Amity Institute of Design, under the Faculty of Arts, a part of Amity University Haryana, Gurugram, was established under Haryana Act 10 of 2010 on April 26, 2010.

Fashion is a sophisticated, thriving and dynamic industry that employs people in the diverse set of occupations and roles across the globe. The academic program helps students in exploring values, attitude, cultural imprints, sensorial skills, environmental factors and aesthetic sensitivity required for research and specialize in fashion and design.

The academic rigour at Amity Institute of Design (AID) delves into the fundamentals of fashion and interior design. It develop students towards thinking of designing as a creative problem solving process. Various academic activities help students develop a refined ‘design’ perception and attitude, interdisciplinary nature of design and relevance of design in terms of environment, tradition, culture, human senses satisfaction and emotions.

Besides apparel manufacturing, AID focuses on the high-value verticals in design industry such as Research & Development, design, marketing, visualization, merchandising, retail and entrepreneurship.

Award and Recognition

AID has received prestigious “Best Emerging Design College” award by The Edutainment Awards (2016).

The objective of the Fine Arts is to achieve an overall refinement of the students’ perception with respect to the skills of the profession.

Fine Arts courses have been designed for the budding artists to groom them theoretically, practically, and aesthetically.

The School also creates intellect as well as emotional sensitiveness to arrive at a level of composite creativity and thought. It aims to prepare the students for creative and applied responsibilities in the world of art and design. Fine Arts programmes relate to Industry, Commerce and the professional artists.


To be a hub of creativity and innovation and to contribute to the progress of humanity excellence in education and industry and society relevant research and development.


Fine Arts was established with an aim to impart qualitative art education and creating art awareness in the field of Visual Arts and Design. Fine Arts believes in changing and adapting with time, thus providing relevant and contemporary Art and Design education. Fine Arts courses have been designed for the budding creative minds to groom them theoretically, practically, and aesthetically.

Strength of AID
  • Highly experienced and dynamic faculty members with strong academic credentials
  • Infrastructure facilities in terms of adequate space for class rooms and laboratories.
  • Model curriculum with emphasis on good fundamentals, advanced knowledge, scope for diversified learning through electives and practical as well as research orientation
  • All the studios and class rooms are as per curriculum and well equipped.