By: Himanshu Bhardwaj, MBA IB Semester IV, Amity International Business School

Himanshu has developed a product called as Automatic Wardrobe which hangs clothes itself and this hanging is done by just a push of a button, which is on the wardrobe itself. Patent has been filed in the Dwarka patent office of New Delhi with registration number is CRN1795. The product is for general public and in coming time will be considered as an important utility in a household. This product will save a lot of time of individuals who are really busy in their lives.

The project is in its growing stage and the prototype is under process, after the patent is granted the prototype will be in made. How idea was generated: Himanshu was pursuing Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from England and that period taught him to survive alone and make full utilization of space. Amity International Business School is now working on how to approach some of the leading international brands to manufacture this unique wardrobe.

This is the first ever patent of any Business School of Amity family which has been filed with the inspiration of Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, Amity Group Addl. Vice Chancellor, Prof Bhawna Kumar, Vice President - RBEF and Prof. Sandeep Bhasin, Amity International Business School.