Amity Institute of Design

Amity Institute of Design (AID), under the Faculty of Arts, a part of Amity University Haryana, Gurugram, was established under Haryana Act 10 of 2010. The Institute offers students a solid foundation for the future, with both general & industry specific sessions. Fashion Design programme inculcates in students the ability to develop, enhance and execute creativity. The students learn to design & create apparel and accessories, and finally display them on runways at various platforms, while fine arts program has been established with an aim to impart qualitative art education and creating art awareness in the field of Visual Arts. The program believes in changing and adapting with time thus providing relevant and contemporary Art education.


AID Advantage

The Indian fashion and fine arts industry encompasses a plethora of opportunities in the areas of fashion design & visual arts. Various jobs opportunity in the field of fashion, design and visual arts pay very well and the demand for skilled designers is also growing.




The academic curriculum offered by AID encompasses designing, merchandising, visualization, web designing, retail, dyeing, printing, weaving and sewing techniques, textiles, garment making, painting, applied arts, sculpture, print making, graphic design as well as entrepreneurship. Students are taught nitty-gritty of the dynamic landscape of the fashion, design & fine arts industry, thus helping them to be industry ready in the fast-paced world.

Postgraduate Programmes