Technology is ubiquitous, touching almost every part of our lives, our communities, our homes. Properly used, technology helps students acquire the skills they need to survive in a complex, highly technological knowledge-based economy. Technology gives the students an access to a variety of tools that match the task at hand and provide them the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of content. It makes learning more easy, accessible and effective.

Some of the technology resources at school include:

  • Fully equipped computer labs (Junior/ Senior)
  • A sophisticated digital language lab to enhance language skills
  • Smart boards in classrooms
  • Use of K-Yan in classrooms.
  • Use of power point presentations.
  • Resource room for the teachers to prepare Power Point Presentations and lessons for K-Yan.
  • Flipped and PBL used for teaching Social Science, Science and Mathematics.

All the floors are equipped with firefighting equipment and emergency staircases. The classrooms and utility areas are provided with power backup. Every corridor inside the building and all areas outside the school campus are under CCTV surveillance.