Infrastructure & Facilities

Well-equipped studios and editing labs

ASCO always believes in a pedagogy that emphasises upon a hands-on approach. Students are required to do ground reporting on cameras, P2Cs, manage cameras, and record anchor links. We have done chat shows involving students and faculty. We are well equipped to do live on-air programming and record panel discussions in-house. Many of our students have brought laurels to the institution through their path-breaking work in the field of electronic media. ASCO students' documentary projects like "Shaam Hui Hai" with Aastha hospice, "Umri– A Tale of Twins", "Manikarnika", "A Conscious Sin", "The Great Indian Breaking News", and a "Sparc India" series on the differently abled are a few creative ventures by ASCO students. We are also adept at creating documentaries, short films, social awareness campaigns via visual media and music videos.

Multimedia Lab

From flyers to banners and designing of logos, newspaper pages, and print advertisements, the multimedia lab is the most happening place at ASCO. With advanced software and the latest tips and tricks from faculty, students get real-time exposure in the domain of print media and a window into the various possibilities in the technical areas of the media world. Aspiring photo editors and live animators get a sneak peek into the working of the professional world. A set of 30 systems with the latest original software gives the students a complete growth curve that they can cherish forever.

Radio Lab

The Radio Lab helps build students' understanding of the intricacies of good voice modulation, sharp incisive writing for radio, and the overall understanding of software like Nuendo and CoolEditPro. Students gain knowledge of consoles along with the sound mixers. The radio lab provides an opportunity for students to do radio documentaries, public service advertisements, chat shows, jingles, commercials, and even radio news bulletins, which are essential for any broadcast aspirant. These creative aspects are an integral part of the curriculum at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Video Editing Lab

Video editing is a technical craft that comes after years of hard work and struggle. To turn students into thorough professionals in editing, a dedicated video editing lab helps students get accustomed to software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. State of the art editing lab with 15 Macintosh Systems, Best software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe premier in use. Multiple projects to ASCO’s credit include documentaries on CDRI, projects commissioned by the Aga Khan Foundation, UNICEF, documentaries on Umri’s twins, Manikarnika Ghat, Shaam Hui Hai on Aastha hospice, multiple long and short films on SPARC INDIA and social issues, among others.

Television Studio

TV is a diverse medium where students want to learn the very basics and the very advanced all at once. To help media aspirants learn TV production in a routine manner by virtue of a dedicated roster, Amity School of Communication offers a well-equipped TV studio. From high-end cameras to lights and a proper chroma key setup, ASCO has over the years been able to do original studio productions with ease. Students practise anchoring and camera handling in the studio as well. A dedicated team of in-house experts guides students through the process as they steer forward.

Photo Lab

An aesthetically designed photo lab is directly responsible for a broad spectrum of activities, which include documenting social issues as well as working closely with UNICEF, Oxfam. During the last eight years, our students have done photography in some thematic areas like child labor, daily wagers, and women empowerment. Students visited Chitrakoot, Pushkar, Malihabad, and Kumaon regiment at Dehradun to capture different shades of life under photography expeditions.


Print is often called "the mother of journalism". Nobody denies the importance of the print medium, even in an age when umpteen news franchises ride the digital wave. ASCO stresses the importance of newsprint. A newsroom provides an opportunity for students to access magazines, journals, and newspapers. They read, understand the styles of writing and designing of various newspapers, magazines, and journals, as well as analyse editorials and expert columns on various issues. ASCO subscribes to five daily newspapers and eight magazines on current affairs.

Industry Interaction Room

Industry Interaction Room (30-seater)– It is primarily used for activities such as:

  • Alumni and industry interaction sessions exclusively for ASCO students
  • Recruitment interface between employer and prospective employee (student) during placement drive
  • Many in-house workshops for students