1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS) 2024


Dhirendra Pratap Singh

M.A. (Development Studies), Batch 2009-2011

“I had an amazing time at the Amity University, pursuing a Master's in Development Studies. Instead of being the first batch, the energy, the systematic course structure and experienced lectures the Department of Social Work had invested with in the course is applaudable. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking at developing a professional career in the Development Sector.”

Divya Rawat

BSW, Batch 2009-2012

“I am proud to be Alumni of AMITY. BSW provided me the foundation for the work which I am doing today & set me up for success, which is making a whole lot of difference in my life! So, its just a different pedestal I got to stand on by the guidance & learning from here. My experience in this college was beyond what words can express”

Anubha Shrivastava

B.A (H) Sociology, Batch 2014-2017

“AISS will always remain a special place. Being from the first batch I witnessed both the growth of the department and myself. I not only grew academically but also developed moral values and soft skills of empathy, communication and team work. The confidence I gained here helped me step into my masters program very smoothly at South Asian University. The culturally vibrant atmosphere gave me lifelong friendships.”

Manaswani Saxena

Masters in Social Work, Batch 2017-2019

“Amity University is not just any place; it is a world in itself. I entered the institution in 2017 full of hopes and an ambition to become someone who could make a difference. Looking for a haven to explore my capacities, I found Amity Institute of Social Sciences. Guided under Head of Institute, Prof. Nirupama Prakash, AISS at AUUP is your destination for diversity, experiences and learning! Being a part of various teams and clubs, I lived up to all my ambitions as a student. Today, standing tall at a point in my life where I can call myself stable, steady and growing, I thank everyone who has been a part of the process. I thank AISS for nurturing me and helping me become more of who I am today!”