Passion, Perseverance and Persistence drive our students. These qualities lead towards success and growth in business. These values are a prerequisite for able leaders to modernize and innovate in an ever changing business world.

ABS is committed to excel in teaching, experiential learning, quality research, exploring new age business ideas and industry linkages. There are broad range of programs designed to nurture innovators, entrepreneurs and agents of change.

Programs at the institute enable students to find the route to success by putting theory into practice, discover and implement innovative solutions to real-world problems thereby enhancing core competencies of students. The focus of management programs is to make each and every graduate industry-ready and exposed them to latest trends in the dynamic business world providing them the facilities of the best business schools in the country. Innovative teaching pedagogy, Centres of Excellence, Study Abroad Programs and extensive industry integration are some of the hallmarks of the institution.

Our Strengths

Amity University is the leading Business School in the country with an accomplished faculty, has an ideal teacher-student ratio, a contemporary academic curriculum for Management programs, regular interaction with industry experts and professionals from various business domains, an excellent placement record and a Study Abroad Program. The ABS has a dedicated and experienced faculty, each excelling in their respective area of specialization such as Strategic Management, Leadership Excellence, Performance Management and Compensation, Operation Research, Business Research, Economics, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Business Laws, Marketing Management, Brand Management, e-Commerce, Information Technology, Operations and Supply Chain Management. Eminent experts from the industry and other reputed institutions come here as visiting faculty or distinguished guests to interact with the students and supplement faculty inputs.

Ideal Student-Faculty Ratio

ABS provides opportunities to its students to interact with faculty members on one-to-one basis. This ensures that students get undivided attention, weed out behavioural concerns, give mentors an opportunity to keep a track of students’ progress and make students self-reliant in the process. The experiential learning promoted by ABS helps students to prepare themselves in better way for handling responsibilities in a dynamic business environment. Extensive industry integration through Corporate Lecture Series, Industry Visits, Live Projects, Industry Focus Seminars, Industry Mentorship, Visiting Faculty from various industries, Corporate Meets and CEO Lecture Series stimulate academic rigor. Faculty can do justice by giving individual attention to students and mould their teaching method by understanding their learning styles and capacity. Faculty members mentor students as well as guide and lead them to the path of success. The ABS faculty engages students through interactive and practical learning which is more effective to understand theoretical concepts. It also promotes peer learning and review in students to enhance their productivity.

Industry Interface

The Amity Business School focuses on experiential learning through activities like live projects, business plans, workshops and summer internship programs. The curriculum under various programs is designed to meet the current industry requirements and learn the best contemporary practices endorsed by industry stalwarts.

ABS imparts management studies through a three-tier process

  • Level 1: The Knowledge Stage teaches students the core or basic courses in different disciplines.
  • Level 2: The Application Stage teaches students elective courses and imparts in-depth knowledge to them.
  • Level 3: The Future (Potential) Stage teaches students about new and emerging areas of management education through unique courses that enhance the domain knowledge of students.


ABS has evolved overtime under the guidance of its experienced faculty. The curriculum has been designed to ensure that students maximize their inherent potential, enhance frontiers of knowledge and upgrade skills and capability to prepare themselves for challenges in core industries and businesses. The rapidly changing economy and dynamic corporate world demand more entrepreneurs and ideas for start-ups. ABS acknowledges the need to train and nurture students for handling challenges head-on in the dynamic business world. The training at ABS aims to make students an effective leader with humanistic values.

Study Abroad Program (SAP)

This unique opportunity provides a global exposure to students by widening their knowledge and exposing them to best international practices, management techniques, entrepreneurial skills, innovative ideas and business plans during their visit to London, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius for two months.

Guest Lectures

A blend of practical approach and theoretical knowledge is the effective way to learn any field. In this connection, guest lectures enable students in enriching their knowledge through the latest updates received on the field of education, management, economy, technology and industry from its area of expert. To handle the personal and professional life challenges, insights from the experienced academicians, industry professionals and leaders helps students in channelizing their energies in right direction.

Experts from corporate and academic worlds are invited on regular basis to share valuable insights during guest lectures. Students learn to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical insights during these sessions. Students learn the ropes of industry and best endorsed business and management practices through such interactions. A variety of guest lectures opens new vistas for students. It lends a perspective academics and pedagogy. The lectures organized by ABS hone critical analysis in students and inspire them to think beyond textbooks.