Information Technology is envisaged as a major tool for energizing the engine of economic growth. Information is now recognized as one of the most important tools that can help ignite the rapid development of scientific and economic self-sufficiency.

A place of great possibilities and very recently bestowed with the ‘Centre of Excellence for Cyber Forensics & Information Security‘ by AUUP, Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIITL) Lucknow, is a multidisciplinary amalgamation of fields with pure and applied composition. Established in 2005, regular programmes such as BCA, B.Sc. (IT), and MCA are a huge hit among students. The Institute also offers a Ph.D.(IT) programme that started in the year 2015.

The institute has benefited a large number of students with a technical mindset who have the zeal to excel in the most competent and challenging field of Information Technology. The institute offers quality training under various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with extensive student-centric pedagogies to produce excellent learning outcomes. Institutional workshops, seminars, mentor-mentee meetings and project-based educational approaches create dynamic and proactive graduates with capacities for lifelong learning.

AIIT symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and "can-do" entrepreneurial spirit derived from the private sector. With wi-fi connectivity and well-equipped modern computer laboratories providing a pleasant and stimulating ambience @AMITY, AIIT is all set to nurture India's top IT talent and help them carve a veritable niche for themselves. Most of our students are well placed in India and abroad.

Centre of Excellence

AIIT- Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computing (COEQC)

The centre was established with the following aims-

  • Encourage research and development on Quantum Postulates, superposition and entanglement study, through dedicated hardware setup for experimental findings and implementation.
  • Design and implementation of Quantum Circuits.
  • Seeking solutions to real-life problems in quantum paradigms.
  • Encourage research scholars/student’s participation and research in this field.

AIIT- Centre of Excellence for Cyber Forensic Information Security (CCFIS)

The centre was established with the following aims-

  • Cyber and Information security research & development through a dedicated hardware set up for experimental findings and implementation.
  • Cyber and Information training, Certification courses and awareness programmes.
  • Encourage student participation towards cyber and information innovations.
  • Consultancy on Cyber forensics and Information security.
  • Explore options for MOU and funded projects with Government and Cyber Security Entities.
  • Consultancy on cyber law and crimes in collaboration with ALS (Amity Law School)

'Study Abroad Program' (SAP)

This unique opportunity is extended exclusively to Amity students with an aim to provide excellent global exposure, widening their horizons, abilities and competencies. Students who are academically and intellectually competent spend two months in London/ Singapore / Dubai / Mauritius campuses to gain international experience. The academic curriculum of SAP has been formulated by some of the best faculties in the international arena. Students gain international exposure and understand best practices endorsed by leading IT industries. A few advantages of SAP are:

  • Certificate of Experience
  • Familiarization with UK/ Singapore/ Dubai / Mauritius educational system
  • Peer learning
  • Platform to learn about culture and trends in UK/ Singapore/ Dubai / Mauritius