Through our programmes, students are taught and trained in a rich variety of subjects and skills related to all aspects of the media industry. From writing content to producing films and radio shows, our students explore various branches of the media industry.

The academic courses entail practises and methods to cater to global conditions and adopt innovations and flexibility to train students as per the changing media landscape. It amalgamates a detailed academic curriculum with intensive practical training to create a balance between imparting theory (knowledge) and training (instilling professional skills). The academic rigor harnesses critical and reflective perspective and approach in budding journalists to remain relevant in changing work ecosystems and work for the betterment of society at large.

All our courses are augmented by rigorous training, broad and elaborated discussions, as well as hands-on experience across various industries. While strengthening their technical skills, we motivate students to produce original work. They write their own scripts and screenplays for films and documentaries, and subsequently produce and direct them. We bring students to production studios and make them think and work like a TV news anchor, bulletin producer, script writer, narrator, or a radio jockey. Our students regularly get involved in news reporting on and off-campus, which hones their analytical and creative skills out in the field.

The department has sound infrastructure for the print and broadcast production, which includes a multimedia lab, a video-editing lab, a studio, as well as still and video cameras and technical equipment. Students have, in the past, produced several compelling and original documentaries like 'A Conscious Sin', 'Sector 25', 'Manikarnika' to name a few, using the university's sound infrastructure and fine set of apparatus.


ASCO aims to train and transform students for the versatile media industry by instilling in them the required skills and approach. Teaching and learning at ASCO is a blend of workshops, mock-newsroom activities, audio-video shoots, film screening and analysis, industry visits, advocacy programmes, declamation, training on the production of bulletins and newspapers, as well as regular field trips.