14 Sep 2021|Gwalior

Leadership Conclave

Student of Amity Business School anchoring the event

 Amity Business School, Amity University, Madhya Pradesh

“Leadership Conclave”
To celebrate the 11th Raising Day of Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Amity Business School organized “Leadership Conclave” on September 14, 2021. Amity Business School’s Leadership Conclave was an opportunity for the students to share their ideas and thoughts on successful business leaders, their business strategies, successful management case studies and the most innovative, ethical and successful business organizations that are contributing to India's economic growth. The objectives of the ‘Leadership Conclave’ were 
1. To develop the communication skills in the students
2. To make them aware about great business leaders
3. To make them aware about great business organizations
4. To make them learn from top business leaders
5. To make them tomorrow’s leaders.
More than 30 students from different departments of the University appeared for the auditions. Out of the total lot, 15 students were selected for the finals by the faculty coordinators.
On the day final (14th September 2021) at the outset the Faculty coordinators, Judges and the participating students were welcomed by the Anchors (Kirti Diseja, student B.Com (H) III semester and Saksham Saxena, student BBA III C). The objectives of the event were put across by Shirali Tiwari,  student BBA III C and thereafter the rules and regulations were conveyed to the students by Bhoomi Jain,  student BBA III A. 
All the students spoke exceptionally well and did a fantastic job. At the last the vote of thanks was given by Srijita Bhattacharya, student BBA III C.
The event was flawless and a great success by all means.
The faculty coordinators of the event were Mr Rajiv Dwivedi, Assistant Professor ABS and Dr Sandeep Raghuwanshi  Assistant Professor ABS.
The judges for the event were Dr Astha Joshi Assistant Professor ABS and Program Coordinator BBA and Mr Naresh Kedia Assistant Professor ABS and Program Coordinator B.Com (H).
The entire event took place under the able guidance of Prof.(Dr.) Anil Vashisht Dy Pro VC AUMP and Director ABS.


Participants of the event giving their presentation

Faculty coordinators and Judges of the event

Participants of the event giving their presentation