Activities and events organized by various institute level clubs are managed by student volunteers. These Clubs are

Sports Club

Plans and organizes both indoor and outdoor games for the students and staff.


Cultural Club

Organizes various cultural activities in the department during Sangathan, Freshers Function, Farewell Function. The club also organizes an array of competitive cultural events.


Technical Club

Organizes various events like workshops, guest lectures, paper presentation contest, tech talk and quiz on the latest topics/ happenings in IT on a regular basis.

Unnati Club

The Community Service club has been established at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus, with an objective to engage students in social welfare activities and community programmes. The Club activities make students understand sense of social responsibility and joy of giving back to society and underprivileged children.

As part of the community service, Amity University has adopted a nearby village called ‘Hasemau’. Members of the Unnati club have been unceasingly working to elevate life condition of children through education. Student volunteers also groom these schoolchildren and kids from orphanage.

Volunteers from Unnati Club have been spending time with senior citizens at an old age home. Regular interactions between senior citizens, who have been left by their kith and kin in this old age home, and student volunteers bring a flash of smile on faces of old members.

Students also conduct some activities to convey love and respect to elder people. The Unnati Club is instrumental in harnessing social bonding, team work, co-operation and collaboration, awareness about social ills and zeal to mitigate such challenges.

Alumni Club

Alumni Club is established to facilitate alumni interaction with current batch of students to guide them about industry requirements and trends.