Overview - ASET

Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) was established in 2014. ASET offers programs with modern engineering and technical courses; covering a spectrum of these aspects.

The school offers Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Data Science Engineering, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as its programs. ASET offers a range of programs from Undergraduate to Doctoral level.


Modern technology has revolutionized the way of living. Technology is building bridges among people, bringing citizens from different cultures and backgrounds closer. Technology has indeed seeped into our lives to make our surroundings comfortable. It has made people capable of doing what they thought was impossible a few years ago. These changes were made possible due to continuous efforts of scientists and technocrats who nurtured an environment conducive to learning and living with modern engineering. Echoing the same views, ASET is committed to provide academic rigor and dynamic learning environment for holistic development of technology leaders.

ASET has a Centre of Innovation & Research (CIR), established to work under faculty mentor on various value-added projects. ASET is proud to have distinguished alumni, who are now ready to lead engineering and technology fields at various reputed technical hubs around the world. 

ASET equips students with theoretical, creative and intellectual skills. We not only train students to become a successful technocrat but also enrich with them a skill of allied education of their interest by offering minor tracks in any of the discipline they are passionate about. Foreign languages, Communication skills are introduced to make students competent enough in the world’s best atmosphere. Behavioural Sciences inculcate students to be responsible citizens of the globe and learn ethics in all the fields. The overall development aims at grooming them with experiential learning, value added courses, corporate interactions and outreach community activities.

Our Vision

To nurture talent and create globally acceptable, cognitively thinking industry ready technocrats with ethics and compassion towards socio-economic growth of the society.

Our Mission

  • To execute industry-oriented curriculum with an experiential learning pedagogy inculcating social and ethical values.
  • Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs that integrate with foreign languages, communication skills, team building, interdisciplinary approach and tailored curriculum.
  • Inculcate research oriented approach amongst students through mentorship and provide world class facilities

Amity Institute of Technology (AIT) was established in 2016 as a collaborative partner with TATA Technologies. The main aim of this collaborative effort is to make students industry ready by offering them cutting edge technology in the specified engineering disciplines. Currently under AIT umbrella we are offering widely acclaimed courses on B.Tech. (Aeronautical Engineering) and B.Tech. (Automobile Engineering).

AIT with its excellent infrastructure and world class competency centres train students into qualified efficient engineers. These states of the art competency centres are having best of the facilities

We are living in an ever-changing world due to rapid advances in technology. AIT was established to foster talent who can excel in high growth area. To keep students abreast of latest technology developments, the curriculum is updated and vetted by Industry Advisory Boards with emphasis on practical training.

The recent developments in this decade including High-Speed Internet, Mobile Devices and Artificial Intelligence opened the new opportunities in the field of Information Technology. The Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT) established in the year 2015. At present AIIT is running two year Post Graduate program MCA.


The department is running two Under Graduate programs BCA & B.Sc.(IT). The school created technology assisted the teaching-learning environment using the Learning Management System (LMS). The faculty members use excellent pedagogy tools and techniques for effective knowledge transfer. Due to the use of synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning methods, AIIT at Amity University Mumbai has created its unique identity. The IT students grasp essential skills to face all kind of challenges in technical and research realm. The school refines the curriculum of all the programs to match the skill set requirements and recent advancements in the field of IT.

The Major research domain of the department is Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Network and Cloud Computing. The faculty members of AIIT are guiding to the six Ph.D. Scholars. There are several reputed publications, and two Patents in the account of the AIIT.

About Institute Engagement Activities 

  • A Two Week Workshop on Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers, from 28th November 2016 to 2nd December 2016.
  • AIIT organized One Day National Level Research Conference on Machine Learning dated 26th March 2019.
  • An annual Technical Event “Technicia 2017” is organized by AIIT in association with ASET.
  • The basketball event Hoop-fest organized by AIIT, in Annual Fest Aminova 2K17 dated 2nd & 3rd February 2017.
  • A CV Writing Session Conducted for BCA, BSc-IT, MCA 2018 batch of students on 28th September 2016 by Ms. Gita Sashidharan.

Industrial Training

Various programs offered by AIIT having the summer internship after completion of first year and second year. The MCA students having full-time industrial training during sixth semester, where they get real understanding of the industry projects. The summer internship and Industrial training in the curriculum provides opportunity to enhance the profiles of the students. The CRC department of Amity University Mumbai provides all the support and opportunities getting Summer Internship and Full Time Industrial training.

As an outcome, the students have been developing websites, Android apps, Machine Learning based projects during their internship and industrial trainings.

Welcome to the School of Applied Science (ASAS). We are in the midst of an era where change, innovation and new technologies are driving the way we experience life. Applied science programs give you the flexibility and freedom to shape your own path, offering the opportunity to explore a broad range of scientific disciplines at all levels of study. The programs allow you to focus on physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics or specialize in areas like environmental science, material science and nanotechnology.

Here at ASAS, we offer a nurturing environment that allows each of our students to achieve and grow. Our cutting-edge curricula with state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and research will provide a solid foundation in applied sciences. You’ll work closely with our highly accomplished faculty, who want to get to know you, support you and see you succeed. With a vibrant academic environment and a unique approach to learning that involves thought-provoking discussions and constant interaction among students and faculty, ASAS provides an ideal setting for all-round development of students. Come and see what we have to offer!