Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay M Johri Director, Amity School of Communication

The emerging media scenario is backed-up by technological advancements and trends that change in the blink of an eye. At ASCO, we prepare aspiring media professionals for the new-world of the media industry.

We believe in nourishing the minds of our students with knowledge and equipping them with the best technical skills that the media industry demands.

With an experienced team of faculty, consultants, trainers and eminent media professionals as industry mentors, ASCO has produced talents that are making their name in the industry, adding laurels to the institution.

We believe in continuing the legacy of producing gems in times to come. Once an individual joins the ASCO family, they are welcomed to be a part of this for a lifetime.

As the Head of Institution and an active mentor for all my students, I work to provide the best opportunities to learn and grow along with my dedicated team.

Every year, we at ASCO look forward to all of the great individuals who attend.