54th Annual Conference of the Indian Anthropological Society On “Global Perspectives in Anthropology: Cultivating Sustainability, Equity, and Progress”


1. Professional Social Workers Society (PSWS)

PSWS is a club of Social Work & Development Studies students aims to enhance the democratic approach enrich experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities students to build valuable skills. It provides opportunity to participate in voluntary work to serve the local society and participate in various cultural activities.

2. Changemakers Club

Changemakers Club aims to promote awareness for climate change, environment, trafficking of children and women issues among student fraternity. It promotes students to organize and participate in workshops, seminars and other awareness activities related to climate change and environment. It also provides a platform for students to work on the issue of human trafficking.


University Community Cutreach Club has been initiated in September 2019 in coordination with Amity Institute of Social Sciences.

Activity 1:

Theme of the Programme - ‘Inaugural and Collection of existing polythene and plastic materials and Complete Ban of it in the Campus’.

Date: September 19, 2019

Activity 2:

 ‘Workshop, Poster Making and an Article Writing Competition’ Titled: ‘CRUELITY ON ANIMALS AND ITS REMEDY’ in collaboration with ‘Humane Society International/India’

The objectives of these activities were:

  • To sensitize the students about the ethical and environmental challenges associated with the production and consumption of meat, dairy and eggs that have long been touted as one of the biggest threats to the planet, in terms of animal welfare, environmental impact and public health.
  • To help them understand the cruelty that has been inflicted on animals and encourages them to find the remedy for their all-round welfare.
  • To help the students to develop the compassion for animals towards their protection and create a new

Outcome of the Programme:

  • Many students joined hands with HSI to volunteer in their pursuit for animal welfare.
  • They would like to put up their stall to advocate for plant based diet.
  • Want to sign MOU with Amity University.
  • Want to sponsor activities of Amity University.