Prof. (Dr.) Rohit Kushwaha Director, Amity Institute of Liberal Arts
Lucknow Campus

The Amity Institute of Liberal Arts (AILA) at Amity University, Lucknow campus, is a recent endeavour to offer undergraduate studies in Liberal Arts. The institute aims to impart knowledge to students to develop their intellectual capacities. The curriculum is designed to offer students awareness about common policymakers, local authorities, and non-governmental organizations.

A dedicated team comprising highly qualified faculty from diverse disciplines with rich academic and industry experience is the strength of AILA. In addition to their experience, the team brings a research-oriented approach with publications in national and international academic journals. With an emphasis on holistic education, the learning environment at AILA is designed to ignite young minds to relate to and examine contemporary issues with a solid foundation in community based and participatory approaches. The curriculum develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills that sensitise students to  various social and cultural issues. Our faculty encourages students to think beyond the textbook and to write and speak persuasively about the issues that require immediate attention in the present environment.

At present, AILA offers undergraduate programmes in Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work, and History.

At AILA, we prepare students for the future through a rigorous curriculum of Liberal Arts that focuses on job-specific skills as well as building a breadth of knowledge and insights that will help them excel in their career. It prepares students to pursue careers that require communication skills, analytical skills, and teamwork skills.

AILA has built a reputation of excellence based on teaching and research. We aim to become leading Liberal Art Institution in the country through our academic excellence and research initiatives.