We at Amity work towards enabling students in learning to deal with challenges, empowering them to overcome obstacles and providing them with psychosocial help.

The school has an active counselling department which is constantly working towards over all personality development. With the help of Guidance and Counselling, most of the students do well in classroom setting, while some require more personalised, structured and an ongoing programme to enhance their potential.

The following services are provided by the department to the students:

  • Individual and Group Counselling Session: For various behavioral, emotional, academic and social problems, students are encouraged to open up to the counsellor and discuss their problems.
  • Workshop for students: To provide them the opportunity to participate, learn actively and inculcate life skills. To educate students about various topics such as study skills, managing time, dealing with stress, peer pressure, bullying, etc.
  • Workshop for teachers: Interactive and experiential based workshops are conducted to sensitize teachers about various psychological disorders such as learning disabilities, ADHD etc. to empower them with strategies to improve classroom environment and deal with different needs of the students.
  • Workshop for parents: Various orientation programmes are organised wherein parents are introduced to specific academic requirements.
  • Career Guidance: Amity Career Counselling and Guidance Center (ACCGC) assists students in gaining insights to make informed decision relating to their future. They organise career testing and counseling, career fairs, university campus visits and workshops. They also provide information about avenues in different fields both within India and abroad.
  • Learning Enhancement Centre: A Learning Enhancement Centre comprises experts from the field of child psychology. The motto of the centre is “Each child must feel confident of himself. His abilities and capacities are respected, therefore child feels wanted, safe and secure.” With this comes learning and development, while working together on strengths and gaps. Observation Sessions, Psychological Assessments and Special Classes are held for children who have academic, behavioural or emotional concerns.