Information Technology has helped in shaping both the business world and our society in general. Many fields have been impacted by Information Technology and these include; education, health, entertainment, commerce, Financial Management, and communication just to mention but a few. The impact of Information Technology is profound. As the world develops, more technology will emerge. Taking up a course at AIIT will make students industry ready to take up jobs in the IT industry such as:

  • Software engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • Business data analytics
  • Designing and programming computer games.
  • A software developer/ tester
  • A database administrator
  • An information security analyst
  • A web developer
  • An entrepreneur and innovator

Along with the courses in programming, AIIT offers courses like Database, Big Data Analytics, Data Ware Housing, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Network & Information Systems Security, Multimedia, Animation and Web Development to achieve excellence in Information Technology sector. The curriculum at AIIT is a balanced mix of courses that equip students with software development tools, thus helping them to be industry ready. AIIT also covers value-added courses like Foreign Language, course on Behavioral Science and Communication Skills:

Foreign Business Language

Each student at AIIT opts for one foreign business language. At present, the students can choose to learn either French, German or Spanish as one of the foreign Business Languages. Learning an additional language helps students become more employable in the global arena and makes their international assignments a pleasant experience.

Behavioral Science

Students at AIIT are taught one course on Behavioral Science in each semester. The objective of this program is to incorporate behavioral aspects such as Understanding Self, Conflict Management, Personal and Professional Excellence, Career Management and Time Management among others.

Communication Skills

At AIIT, we ensure holistic development of the students. We groom and train students to become successful professionals, better communicators, and good human beings grounded in humanistic values. Communication Skills classes are held for all AIIT students in each semester.

We at AIIT focus on developing technical skills, collaborative skills, project management skills and time management skills of students. AIIT also provides a platform to innovate by enabling us to work at the cutting-edge of research and innovation. We also offer students choice based credit system in order to choose subjects of their own interest in diversified field.

AIIT provides global exposure to its students through Study Abroad Programme (SAP). It helps to give an experiential learning platform to get hands-on experience of gaining knowledge of foreign culture, industry and economic dynamics. Students also get an opportunity to interact with foreign faculty and carry out focused projects under their expert guidance.

As technology progresses the need for information technology professionals will only increase. AIIT organizes Guest lectures, Workshops, Seminar, Conferences and Faculty development programs from time to time to enhance the skill set of students as well as faculty.

Faculty Initiatives / Achievements

  • Faculty members at AIIT have publications in National and International journals of repute which are Scopus indexed and indexed in Web of Science.
  • AIIT faculties are members of Editorial & Review Board of various International Journals of repute.
  • Faculty at AIIT have also been appointed as session chair and been part of Technical Programme Committee of IEEE & Springer conferences.

Trainings / Visits

AIIT believes in imparting theoretical knowledge to students besides equipping them with current trends and exposing them to field based study with all basics of technology implementation and management required in the corporate sector and relevant social aspects.

Industrial Visit 

An industrial visit /educational tour is periodically organized for students of UG and PG programs of AIIT. The motive is to provide a platform for interaction between students and IT professionals to make them aware about latest IT trends and innovations to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Skill Development

At AIIT, we offer various courses like Term Paper, Summer Internship, Minor Project and Major Project to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate programs as a part of curriculum. These courses help in developing various skills such as team work, presentation, project development etc.

As part of organizing committee of events organized at AIIT, students imbibe organizational skills.


Institute has a Collaboration with -
  • IIT -Delhi for using the Virtual Lab Softwares online
  • CISCO Network Academy for the conduct of 'CISCO- Networking' Courses
  • ORACLE Academy for the conduct of 'Oracle Certification' Courses
  • IIT-Bombay for the conduct of online Spoken Tutorial - Workshops/FDP 
  • Microsoft Learn Institutional Program under Microsoft Global Educator Programme