: Real Time Marketing Strategy
775 Tokyo Olympics 2020: Challenges Galore
776 Gandys: A Social Brand Built to Excel
777 FIFA Under-17 World Cup: Reviving Hopes for Indian Football
778 Gett – Getting it Right to Move Ahead
779 Artificial Intelligence: A Boon or Bane?
780 TerraCycle: Promoting Circular Economy Submission to first evaluation round TerraCycle: Promoting Circular Economy
781 Haier India: Can it Beat the Indian Summer with Humour?
782 The US Retail Industry: Engulfed in an Apocalypse?
783 Is Japan the Next Powerhouse of the Bitcoin Market?
784 Mankind Pharma’s Prega News: Striking an Emotional Connect with Corporates
785 Sustainable Packaging Initiatives: A Reality Check
786 Bulb – The Startup Disrupting UK’s Energy Sector
787 MobiDent: ‘Dental Clinic in a Suitcase’
788 American Tech Giants in Europe: Negotiating a Steeplechase?
789 Bioeconomy: Driving Innovations in Canada
790 DS Group’s Strategy to Push ‘Pulse Candy’ Ahead of Competition
791 Child Labour in India: A Reality Check
792 The Sterlite Copper Issue: Whither Sustainability?
793 Indian Craft Beer Brand ‘Bira 91’: Frothing Over to Expand Footprint
794 Saudi Arabia Under the New Crown Prince: Heralding a New Economic Era?
795 Cashless Economy: Is UAE Ready to Accept the Challenge?
796 E-waste Recycling in India: A Sustainable Initiative?
797 OnePlus in India: Charting Out a New Growth Trajectory(CC)
798 SAIL’s Smart Garbage Bins: A ‘Smart’ Initiative?
799 Heineken N.V.’s Strategy to Dominate the Global Beer Market
800 Telesom ZAAD: On an Inclusive Mission in Drought-Hit Somaliland
801 Emmanuel Macron: A New Ray of Hope for France?
802 Cobalt Mining in Congo: Ringing Alarm Bells for Electric Vehicles
803 Music Retailer HMV: Rebuilding the Brand from the Brink
804 Pharma Industry in Japan: On Road to Resurgence?
805 Tiny Homes to Set the Trend in Urban Living
806 Can Amazon Win the War in Selling Luxury Brands?
807 Fighting Food Waste in Africa through Engineering Innovation
808 McDonald's India: Brand Reputation at Risk?
809 Coffee Industry: In the Throes of Climate Change
810 Kamikatsu’s Zero Waste Campaign in Japan
811 Alibaba’s Transformation as a Global Brand
812 Boeing-Bombardier Dispute: Escalating Beyond National Boundaries?
813 Sweden’s Cashless Economy: A Model to Emulate?
814 Volvo’s Branding Strategies: Changing Gears for Greater Appeal
815 Modest Fashion: Will It Divide What Was United by Faith?(2017 EFMD Case Writing Competition)
816 Beyond Brexit: What Awaits the UK Pharma?
817 Fast Food Chains in Ghana: A Cause of Rising Obesity?
818 Usain Bolt: The Legend in the World of Sport
819 Common Sense Marketing: Skill Sets for the CMOs
820 Dubai's Rising Inflation: What the Index Portends?
821 France to Ban Oil and Gas Exploration: Can it Combat Climate Change?
822 The Global Consulting Firms’ Marketing Game Plan
823 Emojis in Business: Breaking Barriers in Communication
824 Alibaba-MoneyGram Deal: What Went Wrong?
825 Khelo India: Reviving the Sports Culture in India
826 Onida’s Comeback: Can the Dead Brand Be Revived?
827 Inbisco India: Plans to 'Stay Awake, Stay Ahead' With Kopiko Brand
828 Internet Use in Vernacular Languages: The Ripple Effect
829 Sweden: The Emerging Star of Startups in Europe
830 Bajaj Allianz General Insurance: Using Humour to Break the Clutter
831 Brand Relaunch of PepsiCo India’s Kurkure
832 Women Farmers in India: A Clarion Call for Empowerment
833 PwC under SEBI Ban: What Lies Ahead?
834 Higher Education in the Digital Era: Changing Dynamics of Marketing
835 Pharma Sector in Greece: In Search of an Overhaul?
836 Jumboking: The Aspirational Indian Brand
837 TCS's AI Product Ignio: Will Branding Help Reduce the Uncertainty?
838 Illegal Gambling in Russia: Will it Endanger the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
839 Indo-China Relations: In Search of a Paradigm Shift
840 Papa John’s - NFL Controversy: Taking the Crust off the Pizza? (Comapct Case)
841 Al Ustad Special Kabab – The Rise of an Iconic Brand
842 Blue Economy: An Evolving Success Story or Wishful Thinking?
843 Globalisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Are the Stakes too High?
844 Marriott International: Embracing Digital to Connect with the Millennials
845 The Arab ‘Black Friday’: Will Dubai’s Malls Survive Souq’s ‘White Friday’?
846 Carillion Collapse: A Failure of the Free Market?
847 George Weah’s Transition from Sports to Statesmanship
848 Marketing a Weed Brand ‘Dank’ – The Jay Griffin’s Way
849 Reviving Colonel Sanders: KFC’s Iconic Brand Mascot
850 The Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Facing Data Breach Crisis
851 What Ails India’s Public Sector Banks?
852 Türk Telekom Deploys TEOCO: A Move to Provide Differentiated Customer Experience
853 Philip Morris’ Smokeless Innovation
854 WHO's Position on Gaming Disorder: Are the Stakes High for the Gaming Industry?
855 Vietnam: The Magic Land of Manufacturing
856 Radio Mirchi Tunes into the UAE - Are You Listening?
857 Horlicks’ New Strategy to Beat the Clutter and Stay Relevant
858 eSports: A Disruptive Market Trend?
859 The US-China Trade War: Escalating Tensions
860 Warby Parker’s April Fool Gimmick Goes Awry
861 Street Food in UK: A New Kid on the Casual Dining Block
862 Odeon Cinemas Group: Reinventing Cinema to Stay Relevant
863 Venezuela’s Crumpling Oil Industry: Can China be the Saviour?
864 FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia: A Marketers’ Roulette?
865 Instagram’s Tryst with Digital Marketing: A Trendy Move?
866 Cuba Sans Castro: The Road Ahead
867 Cruise Tourism in India: Unlocking New Gateways
868 Twinkle Khanna: The Shining Face of Celebrity Endorsement
869 Germany Leads the Way for a Vegan Revolution
870 Blockchain: A Marketing Game Changer?
871 Electric Vehicles: Will They Trigger an Energy Crisis?
872 Beauty Brand Glossier’s Digital Engagement for Growth
873 Savlon: Brand Repositioning for Value Creation
874 Harley-Davidson: Caught between Profits and Politics
875 Is the Boom Time Over for the American Economy?
876 ‘Brand Virat’: Can Overexposure Lead to Brand Dilution?
877 Ranbir Kapoor: A Story of Celebrity Brand Resurgence
878 China-Africa Collaboration: A Win-Win Initiative?
879 Zara vs. H&M in Fast Fashion
880 E-rickshaw: Driving the Electric Vehicle Revolution in India
881 Jaquar India: Driving Growth through Innovation
882 China: The New Haven for Luxury Brands
883 Parle Rides the Premium Path: Will it Pay Off?
884 India's RuPay Takes On Mastercard-Visa Duopoly
885 OnePlus: Rewriting the Single Product Success Story
886 Nigeria Engulfed in Extreme Poverty – An Economy in Reverse Gear?
887 Rising Food Waste: A Growing Business Opportunity?
888 Amazon Prime Day: A Sustainable Marketing Gambit?
889 Women’s Rugby World Cup 2021: Can Host New Zealand Script a Success Story?
890 Häagen-Dazs: Poised to Become an Iconic Brand
891 Louvre Abu Dhabi: Taking Museum to the Masses
892 Japan’s Labour Shortage: A Looming Crisis?
893 Troubles Brewing at Huawei: Can the Tech Giant Survive?
894 The Netflix-Obamas Deal: Will it Make Waves?
895 Feminine Hygiene Product SheCup’s Marketing Challenges in India
896 Will FinTech Disrupt Banking in UAE?
897 Facebook Promotes Pre-roll Ads: What the Move Portends?
898 Legalised Sports Betting: Where India Stands?
899 The Green New Deal: An Effective Answer to Climate Change?
900 Online Buying in UAE: Going Beyond Borders
901 Mondelez Moves Closer to Local Market: Setting a New Trend for Global Growth?
902 The Makeover of Dharavi: Will it Change the Face of Mumbai?
903 Basketball Africa League: A Welcome Initiative?
904 Groupe Renault's Marketing Strategy for Global Positioning
905 Nike's Controversial Kaepernick Advertisement – A Brilliant Move?
906 Japan’s Tourism Boom: A Blessing Amidst Challenges
907 Dubai International (DXB): Flying High with Higher Footfalls
908 Alyque Padamsee: The ‘Brand Father of Indian Advertising’
909 Payless’ ‘Palessi’ Campaign: Faking to Prove a Point
910 What Makes Colombia a ‘Big Space’ for Pharma Growth?
911 Dallas Cowboys: Challenging WeWork in Coworking Business Model
912 The HUL-Horlicks Deal: Can the Iconic Brand be Revived?
913 Dallas Cowboys: Challenging WeWork in Coworking Business Model
914 Movie Marketing in Bollywood: The Changing Dynamics
915 Italic: The Luxury Fashion Anti-Brand
916 Gillette’s ‘We Believe’ Campaign: Caught Up in Controversy
917 Marketing to Digital Natives: The Smart Speaker Way
918 Robotics at Henn na Hotels in Japan
919 Influencer Marketing: Explosive Trends in the Social Media Age
920 Marks & Spencer: Reinventing Marketing Strategy in India
921 Arby’s Subscription Box: A Sell-Out Campaign
922 Marketing to Generation Z: The Challenges Galore
923 Danone Nutricia’s Strategic Move to Win Mother’s Trust?
924 IKEA's Kåma Sutra Catalogue Campaign: A Creative Marketing Push Strategy?
925 Qatar Airways: Flying High with Catchy Brand Campaign
926 Coca-Cola’s ‘Together is Beautiful’ Campaign: Will it Spell Magic?
927 Kumbh Mela 2019: Branding Vs Sustainability
928 American Comedian Cheri Oteri’s Fiber One Campaign
929 Starbucks’ ‘Dark Social’ Strategy to Drive Growth
930 Sephora: Supporting Diversity and Inclusion
931 BMW’s Partnership with TVS: A Strategic Realignment?
932 Perfetti Van Melle: Charting a Perfect Expansion Plan in India
933 Roche’s Initiative to Boost Up Chinese Insurance Market: Business with a Cause
934 RIM’s BlackBerry Rebranding: A Move to Take on Google and Apple?
935 P&G’s Reverse Outsourcing Strategy: Boon or Bane?
936 Mahindra e2o: A Step Forward to Green India
937 Growth Journey of Gujarat as a Leading Auto-Hub of India
938 AirAsia – Tata JV: Will it Take Off?
939 Gujarat: Setting the Stage for Effective Healthcare
940 Valeant – Bausch & Lomb Deal: Strategic Fit?
941 JC Penney: Falling Fortunes of the US Retailer
942 Info Edge: Expanding the Bandwidth of Internet Business in India
943 Zydus Cadila’s Lipaglyn: A Precedent in Gujarat’s Pharmaceutical Market
944 Bharti Airtel’s Growth Strategies in African Telecom Market
945 Emaar Properties: Changing Lifestyles with 'Center of Now' and Beyond
946 Barnes and Noble Strategy Shift
947 Starbucks’ Loyalty Program: Brewed for Success
948 Café Coffee Day: Gearing up to face Competition
949 NQ Mobile from China: Addressing Mobile Security Concerns
950 Persistent Strife Over Cancer Drugs: What the Cipla-Pfizer Tussle Portends?
951 FarmVille Developer Zynga in Trouble: Will the Game Continue?
952 Invesco’s Bid to Revive Rona: Strategy to Restore Lost Glory
953 OVL-OIL’s Deal with Videocon – Triggering a Fuel Hunt in Mozambique
954 Swedish Fashion Giant H&M's Growth Strategies
955 Yahoo-Tumblr Deal: Will it Make Waves?
956 TCS’ Acquisition of Alti SA: Expanding Wings in Europe
957 Market-based Reforms in Healthcare: An English Perspective
958 Sony vs. Microsoft: Battle for Leadership in the Video Game Market
959 Boeing Vs. Airbus: The Battle for Supremacy in the Sky
960 Airbnb: Steering Success through Collaborative Consumption Model
961 The Dubal-Emal Merger: Building Synergies
962 Muller Yogurt: PepsiCo’s ‘Good-for-You’ Product for Americans
963 British Airline Flybe: Can It Fly Without Commercial Melancholy?
964 Roche’s Strategy against Herceptin Patent Expiry: Kadcyla and Beyond
965 Reincarnation of the Classic Datsun Brand: Will Nissan’s Strategy Work?
966 The Indian Smartphone Market – Taking on the Global Brands
967 Gulf Construction Giant Arabtec: Eyeing Growth Opportunities
968 Jeff Bezos’ Acquisition of Washington Post: Leveraging a Legacy Brand
969 South African Retail Major Shoprite: On an Expansion Spree
970 Microsoft’s Strategic Nokia Buyout: Will It Pay Off?
971 Food-Pharma Synergy: An Evolving Success Story in South America
972 Google's 'Project Loon': A New Dawn In Internet Business?
973 Tesco’s Dining Initiatives in UK: Making Stores Family Friendly Retail Destinations
974 Omnicom-Publicis Megamerger: Reshaping the Global Advertising Industry?
975 Google's Moto X: Raring to Rekindle Reach and Revenue
976 Will Venky's Destroy Blackburn Rovers?
977 Samsung: The Smartphone Maker Makes a Smart Move in Finland
978 Tata Consultancy Services: The IT Giant's Success Story
979 Reviving Fortunes of Renault India: The Case of Renault Duster
980 Amazon in 2013: Online Success
981 Aramex – Expanding its Global Footprint
982 Best Buy’s Revival Strategies
983 Personal Computer Business: Lenovo Leading the Pack
984 China’s (R)e-tail (R)evolution : Boom or Bust?
985 Singapore Airlines: Plans to Revive the Fading Iconic Charm
986 The Smithfield Deal: Bringing US Bacon to China
987 IMG-Reliance’s IPL Styled Football Venture in India: Will it Pay Off?
988 Google’s Foray into Healthcare Market: What Lies Beyond Calico?
989 Max Burger: Expanding Wings in the Middle East
990 Alibaba and Sina Weibo Deal: A Strategic Collaboration of e-Commerce and Social Media?
991 WhatsApp: What’s Up on Social Networking?
992 Bharatiya Mahila Bank: A Move to Empower Women in India?
993 Neiman Marcus: Rebounding from the Recession
994 Britannia Industries Limited: Restructuring Growth Strategies
995 TVS Dazz: Will it Dazzle the Indonesian Motorcycle Market?
996 SKODA India: Turnaround Plans
997 Minneapolis-based Pentair Ltd’s Transition: Heading West?
998 Cafédirect: Return of the Fairtrade Pioneer
999 Twitter IPO: A Strategic Game Plan?
1000 Apollo Hospitals’ Growth Story – ‘Touching Lives’
1001 Tyson Foods in China: Growth Plans Through Backward Integration
1002 Managing Health Insurance: Post-Reform Lessons from Tanzania
1003 Burberry’s Revival: Can it Sustain?
1004 Belgian Chemical Major Solvay Group: Reshaping Portfolio to Accelerate Transformation
1005 Walgreens: Strategic Restructuring for Sustained Growth
1006 Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc: Strategies in Turbulent Times
1007 Android KitKat: Google’s Strategic Move
1008 Viswanathan Anand’s Chess Strategies: Lessons from Board to Boardroom
1009 BMW’s Move to Electric Car Segment – Driving on Competition
1010 Indian Bicycle Industry: Shifting Gears for Future Growth
1011 Mahindra Aerospace: Charting Growth Opportunities with Small Aircrafts
1012 Argentina’s Pharmaceutical Market: On a Growth Curve
1013 Sina Weibo: China’s Twitter?
1014 Burger King's India Entry: Big Move to Tickle Local Taste Buds
1015 FOX and ESPN: Competing for Top Slot in Global Sports Broadcasting
1016 Kellogg’s Repositioning Strategy in the US
1017 Mahindra and Mahindra: Making Inroads in to Branded Fresh Fruit Market
1018 Tata Consultancy Services: Expanding Footprints in West Asia
1019 e-Choupal: The ITC Initiative for Rural Empowerment
1020 Indian Hospitality Industry: Declining Fortunes?
1021 Daikin Industries: Crafting a Turnaround Strategy
1022 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Emerging Opportunities and a Wakeup Call
1023 Diabetes: Business Opportunity in a Public Health Crisis in India
1024 Mattel Inc – Making Innovations with Max Steel to Keep Barbie Spirit Alive
1025 Facebook Matures: ‘Not Cool’ Anymore For Teens!
1026 Jet – Etihad Deal: Taking Wings on Indian Sky
1027 Facebook Buys Little Eye Labs: A Strategic Acquisition from India
1028 TanzaniteOne: Restoring Tanzania’s Missed Opportunity?
1029 McDonald’s Launching McCafé in India: The Next Coffee Shop?
1030 McDonald’s Menu Makeover – A Move in the Right Direction?
1031 PepsiCo Mexico Foods: A Merger of Equals
1032 Big Bazaar Direct: Bringing Innovation to Indian Retail
1033 Apple’s Grand Plans to Revamp Retail
1034 SBI’s Social Media Strategy: Signalling Innovation in Indian Banking
1035 Google Buys Nest Labs: Searching for Growth Beyond ‘Search’
1036 Infosys: Revival Plans with the Second Innings of Narayana Murthy
1037 Amazon in India
1038 Tata-Singapore Airlines: Set to Spread Wings in India
1039 Lenovo: Making a Big Bang Entry in to Indian Smartphone Market
1040 Suntory Beverage & Food: Global Growth Strategies
1041 Advertising in India: An Agent of Social Change?
1042 Ferrari Ploughing into Indian Market: Racing for Success?
1043 Harley-Davidson: Luring Indian Customers with Entry-Level Bikes
1044 KFC’s African Expansion: Aided by ‘Value Chains’?
1045 Future Group’s Retail Business: Future Prospects Post Restructuring
1046 7-Eleven’s Growth Strategy in Indonesia
1047 Hewlett-Packard: Wooing India’s ‘Generation Next’ with Phablets
1048 Apple’s Pricing Strategy: Embracing Class and Mass?
1049 Microsoft’s Carbon Neutrality: An Alluring Strategy?
1050 Mauritius – Marching Ahead to Become a Knowledge Hub
1051 Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp and Oculus: A Strategic Cool Move?
1052 Fabindia: Luring Young Indians with Western Wear
1053 Alibaba Vs. Tencent: The Battle for China’s M-Commerce Space
1054 Obamacare: Pros and Cons for the Pharma Industry
1055 Hadassah Medical Organisation: Management Crisis and Survival
1056 ITC’s Foray into Non-Carbonated Beverages and Dairy Business: A Smart Move?
1057 Can Satya Nadella Rescue Microsoft?
1058 Dubai: Expanding Wings in Medical Tourism
1059 Mydentist: Opening Up the Dental Care Market in India
1060 SpiceJet’s Brand Repositioning Strategies
1061 Why the Apollo-Cooper Deal Failed?
1062 Emirates Sleep Systems: Springing Growth in the Indian Mattress Market
1063 Nintendo: In Search of Next Blue Ocean?
1064 Tata Nano: Will Brand Repositioning Drive Sales?
1065 Lafarge – Holcim Deal: A Merger of Equals
1066 Tata Croma’s New Avatar: A Smart Move to Tackle Competition
1067 Nestlé India: Redrawing Strategy to Focus on Premium Market
1068 Tanishq Glitters – Tata’s Jewel in the Crown
1069 Micromax: Homegrown Innovation Paving the Path to Success
1070 Obamacare: A Business Challenge for the Safety Net Hospitals?
1071 Rakuten: Japan’s Amazon?
1072 Subway’s Foray into the Competitive Coffee House Space in India
1073 Sun Pharma - Ranbaxy Merger: A Landmark Deal for Indian Pharma?
1074 Microsoft’s Xbox One in China: Ushering a New Game Plan?
1075 Channel Conflict at Tesla: Disrupting the Traditional Model
1076 China's Xiaomi: Going Global in the Smartphone Market
1077 Apple vs. Samsung: A Battle for Supremacy in Healthcare Business
1078 Flipkart and Myntra: A Strategic Alliance?
1079 Competitive Positioning Plans of Panera Bread Company
1080 Air Costa – On a Growth Spree in India
1081 McDonald’s ‘Royale’ Burgers: A Move to Woo Adults in India
1082 Parlé Agro: On a Comeback Trail with Café Cuba
1083 ‘Google Fit’: Grabbing Space in the Healthcare Landscape
1084 Medellín: Metamorphosis of the Colombian City
1085 Mankind Pharma’s Ambitious Growth Plans
1086 Zomato’s Acquisition of MenuMania: On a Global Expansion Spree
1087 Kent RO - On a Growth Spree
1088 Harley-Davidson: Shifting Gears to Lure Women
1089 ‘Samsung Gear Live’: A Fresh Spree in Digital Healthcare Market
1090 L’Oreal India: Luring Indians with ‘Garnier Black Naturals’
1091 Reebok India: Scaling Up Business to a New Turf
1092 Lindt & Sprüngli’s Acquisition of Russell Stover: A Dynamic Growth Strategy
1093 Amazon’s Fire Smartphone: Calculated Risk or Potential Payoff?
1094 Domino’s and McDonald’s: Battling for Space in the Kids-Meal Segment
1095 Starbucks Hand Crafted Soda ‘Fizzio’ - A Game Changer?
1096 Samsung: The Smartphone Maker in Turmoil
1097 RadioShack’s Survival Strategies
1098 Colgate India Beats Competition with Innovation
1099 Uniqlo’s Unique Pricing Strategy
1100 Walmart: On an Expansion Spree through Primary Healthcare
1101 Can Joe Kaeser Make Siemens Dynamic Once Again?
1102 Fiat’s Maserati: A Launch to Ride on Luxury in India
1103 Novartis-Google Healthcare Alliance: Will it Deliver?
1104 Microsoft’s Acquisition of Mojang: A Right Move?
1105 Coca-Cola: Aiming for the Top Spot in India
1106 Walmart: Venturing in to Virtual Wholesale Stores in India
1107 Huayi Brothers: The Disney of China
1108 ITC: Unleashing Strategy 2.0 in Premium Brands
1109 Microsoft: Redefining Business Strategy under Satya Nadella
1110 Wawa: The Convenience Store with a Cult Following!
1111 Panasonic India: Exploring E-Retailing via ‘E-Store’
1112 Online Grocery Stores: Gaining Momentum in India
1113 Banks Taking Big Strides: The Digital Way
1114 Havas Group: Exploring Growth Strategies
1115 The Tata Group: Consolidating for Further Growth
1116 IndiGo: Navigating Air Pockets to Fly Higher
1117 Stagecoach Group: Strategies to Tweak Bus Ridership in the US
1118 Google Buys Lift Labs: A Move to Reinvent Healthcare
1119 Tata Motors’ Zest: Will it Restore the Car Maker’s Lost Sheen?
1120 Educomp India: Drifting in the Digital Learning Space
1121 Mobile Wallet: Can the Service Catch up in India?
1122 Dropbox’s Innovative Strategy: Creating a Niche in the Cloud Storage Market
1123 Portea Medical: Promoting Home Healthcare in India
1124 MasterCard Transition: Ajay Banga’s Hurdles
1125 Tesco: Falling Fortunes of the UK Retailer
1126 Apple Pay: Can the Mobile Payment Process Take Wings?
1127 Amazon’s Tie-Up with Future Group in India: An Online-Offline Gambit?
1128 Burger King: Launching ‘Signature Burger Whopper’ in India
1129 Facebook’s ‘Rooms’ Chat App: A User Empowerment Strategy?
1130 Dr. Sarfaraz Niazi: Creating Biosimilars to Improvise Healthcare
1131 GoPro: Launching Consumer Drones
1132 Shalimar Paints: Strategies to Regain the Lost Shade
1133 Tesla’s ‘Open Source’ Model for its Patents: The Right Way to Go?
1134 Yum! Expands into the Middle East: Serving the Arab Market
1135 Philips: Driving Digital Transformation to Redefine Business
1136 ‘Paper Boat’ from Hector Beverages: Tapping the Indian Nostalgia
1137 Cash Rich Yahoo!: Whither to Go?
1138 Facebook’s Internet.org Initiative - Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid?
1139 Can Facebook Take on Google’s YouTube?
1140 Snapdeal: Tapping India’s Burgeoning Mobile Commerce Market
1141 MustSeeIndia: Setting New Trends in Online Travel Business
1142 LPidilite Industries: Overcoming the Long-Term Growth Blues
1143 Indian Railways: On Tracks of Revamping
1144 Lenovo to Reinvent with Motorola Acquisition?
1145 Google-AbbVie R&D Partnership: A Win-Win Venture?
1146 Harley-Davidson Vrooms into the Electric Two-Wheeler Industry
1147 Disrupting the Indian on-Demand Taxi Market – The Uber Way
1148 Harvard Business School’s Innovation Dilemma
1149 Merck: Leveraging Digital Transformation
1150 Ryanair’s Digital Strategy to Drive Growth
1151 Bootstrapped Zoho’s Success: A David vs. Goliath Story
1152 Alibaba’s Alipay: Building Better Healthcare in China
1153 Spanish Major Telefónica: On an Expansion Misadventure
1154 Primark’s Foray into the US Market
1155 Alibaba: Can it Gamble with Global Expansion?
1156 Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengue Vaccine: Does Crisis Bring an Opportunity?
1157 ‘Amazon Local Services Marketplace Model’: The New E-Commerce Combat Zone
1158 Google’s Driverless Car: A Journey to the Future
1159 Bright Food Group: Banking on Acquisitions for Global Expansion
1160 GoldieBlox: The ‘Anti-Barbie’ Success?
1161 Walmart in China: Misreading Consumer Behaviour?
1162 Twitter Acquires ZipDial: Tapping the ‘Missed Call’ Opportunity
1163 Warren Buffett: Investment Strategies of ‘The Oracle of Omaha’
1164 Heineken's Heiress Charlene de Carvalho: Redefining Success
1165 SpaceX: Dreaming Big for Colonising Mars
1166 Khadim’s: Spreading Footprints Across India
1167 BlackBerry Passport: RIM’s Knight in Shining Armour?
1168 Tencent: Scripting Own Tale as a Global Challenger
1169 Abercrombie & Fitch: Revival Plans of the Apparel Retailer to Stay Relevant
1170 Havells India: On an Aggressive Growth Path
1171 Kotak’s Acquisition of ING Vysya Bank: A Win-Win Deal?
1172 Ecotrail: Paving the Way for Halal Cosmetics in India
1173 UNIQLO’s Market Entry Strategies in Canada
1174 Mattel Inc: Revitalisation Plans to Maximise Potential
1175 International Student Enrolment: Challenges to Universities
1176 Toshiba to Light up India: Dreaming Big
1177 Dr. Naresh Trehan: The Heart Surgeon Doing ‘Business with a Soul’
1178 CarDekho.com: Driven by Success
1179 Beauty E-Tailer ‘Birchbox’: Embracing Omnichannel Retailing
1180 Farfetch: Creating a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for High End Fashion
1181 Alibaba’s Market Entry Strategies in India
1182 Staples’ Acquisition of Office Depot: Charting a Long Term Growth
1183 CavinKare: Creating a Splash in the Dairy Business?
1184 Why Target Retail Retreated From Canada?
1185 'ICICI Digital Village’ Initiative: Tapping Rural Opportunity
1186 Uber: A Dichotomy of Innovation and Regulation
1187 Accor India: Tapping Opportunities in the Mid Market Segment
1188 Aerosoles: Tata International’s Big Step into Footwear Retail
1189 Bisk Farm: The Biscuit Brand on an Expansion Spree
1190 Coca-Cola and PepsiCo: Sweating it Out Over Declining Soda Sales in US
1191 Patanjali Ayurved: Scaling Up High in Indian FMCG Sector
1192 Snapchat: Fad or Future?
1193 Etsy: Crafting an Uncertain Marketplace?
1194 Theranos: A Disrupter in the Healthcare Industry
1195 SpiceJet: Can the Airline Survive With the Turnaround Plans?
1196 STAR India’s Game-changing Gambit – Will it Payoff?
1197 Ocado’s Maiden Profit: Has it Broken the Jinx?
1198 Ashiana Housing: On Ambitious Expansion Plans
1199 Galeria Kaufhof GmbH: Optimising Growth through Digitisation
1200 King Digital’s Candy Crush Saga
1201 Ola Cabs: Driving Ahead With Consolidation
1202 Clarks: The British Shoemaker Takes Big Strides in India
1203 William Penn: Writing Growth Story in the Luxury Pen Market of India
1204 Campbell Soup Co’s Turnaround Strategy
1205 Swarovski: Scripting Growth Beyond Jewellery
1206 Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare: The West Bengal Story
1207 Tata Group: Wooing the Digital Space to Drive Future Growth
1208 Karur Vysya Bank: Managing Growth Through Technology
1209 The Kraft-Heinz Merger Deal: Setting a High Trajectory for Growth
1210 Vistara: Will it Fly High on Indian Sky?
1211 Chipotle Mexican Grill: An American Success Story
1212 Carnival Corp’s Dive into China’s Cruise Market: Will it Have a Smooth Voyage?
1213 Mobilegeddon: Google’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Search Algorithm
1214 Can Nissan Woo Indians to Drive the Datsun GO+?
1215 Sony Corp: Still on Slippery Path
1216 Can Zippo Keep the Iconic Flame Still Alive?
1217 Sun Pharma-Technion Pact: A Win-Win Industry-Academia Partnership?
1218 Hidesign’s Positioning As A Lifestyle Brand – A Growth Strategy?
1219 Healthcare: The Next Big Thing for Digital Revolution in India?
1220 Apple Watch: Redefining Wearable Technology?
1221 Flipkart’s Tie-Up with Dabbawalas: Technology Wooing Tradition?
1222 McDonald’s: A Brand on Decline?
1223 What Went Wrong With Adidas in America?
1224 Starbucks’ Push into Grocery Business: A Brand Reinforcement Move?
1225 Turkish Airlines: Spreading Wings with Expansion Strategies
1226 Biyani’s Omni-Channel Strategy: Reviving Fortunes of Future Group?
1227 Paytm’s Foray into India’s Online Grocery Market
1228 Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong: Redefining Healthcare with Techno Innovations
1229 M-Pesa: Will the Expansion Strategy Pay Off?
1230 Karkhana Zinda Tilismath: Growth Ambitions of the Herbal Panacea
1231 Angry Birds: Aiming to Fly High With Lego
1232 Airbus A380: Struggling for Survival
1233 Apple: Can it Grow Any Further?
1234 Air India: Is Privatisation the Only Panacea for the National Carrier?
1235 Danube’s Foray into Real Estate: Leveraging Expo 2020 Opportunities for Growth?
1236 Yum! Brands in China: Facing Brand Fatigue?
1237 Wildcraft: Surging Ahead With Adventure Gear
1238 Snapdeal: Surging Ahead in the Indian E-Com Market
1239 Burger King to Spice up Global Palate with Vegetarian Menu
1240 Apple’s HealthKit: Upgrading to Stay Competitive
1241 Women-Only Cabs: A Panacea for Women Safety
1242 Starbucks Closing Down La Boulange Stores: What Went Wrong?
1243 Maggi in Instant Trouble: Can Nestle India Restore the Brand Image?
1244 Huawei India: Exploring Innovative Growth Strategies
1245 Will Apple Music Disrupt The Music Streaming Industry
1246 Singapore International Airlines Group: Crafting Brand Portfolio for Growth
1247 Kohl’s: Innovation Spurring Growth for the Retailer
1248 Swiss Watchmaker Frédérique Constant’s Survival Dilemma
1249 ‘Dabur Baby’: Can Dabur Sustain in the Premium Baby Care Market in India?
1250 Aldi UK: The Discount Grocer on a Growth Spree
1251 Emami Acquires Kesh King: An Aggressive Growth Strategy?
1252 Parle: Betting Big on India's Premium Biscuits Segment
1253 Huawei: Setting Ringtones in the US Smartphone Market
1254 Fitbit: Facing Challenges in Wearables
1255 State Bank of India: E-Commerce Tie-ups to Drive Growth?
1256 Myntra: Can it be the ‘Facebook of Fashion’ Network?
1257 Michael Kors: Fashion Favourite No More?
1258 CEMEX: Differentiation as a Growth Strategy
1259 Yelp: Treading on Turbulence?
1260 Hero Electronix: Hero Group’s Leap into Electronics
1261 SBG Cleantech Ltd: Bringing Sunshine to India’s Power Sector
1262 Asda: Restoring Brand Warmth to Retain Customers
1263 Green Vehicles: Gaining Momentum in India
1264 Pernod Ricard: On a Spirited Growth Journey
1265 Dangote Group: Unlocking Opportunities in Africa
1266 Guroo: Bringing Price Transparency to US Healthcare Consumers?
1267 Keurig: Brewing Trouble in Coffee Cup?
1268 Carpooling in India: A Growing Social Trend?
1269 Tesla: Revolutionising Energy Storage?
1270 The Unilever Foundry: Spearheading the Spirit of Radical Openness
1271 P&G’s Open Innovation Model: ‘Connect + Develop’
1272 Spiceworks Inc.: Building Transparency in Business
1273 ‘The Guardian’ (Angel) of Open Journalism – Breaking the Mould?
1274 Kering: Defining Sustainability through Radical Openness
1275 SWAYAM: India’s Self-Learning MOOCs Platform (Compact Case)
1276 Wikipedia: A Standard Bearer of Openness? (Compact Case)
1277 Mars India’s Expansion Strategies in the Indian Pet Food Market
1278 E-Tailer Lenskart Betting Big on Brick and Mortar: Will the Gamble Payoff?
1279 Maruti Suzuki: Breaking The Small Car Image With Ciaz
1280 Cleveland Clinic and Hebrew University: A Virtual Partnership to Redefine Nanotechnology?
1281 Corporate Restructuring at Google
1282 Grofers: Global Ambitions of the Local Start-up?
1283 Apple in China: Facing Falling Fortunes?
1284 Discovery Group’s Innovative Business Model: Can it Sustain?
1285 Foodpanda: Trouble in Store for the Food Startup?
1286 Google’s ‘Infinix Hot 2’: A Strategic Move to Tap African Market?
1287 Gap Inc.: Can the Ageing Brand be Revived?
1288 Microsoft Windows 10: Cannibalization or Game Changer?
1289 IndiGo: The Low-Cost Airline’s Success Formula
1290 Amazon Web Services: The Pioneer in Cloud Computing
1291 Instagram: Exploring an Innovative Monetisation Model
1292 ‘Jan Aushadhi’: Will the Revamping Strategy Pay Off?
1293 Paytm: Growing through Acquisitions
1294 Takata Airbags: Triggering Panic Recalls
1295 ‘Mind Your Fleet’: A Threat to Uber and Ola on Indian Roads? (Compact Case)
1296 Acquisition of Israeli Dairy Company Tnuva by Bright Foods – On the Right Track?
1297 AIIMS: The Premier Healer in Turmoil?
1298 Sistema – RCom Merger Deal: Dawn of a New Era in Indian Telecom Sector?
1299 HUL’s Acquisition of Indulekha: A Strategic Return to Hair Care Segment?
1300 City Football Group: Crafting an Innovative Business Model
1301 Duolingo: A De facto Language Tutor?
1302 Practo: Transforming Healthcare Dynamics with Technology
1303 Philips’ Transition to Circular Economy: Can the Innovation Sustain?
1304 IRCTC-Foodpanda Tie-up: A Happy Journey?
1305 ‘Google for India’ – Taking Technology for a Leap
1306 Everlane: Promoting Responsible Shopping Through Radical Transparency
1307 Wockhardt’s Way of Surviving Turbulent Times
1308 Apollo Hospitals: Embracing Transport Giants for Business Optimisation
1309 Tata International Limited: Expanding Footprints to Africa
1310 Pfizer-Allergan Buyout Pact: Prompting an Unprecedented Tax Inversion Row?
1311 Quikr.com: Can it Ride the Changing Tide?
1312 American Apparel: Life Beyond Bankruptcy
1313 Twitter in its Tenth Year: What Lies Ahead?
1314 Battery Maker A123 Systems’ Revival Plans: Striking the Right Spark?
1315 BlaBlaCar: Can it Have a Smooth Ride in India? (Compact Case)
1316 Digital India: Keys to Unlock the Business Potential (Compact Case)
1317 Shuttl - An Uber for Buses in India? (Compact Case)
1318 Coca-Cola in an Energising Deal with Monster
1319 Times Now in UK: A Laudable Launch?
1320 Trouble Brewing at Groupon: Tough Times Ahead
1321 eBay: Can the US E-tailer Recoup in India? (Case Centre Competition Entry)
1322 Shanghai Tang: The Chinese Fashion Brand Makes a Bid for the West (Case Centre Competition Entry)
1323 Walmart: The Retail Giant in Crisis
1324 Netflix Inc. Global Expansion Plans: A Quick-Fix Solution to Gather Critical Mass?
1325 Whole Foods Market: Can the Organic Food Pioneer Regain Growth?
1326 Deyor Rooms: Can They Redefine the Hotel Aggregation Business in India?
1327 OYO Rooms: Offering Affordable Hotel Stay
1328 What Makes The Kroger Company Tick in the Supermarket Industry?
1329 Walt Disney: Riding on ‘Star Wars’ Mania?
1330 Skechers’ Pan-Asia Strategy: Can it Repeat its US Success?
1331 Embraer: Embracing ‘New Metrics of Success’
1332 Blue Star: On a Growth Spree in the AC Business
1333 Expo 2020: Will the Looming Global Recession Cast A Shadow on the Event?
1334 Volkswagen: Get it Right
1335 Skill India Mission: Fostering Public Private Partnership
1336 Baidu Driving the Driverless Car: A Challenge to Google?
1337 Thomas Cook India – SBI Partnership: A Win-Win Deal?
1338 ShopClues: Exploring Growth in Small Towns
1339 Amazon Launching Grocery Delivery App in India – A Winning Move? (Compact Case)
1340 Quintillion Media: A Disruptor in the Digital Publishing Space?
1341 BHP Billiton’s Brazilian Disaster: Crisis Time for the Mining Behemoth
1342 Zoctr: The ‘Flipkart of Healthcare’ in the Making?
1343 Expo 2020: A Catalyst for Dubai’s Tourism Sector?
1344 Motorcycle Taxis: Solving Urban Transport Conundrum in India?
1345 HBO India: Image Makeover to Move Ahead
1346 First Republic Bank: Digital Transformation with a Human Touch
1347 CERA India’s Business Expansion Strategies
1348 WeWork’s Foray into India: A Boon for Start-ups?
1349 Avon’s Turnaround Plans: A Move in the Right Track?
1350 Coca Cola’s Foray into India’s Value-Added Dairy Drinks Market with Vio
1351 Merck: Supporting Digital Health Start-ups in Africa
1352 COMAC’s Commercial Aircraft Venture: Carrying High-Flying Ambitions?
1353 Alibaba’s Acquisition of South China Morning Post: A Good Buy?
1354 Going Global – The ‘Dalian Wanda’ Way
1355 Sport England: Driving Social Change through Consumer Approach
1356 Can David Potts Revive the Falling Fortunes of Morrisons?
1357 Jugnoo: Leveraging on Smartphone Penetration
1358 Education Loans: Investing for Future India?
1359 SABMiller Sales Weakened by Volatile Currency Challenge
1360 ‘The Unbound Collection’: Hyatt’s Anti-Hotel Brand to Spur Growth?
1361 Vodafone’s 4G Launch in India: Will it Trigger a Price War?
1362 BuzzFeed: Driving Innovation in Global Media Industry
1363 Zika Virus: A New Global Health Emergency?
1364 Sri Sri Ayurveda: Setting the Stage for Another Consumer Product War?
1365 Facebook Loses Face in ‘Free Basics’ Initiative in India
1366 Studiowest: Tata’s Re-entry to the Cosmetics Market
1367 VIP: The Luggage King’s Growth Crisi
1368 Woolworths: Can the Supermarket Chain Revive Falling Fortunes?
1369 Nintendo: Hopping the Smartphone Bandwagon
1370 ‘Titan Juxt’: A Smart Launch?
1371 Renault: Driving its Way to China for Growth
1372 Anbang Insurance Group: American Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy
1373 Xerox: Facing Turbulence
1374 Nike's 2020 Growth Strategy: Can CEO Mark Parker 'Just Do It'?
1375 Online Retailer Jumia: Africa’s Amazon?
1376 Gatimaan Express: Indian Railways on a Fast Track
1377 Gucci’s Turnaround – Is the Luxury Brand Back in Vogue?
1378 Coty’s New Growth Strategy: Creating a World Class Beauty Experience?
1379 Asian Paints: Painting a Larger Canvas of Home Décor Needs
1380 Citigroup to Exit Retail Banking in Latin America: A Wise Move?
1381 Big Bash League: Scripting a New Paradigm for Cricket?
1382 Shake Shack: Shaping Up to be the ‘Better Burger’
1383 Atom Bank: Scripting a Success Story Through ‘Neo Banking Model’?
1384 Free Mobile: Disrupting the French Mobile Landscape (Compact Case)
1385 Can Ideas Inspire Infosys to Grow Big? (Compact Case)
1386 Luxottica Group SpA: Leadership Crisis Affecting Growth Prospects
1387 DS Group’s Pulse Candy on a Growth Spree
1388 Cosmetic Retailer Lush: Will its Ethical Growth Strategy Payoff?
1389 Falabella’s Innovative Growth Strategy in Latin America
1390 ‘Bisleri Pop’: Bisleri’s Re-entry into India’s Soft Drinks Market
1391 Mi-Fone: A Mobile ‘Made in Africa, for Africa’
1392 ‘True Blue’: Sachin Tendulkar’s New Innings
1393 Mercedes-Benz: Charting a Success Trail in India
1394 Will Shanghai Disneyland Bring the Disney Magic to China?
1395 Hyundai’s ‘Make in India’ Plan: Riding on High Hopes?
1396 Starbucks in China: Can its Success Continue?
1397 Lufthansa: Scaling New Heights of Success
1398 Can Steve Rowe Restore Growth for Marks & Spencer?
1399 ‘Five Guys’ Becomes U.K’s Favourite Fast Food Chain: What Next?
1400 Starbucks in South Africa: A Strategic Move to Conquer the Continent?
1401 Hershey’s in China: Tough Times Ahead?
1402 Fabelle: ITC’s Foray into Luxury Chocolates
1403 Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn: A Synergistic Move?
1404 Burberry: Negotiating a Tough Business Environment
1405 Hershey’s Bid to Stay Relevant
1406 Can Macy’s Overcome its Mounting Troubles?
1407 Big Box Retailer Sears: In Search of the Lost Glory?
1408 Versace’s Digital Strategy to Drive Growth
1409 Can Cadbury Overcome the Creme Egg Fiasco?
1410 illycaffe`: Braving the Odds to Brew a New Destiny
1411 Can Meru Cabs Surge Ahead with ‘Reverse Surge’ Strategy
1412 Can a Tottering Twitter Bounce Back? (Compact Case)
1413 StoreKing: Tapping the Rural E-Commerce Market in India
1414 YU Televentures: Innovating to Dominate India’s Mobile Space
1415 Walmart vs Amazon: Battle of the Titans
1416 Bigbasket: Betting Big on Indian Online Grocery Market
1417 LeEco: Grand Plans for India’s Smartphone Ecosystem
1418 ‘Ola Lux’: Ola’s Foray into Luxury Car Service
1419 Peabody Energy: Collapse of the Coal Giant
1420 365 by Whole Foods Market: Wooing the Millennials?
1421 Danaher Corporation: Splitting to Succeed?
1422 Li-Ning: Reinventing With the Changing Times
1423 Amazon India-Vodafone Tie-Up: Expanding Offline Presence
1424 Nirma’s Buyout of Lafarge: A Win-Win Deal?
1425 Five Star Chicken’s Rebranding Strategy in India: A Smart Move?
1426 Tata CLiQ: Can the 'Phygital' Model be a Game Changer?
1427 The Indian Book Market: Scripting a New Growth Story?
1428 Alibaba’s E-commerce Strategy for Rural China
1429 Uber – Didi Bonhomie in China: Unleashing a Bigger Game Plan?
1430 Micromax Diversification: Will it Disrupt the White Goods Space?
1431 HCL Technologies: Struggling to Retain Business
1432 Leicester City FC Turnaround: An Inspiration to the World of Business?
1433 The Dollar Shave Club: Can the Unilever Deal Add Sheen?
1434 DuPont - Dow Chemical Merger: A Happy Wedlock?
1435 Flipkart Acquires Jabong: A Move to Strengthen Market Position?
1436 Honda’s Scooter Strategy: Scripting a Turnaround with Activa
1437 Encyclopaedia Britannica’s Digital Transformation
1438 Uber Cedes in China: What Went Wrong?
1439 Klöckner’s Digital Transformation: Will the Disruptive Model Work for the Steel Major?
1440 HUL’s New Range of Baby Care Products: A Challenge to J&J?
1441 Aeropostale: Can the Clothing Retailer Emerge from Bankruptcy?
1442 Airbnb’s Rising Valuation: Will the Bubble Burst?
1443 Foxconn’s Acquisition of Sharp: Dreams of Building a Global Brand?
1444 Cisco’s Transition: A Tremor too Big?
1445 Brand Factory: On an Expansion Spree
1446 Urban Outfitters Acquires Italian Food Chain: An Unrelated Growth Strategy?
1447 Himalaya Drug Company’s Reinvention Plans
1448 Pokémon GO: A Genre Changing Game or a Passing Fad?
1449 QwikCilver Solutions: Pioneering the Art of Gifting Cards
1450 TVS Logistics: What Next after KKR, Goldman Sachs Pullout?
1451 Abof.com: Aditya Birla Group’s E-Commerce Venture
1452 Air France-KLM Group: Smarting Under Incomplete Merger Blues
1453 Crisis Management at Chipotle
1454 Burger Pizza: Will Domino’s Game Plan Succeed? (CC)
1455 Comcast’s Acquisition of DreamWorks Animation: A Move to Take Disney Head On?
1456 Expo 2020: Can JAFZA Capitalise on the Mega Event?
1457 Yahoo’s Acquisition By Verizon: A Strategic Move?
1458 Is Tiffany & Co. Losing its Sparkle?
1459 Pandora: Can Tim’s Return Revive its Fortunes?
1460 Reddit: Braving Turbulent Times
1461 Nestlé’s Transformation Plans Under Ulf Mark Schneider
1462 ITC: Brewing a Strategic Growth Plan with Premium Coffee
1463 Amazon Bookstore: A Disruption Beyond Virtual Landscape
1464 IDFC Bank’s Acquisition of Grama Vidiyal Microfinance: A Win Win Deal?
1465 Randstad’s Monster Acquisition: A Move to Transform HR Services?
1466 Steinhoff International: Realising Global Dream Through Acquisitions
1467 Bioelectronic Medicine: The Future of Chronic Disease Management?
1468 Amazon’s Strategic Growth Plans for India
1469 Microsoft Vs. Amazon: The Cloud Computing Combat
1470 Google’s Pixel Phone: A Threat to Apple’s iPhone
1471 Boeing Heading Downwards?
1472 The ‘Egyptian Cotton’ Fiasco: Can Welspun Regain its Lost Image?
1473 Walmart Acquires Jet.com: Fast-Tracking Online Growth?
1474 YKK Group: Promoting the ‘Cycle of Goodness’ for Value Creation
1475 Hanjin Shipping Company’s Bankruptcy Woes
1476 Little Cab: Safaricom’s Big Step in Taxi Hailing Space
1477 Deloitte’s Inter Group Merger: Will it Ensure Service Integration?
1478 ZoomCar: Betting Big on IoT to Drive Growth
1479 EpiPen: A Quirky Tale of Prescription Drug Pricing
1480 Reynolds’ Rollover to Rorito: A Wise Move by GM Pens?
1481 Cyrus Mistry’s Ouster from Tata – A Failure of Corporate Governance?
1482 China’s Musical.ly – Facebook of the Future?
1483 Caterpillar: Caught in a Storm Amidst Change of Guard
1484 Target: Seeking Relevance in a Crowded Grocery Market
1485 Galaxy Note 7: Burning a Hole in Samsung’s Pocket?
1486 Hugo Boss: Saying Goodbye to the Luxury Segment
1487 Starbucks’ Upscale Chains: Innovating to Shed Basic Image
1488 Virat Kohli: On a Journey from Cricket to Business? (CC)
1489 Activision Blizzard: The Gaming and Entertainment Publisher’s Growth Saga
1490 Urban Ladder: Integrating an Online and Offline Growth Strategy
1491 Unilever’s Strategies to Build Agility and Resilience
1492 Can eBay’s Acquisition of Ticketbis Fulfil its Global Ambitions?
1493 Mahindra Launches Electric Car e2o Plus: Growing to the Next Level
1494 Reliance Jio: Betting Big on Content-app Ecosystem?
1495 PVR Cinemas’ Next Show in its Growth Journey
1496 The Uber-Volvo Deal: Making Self Driving Cars a Reality?
1497 Has Apple Hit the Peak?
1498 Dr. Oetker in India: Spreading Too Thin?
1499 Emirates: Is the Gulf Airliner Losing its Lustre?
1500 Marriott-Starwood Merger: A Mega Deal in Hotel Industry
1501 Essilor: On a Digital Transformation Drive
1502 Uber in MENA: A Boon to Women’s Mobility?
1503 Can Fashion Retailer GUESS Revive Falling Fortunes?
1504 Patanjali Ayurved: Can It Avoid Falling into ‘Icarus Paradox’ Trap?
1505 Can Starbucks Crack China’s Tea Market with Brand Teavana?
1506 GE - Baker Hughes Deal: Creating an Industry Leader in the Oil Sector?
1507 Bombay Dyeing’s Dying Textile Business: Can it be Revived?
1508 Ctrip Buying Skyscanner – A Win-Win Deal?
1509 AT&T’s Decision to Buy Time Warner: Challenges Ahead
1510 RYANAIR: Navigating the Turbulent European Aviation Market
1511 BMW – Driving Growth through Sustainable Practices
1512 Ross Eschews E-Commerce: A Sustainable Strategy?
1513 Wipro Consumer Care: Taking a Big Leap in China
1514 MacBook Pro 2016: Scripting Apple’s Waterloo?
1515 Facebook: What the Future Forecasts?
1516 Staples to Shut Down UK Stores: What Next for the Stationery Stalwart?
1517 Airtel Payments Bank: India’s First Payments Bank Goes Live
1518 Volvo India’s Growth Strategy with Hybrid Cars
1519 Dabur’s Transition to a Professional Corporate: The Duggal Effect?
1520 Next Plc. – Falling Fortunes of the Fashion Chain
1521 Indus OS: Making Inroads into Mobile Ecosystem
1522 LeEco in US: Poised for Disruption through Product Integration?
1523 FreshDirect: The Rising Player in US Online Grocery
1524 Israel’s Startup Logz.io: Can Military Principles Scale Up Growth?
1525 Eden McCallum: Disrupting the Consulting Space
1526 Costco’s Retail Business Model: Can it Stand the Test of Time?
1527 Canon India’s ‘Vision 2020’: Charting Next Phase of Growth through Experiential Marketing
1528 GoPro: Struggling For Survival
1529 Veggie Grill: Challenging the Fast Casual Veterans
1530 Can Ferrero Overcome the Nutella Fiasco?
1531 LEGO – Building Future through Diversification
1532 McDonald’s Stake Sale in China: Can it Unlock Growth Potential?
1533 Alibaba Gears Up to Capture Southeast Asian Market
1534 Peugeot Buys India’s Ambassador: Curtains Down for an Iconic Brand?
1535 McBreakfast: McDonald’s Breakfast Revolution
1536 SBI – Coca Cola Pact: A Move to Augment India’s Digital Dreams
1537 Axis Bank: A Brand in Need of a Makeover?
1538 Nestlé SA: Moving Up to the Next Level of Social Value Creation
1539 Danone India: On an Expansion Spree
1540 Lyca Group: Allirajah Subaskaran’s Growth Saga
1541 PALF: Will it Pay Off for Pearson?
1542 Cathay Pacific on a Business Revamp Strategy
1543 Etihad Aviation: On the Throes of Management Overhaul
1544 Hyundai Motor’s Falling Fortunes: Can they be Revived?
1545 Amazon or Netflix: Who Would Rule the Roost in Video Streaming?
1546 DMart’s Successful Retail Journey: A Lesson for Indian Retailers?
1547 Can Renault Replicate the Success of its KWID Model in India? (CC)
1548 Havells India Enters Personal Grooming Space
1549 Tesco’s Booker Acquisition Move: A Wholesale Deal for the Retailer?
1550 Domino’s in India: Can it Regain its Dominance?
1551 WhatsApp Status Upgrade: Sounding the Death Knell for Snapchat?
1552 Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: War of the Titans for a Smarter Home
1553 Amazon Go: Debuting ‘Just Walkout’ Retail Experience
1554 Alibaba's Bailian Deal - The Next Big Move in Retail?
1555 Energy Transfer Partners’ Strategy to Resolve Dakota Access Crisis
1556 YES BANK's ‘Responsible Banking’: A Sustainable Strategy?
1557 Mattel Inc.: CEO Margaret Georgiadis’ Challenges to Drive Growth
1558 Payless ShoeSource Inc.: Can it Survive Retail Bankruptcy?
1559 Nintendo Switch: A Game Changing Console?
1560 Malaysia Airlines: Bouncing Back from the Brink
1561 JC Penney Closing Stores: Wary of Online Retailers?
1562 Nielsen - RichRelevance Collaboration: Redefining Retail Experience?
1563 Can Swatch Set Off an Alarm in the Smartwatch Market?
1564 Marketing The Rainbow: The American Express Way
1565 LEGO: Troubled with Copycats in China
1566 Macy’s Scripting a New Growth Journey with CEO Jeff
1567 SpiceJet’s Foray into Retail: A Move in the Right Direction?
1568 Maersk-Alibaba Alliance: A Win-Win Deal?
1569 Estée Lauder’s Strategy for Millennials
1570 Wikitribune: Promoting Evidence-based Journalism
1571 BlackBerry: On a Revival Mode
1572 Vice Media: The Cult Brand for the Millennials
1573 Airbus: Flying with Innovations
1574 Samsung Pay: Revolutionising Mobile Payments
1575 Staples’ Rebranding Strategies to Retain Legacy
1576 Hrvatski Telekom’s Transformation: The Davor Tomaškovic Way
1577 Kotak’s Digital Service 811: Will it Disrupt India’s Payments Banks Platform?
1578 Coca-Cola’s Restructuring Strategies to Retain Fizz
1579 Google’s ‘Digital India’ Initiatives
1580 Buffalo Wild Wings: Chasing Growth in Same-Store Sales
1581 Amazon Vs. Flipkart: Battling for E-Commerce Supremacy
1582 Under Armour: Can the Brand Bounce Back?
1583 UberEATS: Can it Win the Online Food Delivery Market in India?
1584 Microsoft’s Move to Make Al Mainstream
1585 Can Fashion Retailer Coach Regain its 'Upscale' Tag?
1586 JioFiber: Will it Disrupt India’s Home Broadband Market?
1587 Hasbro: Driving Growth Through Digital Games
1588 Coca Cola and PepsiCo: Facing Competition from Regional Brands in India
1589 Applebee’s: Falling Fortunes of the American Brand
1590 Priceline Group: Reinventing in the Global OTA Market
1591 Can Big Pharma Survive the Ongoing Patent Cliff?
1592 Chobani: Winning the US Yogurt War
1593 Google-Microsoft-Apple: Tech Giants in Classroom Fray
1594 Nokia 3310: The Return of the Native
1595 MTR’s Foray into Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Segment (CC)
1596 Coca-Cola’s Foray into Frozen Dessert Segment(CC)
1597 HUL’s Push into the ‘Natural’ Space: Can it Counter the Patanjali Challenge?
1598 Samsung’s Acquisition of Harman: A Strategic Growth Opportunity?
1599 Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative: Promoting Growth through Technology
1600 Super Mario Goes Mobile: Will the Gamble Pay Off?
1601 Toshiba: Reeling in Crisis
1602 Swiss Watchmaker Chopard: Treading a Timeless Journey
1603 Lidl’s Plans for the US
1604 General Electric’s Transformation Plans under John Flannery
1605 Will Tim Hortons’ ‘Always Fresh’ Win Over UK?
1606 La Opala’s Turnaround Story: From Anonymity to Dominance
1607 Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition
1608 Microsoft Cloud Services: Will It Empower NGOs in India?
1609 Mattel’s Revamped Strategy for China
1610 Flipkart – Adding Private Labels to the Cart
1611 Volvo’s Move to Make India a Manufacturing Base
1612 Edutech Startup Byju’s: Expanding Horizons
1613 Cracking China's Film Market: The 'Bollywood' Way
1614 Airtel Launches ‘Project Next’: Digital Innovation to Enhance Customer Experience
1615 Industrial Enzymes: A Growing Market Trend
1616 Whatfix: A Game Changer in Enterprise Resource Management?
1617 Can H&M Overshadow Zara in India?
1618 What Keeps Amazon Ticking Against Legacy Retailers?
1619 Islamic Banking: Africa’s New Growth Frontier?
1620 Facebook Stories: A Move for One-upmanship?
1621 Facebook’s ‘Express Wi-Fi’: Poised for Success?
1622 Republic TV’s Controversial Entry Strategy(2017 EFMD Case Writing Competition)
1623 L’Oréal’s Body Shop Acquisition: What Went Wrong?(2018 John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition)
1624 Happiest Minds’ Strategic Acquisition of Cupola Technology(2018 John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition)
1625 Coach - Kate Spade Merger Puts Michael Kors in a Spot(2018 John Molson MBA Case Writing Competition)
1626 Ralph Lauren’s ‘Way Forward’ Plan: Stuck in Uncertainty?
1627 Alibaba’s Hema Stores: Disrupting China’s Retail Landscape
1628 Alzheimer’s Market: Is Big Pharma Losing the Battle?
1629 Telecom Major BT’s Strategy to Regain Customer Trust
1630 Snapdeal 2.0: Rebirth of the Online Retailer
1631 Sephora’s Retail Innovation
1632 Titan: Weaving Growth Plans With ‘Taneira’
1633 Amazon’s Market Entry Strategies in Australia
1634 Amazon: A Sleeping Giant of Digital Advertising?
1635 Alex and Ani: The Unconventional Lifestyle Brand
1636 Symphony: The Single Product Success Story
1637 Nike Ties Up with Amazon: A Strategic Move?
1638 Retiring ‘Virgin America’: Post Merger Blues for the Airline Brand
1639 Air India: Transitioning from Public to Private (OwnershipThe 2018 John Molson MBA Short Case Writing Competition-business ownership: private vs. public ownership)
1640 Michael Kors Eyes Expansion as a Growth Strategy
1641 MTNL Debt Restructuring: A Precursor for Revival
1642 Hampton Creek in Turmoil
1643 German Pharma Industry: Striving to Grow with Innovation
1644 ‘Google for Jobs’: Will It Disrupt The Recruiting Industry?
1645 Dabur’s Digital Strategy to Drive Growth
1646 SAIC Motor’s India Debut: A Disruptive Move?
1647 MobiKwik - Bajaj Finance Deal: Heralding a New Era in Digital Payments Space
1648 The Advertising Agency Business: Strategies to Brace Change
1649 Nordstrom’s Reinvention Plans to Stay Relevant
1650 The Walt Disney Company: Leveraging Technology to Stay Relevant
1651 FMCG Major Britannia: Focusing on Premium Segment for Growth
1652 Alibaba Invests in Tokopedia: A Boost for Indonesia’s E-commerce Market?
1653 Turmoil at Infosys: Is Corporate Governance at Stake?
1654 Samsung – Revolutionising Customer Service in India
1655 Coca-Cola’s Sustainable Packaging Strategy
1656 Amazon Acquires Souq.com: A Strategic Move to Win the Middle East
1657 GE’s Renewed Commitment to Renewable Energy
1658 Brand Safety in Advertising: Is YouTube Under Threat?
1659 Unilever’s ‘Seventh Generation’ Acquisition: Going Green?
1660 The ‘REALCAR’ Project: Adopting Circular Economy Practices for Sustainability
1661 Citadel Group’s Acquisition of Charm Health: A Win-Win Deal?
1662 Russian Pharma Industry: Striving to Attain Self-Sufficiency
1663 Nestlé India’s Comeback Strategies
1664 Tolaram Innovating in the Nigerian Market with Indomie
1665 Nestlé – Blue Bottle Coffee Deal: Driven by Desire for Growth in the U.S
1666 Pivotel’s Strategic Acquisition of Satellite Provider GMN
1667 Netflix: A Ubiquitous Global Entertainment Company?
1668 Starbucks’ Expansion Plans for China
1669 Royal Dutch Shell plc.: Overcoming GDPR Challenges
1670 Social Media Crisis at IndiGo Airlines
1671 NIIT: Driving on Digital Transformation Trend
1672 Is Pro Kabaddi Changing the Face of Indian Sports?
1673 Future Group’s Reorganisation Strategies
1674 Brandless: Wooing Buyers Without a Brand
1675 Bonobos Acquisition by Walmart: Setting a New Benchmark in Multichannel Experience?
1676 Changing Dynamics of Indian Ice Cream Industry
1677 Pizza Hut: Leveraging the Digital Space for Growth
1678 ArcelorMittal Set to Seal SAIL JV: Opening the Doors for ‘Make in India’?
1679 LEGO: On Road to Sustainability
1680 Samsung: Will Change of Guard Change Corporate Culture?
1681 Tiger Balm: Can the Ailing Brand Roar Back to Success?
1682 Hero MotoCorp: Surviving the JV Split
1683 Stitch Fix: The Fashion Startup with a Difference
1684 ‘Tata Cha’ Café: Motivating the Millennials to Drink Tea? (Comapct Case)
1685 Is Artificial Intelligence in Apple’s DNA?
1686 General Motors: The Global Giant Loses Way in India
1687 Business Anthropology: An Evolving Domain of Practice
1688 Toys“R”Us: Struggling for Survival
1689 Washington Post: Proposing a New Future for Print Media?
1690 Geely-Volvo’s Move to Make Next Gen EVs
1691 Uber to Turn Over a New Leaf with Dara Khosrowshahi
1692 LG ‘ThinQ’: A Brand New Vision to Make Life Better
1693 IKEA’s Acquisition of TaskRabbit: A Move to Secure Customer Success?
1694 OYO Townhouse: A Game-Changer For OYO Rooms?
1695 Jayem Neo: Will Tata Nano’s Comeback Brand Be a Game-Changer?
1696 H&M to Unveil Arket Brand – A Move to Go Upmarket?
1697 Wipro Digital’s Cooper Acquisition: Expanding Strategic Design Capabilities
1698 Airline Industry: Using Big Data to Enhance Customer Experience
1699 Stuart Weitzman’s Brand Journey – Staid to Stylish
1700 SpiceJet’s Successful Turnaround Strategies
1701 Starbucks’ Plans in Italy: Carrying Coal to Newcastle?
1702 SOBHA Limited: Building Brand Brick by Brick
1703 Zoomcar’s PEDL: Promoting Multi Model Urban Mobility
1704 TTK Prestige Ltd: Growing with Chandru Kalro
1705 Old Monk: The Brand Forever
1706 Cineworld’s Takeover of Regal: A Strategic Move?
1707 Idea Cellular-Vodafone Merger: A Win-Win Deal?
1708 Gender Lens Investing: Exemplar of Social Change
1709 BBC Bets Big on India: A Strategic Move?
1710 Patanjali Goes Online: A Move to Beat HUL?
1711 The Tide Pod Challenge: A Brand Crisis for P&G?
1712 Apple Slowing Down Older iPhones: A Wise Business Strategy?
1713 The Amazon-Berkshire-JPMorgan Healthcare Disruption Spree
1714 Can Apple Storm the Video Streaming Space?
1715 Ola Goes Global: A Move to Take on Uber?
1716 PIRCH Inc.: ‘De-perching to Re-perch’
1717 The Emirates-Airbus A380 Deal: Negotiating To Survive?
1718 Walmart Goes to the Cloud: A Move to Take on Amazon?
1719 Disney-Fox Deal: Strategy to Navigate the Digital World
1720 Rebooting Maruti Suzuki: The CEO Kenichi Ayukawa Way
1721 Google’s Oreo Go: A Strategic Drive for Internet Adoption
1722 Zuckerberg’s Strategies to Fix Facebook in 2018
1723 WhatsApp Pay: Will it Disrupt India’s Digital Payments Space?
1724 Coca-Cola Goes Alcoholic in Japan: A Sensible Move?
1725 Danone to Exit Indian Dairy Business: What Went Wrong?
1726 Rise of the Refurbished Goods Market in India
1727 YellowPepper: Boosting Mobile Payments Technology in Latin America
1728 ITC’s Brand Expansion Strategy through ‘Aashirvaad’
1729 Fujifilm’s Xerox Acquisition: A Reinvention Strategy?
1730 Trivago: The Hotel Search Engine On a Roll
1731 Aamir Khan: The Marketing Guru of Bollywood
1732 Tesla’s Pay Plan for Elon Musk: A Radical Move in Corporate History?
1733 Johnnie and Jane Walker: Can the Two Scotch Brands 'Keep Walking' Together?
1734 The US Fast Food Chain Chick-fil-A’s Menu for Success
1735 Diet Coke Relaunch: Is Coca-Cola Shifting from ‘One Brand Strategy’?
1736 Blockchain: A Boon for the Pharma Industry?
1737 Blaze Pizza: Expanding to Gain Global Footprint
1738 ‘Everyone Can Create’: Apple Sparks Student Creativity
1739 Convenience Stores in the US on an Inconvenient Path
1740 Rentickle: Growth Story of the Lifestyle Goods Rental Startup
1741 What Makes Hotstar Streaming Service Superstar in India?
1742 Ethnography: An Effective Tool for Business Solutions?
1743 Digital Gaming Industry: The India Story
1744 ‘We Can Stop Tesla’: Volkswagen AG’s Electric Vehicles Strategy
1745 Tesla: Turbulent Times Ahead
1746 Pierce Brosnan’s Surrogate Advertising Pandemonium
1747 MakeMyTrip: Deploying Open Source Technology to Drive Growth
1748 Tyson Foods’ Beyond Meat Investment: A Strategic Move?
1749 Richemont Acquires Stake in Yoox Net-á-Porter: A Boost to Online Luxury Retail?
1750 Shell’s Rendezvous with Renewable Energy: A Welcome Move?
1751 Pepperfry’s Digital Initiatives: A Move to Stave Off Competition?
1752 CVS Health: Promoting Innovative Healthcare
1753 Can Fast Food Major Subway be Saved?
1754 Tencent-JD.com Deal to Buy Vipshop Stake: A Move to Take on Alibaba?
1755 Smiley’s Plans to Increase Presence in India
1756 Uber to Focus on Core Markets for Growth
1757 Nestlé India’s Strategic Move to Win the Breakfast Cereal Segment
1758 Facebook’s Debut in Online Dating: A Move to Outsmart Tinder?
1759 Harley-Davidson’s Business Strategy to Boost Sales in India
1760 HondaJet: Expanding Wings in India
1761 Gibson Brands Inc: Can the Iconic Guitar Maker be Revived?
1762 Hershey’s Continued Bid to Stay Relevant
1763 Micromax’s EV Venture: A Prudent Business Strategy?
1764 Rent the Runway: A Noble Endeavour for Haute Couture
1765 Harry’s On an Expansion Plan to Grow Beyond Shaving
1766 The Indian Automobile Industry: Driven by Digital Innovations
1767 Ethiopian Airlines: Growth Strategies to Dominate the African Sky
1768 ‘Khadi by Raymond’: Making Khadi a Fabric of Choice
1769 Zara’s Success Recipe: A Zest for Customer Co-Creation
1770 WOW Air: The Budget Airline On the Go
1771 Amazon Buys Ring: Can the Deal Spell Magic?
1772 Tupperware: Scaling New Heights with NASA’s Space Mission
1773 Ride Hailing Service Grab: In Quest of Dominance in Southeast Asia
1774 Nike Flaunts Social Responsibility as a Reinvention Strategy
1775 Alibaba: Diversification at the Cost of Profits?
1776 Frito-Lay’s Vision of the Future of Snacking
1777 MoviePass: A Sustainable Business Model?
1778 Innocent Drinks: Adding Fizz to the Brand through Coca-Cola
1779 Arby’s: Turnaround Plans of the US Fast Food Chain
1780 Bisleri International Goes Fizzy with Mango Fonzo
1781 Reliance versus Airtel: Battle for Supremacy Reaches the Cloud
1782 HM Land Registry: On the Brink of a Major Overhaul
1783 Mswipe: Leveraging the Digital Payments Landscape in India
1784 HUL Forays into Traditional Indian Breakfast Segment
1785 China’s DiDi Drives into Mexico on a Global Expansion Spree
1786 Can the War against Glaucoma be Won?
1787 Thyssenkrupp-Tata Steel JV: A Landmark Deal in the Steel Industry?
1788 Bayer-Monsanto Merger: Concerns Still Abound
1789 Will Walmart’s Mass-to-Class Strategy Work?
1790 Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence Drive: Can COO Exit Impede the Momentum?
1791 Walmart’s Robotic Workforce: Can Man and Machine Coexist?
1792 Private Aviation Taking Wings in Turbulent Times
1793 Google Faces the Heat for Unfair Trade Practices in India
1794 Google’s Investment in JD.com: A Win-Win Strategy?
1795 Tesco's Strategies to Tackle Food Waste
1796 Alphabet’s Waymo: A Disruptive Business Model in the Making
1797 Social Network ‘hello’: Calling India
1798 EVERYTABLE: The Fast Food Restaurant Chain on a Social Mission
1799 Starbucks’ Store Closures: A Right Strategy for Growth?
1800 The Tesco-Carrefour Deal: A Strategic Alliance in the Supermarket Business?
1801 Apple Sees Opportunity in Augmented Reality
1802 Groupe PSA Drives Opel On A Profitable Journey
1803 ‘See Now, Buy Now’: A Sustainable Model for the Fast Fashion Industry?
1804 Google-Carrefour Collaboration: A Strategic Deal for the Grocery Giant?
1805 Subscription Box: A Sustainable Business Model?
1806 Restructuring of Ogilvy to Embrace New Age Challenges
1807 IKEA’s Furniture Take-Back Policy: Promoting Circular Economy?
1808 EU Slaps Fine on Google: End of the Road for Android Monopoly?
1809 AT&T’s AppNexus Acquisition – A Move to Counter Google-Facebook Duopoly?
1810 Has Netflix Reached Its Peak?
1811 Walmart-Flipkart Deal: Taking Amazon Head On in India?
1812 NMC Healthcare’s Acquisition of Al Zahra Hospital: A Trendsetter in GCC Healthcare?
1813 Campbell Soup in a Soup?
1814 Molson Coors’ Cannabis Connection in Canada: A Good Bet for Real Growth?
1815 Walmart Woos Microsoft to Take on Amazon
1816 Zume Pizza: Disrupting the Pizza Supply Chain
1817 Johnson & Johnson to Re-launch Baby Care Products: A Move in the Right Track?
1818 Can Starbucks Regain its Mojo in China with Alibaba Partnership?
1819 Levi Strauss on a Resurrection Mode
1820 Tata Sky - Sony Pictures Pricing Deal Faceoff
1821 Starbucks Back in Australia: Will it Savour Success Now?
1822 Nestlé Japan’s Wellness Ambassador Program
1823 Jet Airways Caught in an Air Pocket
1824 Houston Astros: Leveraging Data Analytics to Win the World Series
1825 Simba Mattress on a Global Expansion Spree
1826 Beauty Brands Retailer Nykaa’s Ambitious Growth Plans
1827 Doorstep Service Delivery: Can Delhi Lead the Way
1828 Tesco’s New Discount Chain Jack’s: A Challenge to Aldi and Lidl?
1829 Kalyan Jewellers: Can the Brand Wear the Crown of Trust?
1830 Social Engineering: An Emergent Threat to Business?
1831 Deliveroo: The Food Delivery Startup on an Expansion Spree
1832 Italian Soccer Giant Juventus – Game Plan to Build the Brand
1833 Amazon’s 4-Star Concept Store: A Game Changer in Retail?
1834 Robotics Revolution in India: What it Unfolds?
1835 Walmart eBooks: A Challenge to Amazon?
1836 Sears’ March towards Bankruptcy
1837 The Boeing-Embraer Deal: A Strategic Move in the Aviation Market?
1838 Apple’s Revival Strategy in India
1839 IKEA’s Innovative Retail Strategy in India: A Smart Move?
1840 Michael Kors Acquires Versace: A Bid for Long Term Growth
1841 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ambitious Plans to Make ‘Goop’ A Global Phenomenon
1842 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ambitious Plans to Make ‘Goop’ A Global Phenomenon
1843 L’Oréal Acquires ModiFace: Embracing AR to Surge Ahead
1844 Belgian Chocolates: In the Grip of an Identity Crisis
1845 Istanbul New Airport: Standing Big on BIM?
1846 Tencent Holdings: Restructuring to Meet Regulatory Challenges
1847 OYO Enters China on an Expansion Spree
1848 Walmart’s Digital Transformation: A Competitive Move?
1849 Can McDonald’s Do Better at Breakfast?
1850 Emerge Gaming: An Emerging Leader in the African eSports Market
1851 Pernod Ricard’s Digital Strategy to Enhance Customer Experience
1852 Fashion Retailer Primark: Playing the Sustainability Card Right?
1853 Amazon Acquires PillPack: A Big Step in Healthcare Ambitions?
1854 McKesson: In Pursuit of Sustainable Healthcare Business
1855 Starbucks Moves Upscale with Standalone Princi Outlets
1856 Value Retailer Poundworld Closing Shops: What Went Wrong?
1857 Shuttl: A Smart Solution for Daily Commute
1858 Reckitt Benckiser Reorganisation: Challenges for the CEO
1859 Mattel’s Turnaround Strategies under CEO Ynon Kreiz
1860 BigBasket vs. Grofers: Who Will Win the Online Grocery War?
1861 Online Food Delivery in India: On a Growth Spree
1862 ByteDance: Connecting People through AI
1863 HUL’s Digital Transformation – Reinventing Business
1864 FIVB’s Digital Technology Strategy to Reinvent Volleyball
1865 Luckin Coffee Takes on Starbucks in China
1866 Babylon Health: Facing the Flak of Digital Extravaganza?
1867 Kroger Partners with Alibaba for Online Retail in China
1868 Adidas: Gaining a Strong Foothold in India
1869 Smart Logistics Hub: Alibaba’s Belgian Extravaganza
1870 FIFA’s Global Strategy for Women Soccer Development
1871 Ofo’s Rickety Ride in China: What Went Wrong?
1872 Snapchat’s Tie-up with Tyroo: Driving Glocalisation?
1873 Coca-Cola’s Acquisition of Costa Coffee: What’s Brewing?
1874 Online Gifting in India: The Next Big Thing of E-Commerce
1875 Fashion Icon Chanel: The Shining Star on Social Media
1876 Walmart’s Food Safety Solution: Betting on Blockchain
1877 Brooks Brothers: Being Relevant Beyond 200
1878 Uber: Dreaming High with Flying Cars?
1879 Dunkin' Donuts in India: What Went Wrong?
1880 Iconic Jawa Crafts A New Brand Story
1881 Smart City Initiatives: Can Dubai Lead the Way?
1882 Unilever Leadership Change: Challenges for Alan Jope
1883 Papa John’s Pizza Revamps Loyalty Programme to Regain Sales
1884 Aetna-IBM Blockchain Network Pact: A Boon to American Healthcare Industry?
1885 Avanti Feeds’ Strategic Growth Plans
1886 Google-Pointy Collaboration: A Move to Offset Amazon?
1887 Transfix: ‘Uber’ of the Trucking Industry
1888 Chanel Bans Exotic Skins and Fur: A Socially Responsible Move?
1889 SB Energy-Essel Group JV: Driving India’s Renewable Energy Dream?
1890 Can Nestlé Revive its Coffee Sales with the Starbucks Alliance?
1891 Italian Sports Fashion Brand FILA: On an Expansion Spree in India
1892 Flipkart’s ‘2GUD’ Platform: Too Good for Selling Refurbished Products?
1893 Google Chrome’s Ad Blocker: On a Global Expansion Spree
1894 Walmart’s Investment in Dada-JD Daojia: Expanding Omni-Channel Footprint in China?
1895 Spotify India’s Streaming Debut: A Bid To Generate Profits?
1896 BHP Goes Digital: The Mining Giant’s Strategy to Stay Relevant
1897 Square: Simplifying Payment Solutions
1898 Patisserie Valerie Crisis: What Went Wrong?
1899 Family Video: Sustainability of the Business Model
1900 Daimler-Geely Tie-Up Poised to Crack the Ride-Hailing Market in China
1901 Inter Milan’s Strategy for Asia: Will It Pay Off?
1902 Mitsubishi Electric: Will it Empower Indian Farmers with Solar Power Irrigation?
1903 Azafran Innovacion Limited: Fostering ‘Farm to Face’ For Customer Delight
1904 Beyond Meat: Taking on the Beef Industry
1905 YouTube Music Debuts in India
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1907 Brand ‘Away’: Innovating in the Luggage Market
1908 Dunkin' Dropping Donuts from its Name: A Strategic Move?
1909 Uber Makes a Smart Bet with Uber Eats
1910 Boeing 737 MAX: The Aircraft Caught in Turbulence
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1912 Decathlon’s Amazing Growth Strategy in India
1913 Airbnb’s Acquisition of HotelTonight: A Win-Win Deal?
1914 BoB-Vijaya-Dena Bank Merger: A Harbinger of Change?
1915 Video Gaming: Will the Original Console Gaming Spell Magic on Consumers Again?
1916 Ford-VW Global Alliance to Create Cars of the Future
1917 7-Eleven Stores in India: Bidding for a Lucrative Future
1918 Peppa Pig Storms China: Fighting Against All Odds?
1919 Facebook: Grabbing Space through Political Ads
1920 eBay’s Second Shot in India: Stormy Days Ahead?
1921 Target-Vineyard Vines Partnership: A Win-Win Pact?
1922 Dollar Tree’s Strategies to Integrate Family Dollar Stores: A Right Move?
1923 Netflix Caught in a Growth Conundrum
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1925 Bugcrowd: The Crowdsourced Security Platform
1926 Facebook’s Product Integration Plans: A Strategic Move?
1927 Uber Makes a Swift Ride in the Middle East with Careem Acquisition
1928 Amazon India's Strategy to Solidify in E-Commerce Market
1929 Viettel’s Ambitious Plans for Self-Developed 5G Technology
1930 BookMyBai – Maid On Call
1931 Mahindra & Mahindra’s Glyd: Electrifying the App-Based Taxi Business
1932 Macy’s Acquisition of Story: A Game Changer?
1933 Campbell's Turnaround Plans Under CEO Mark Clouse
1934 PepsiCo: Diversification as a Growth Strategy
1935 KFC Promotes Technology Innovations to Delight Customers
1936 Gillette’s Gender Equality Approach: A Boon for the Brand?
1937 Reliance Acquires Global Toy Brand Hamleys
1938 Disney+: A Formidable Foe to the Existing Titans?
1939 Disney+: A Formidable Foe to the Existing Titans?
1940 French Luxury Brand Hermès Going Strong in China