Infrastructure & Facilities

Amity Institute of Design (AID) is a premier academic and research centre that has a world-class infrastructure, studios, well-equipped labs and other facilities. The Institute has a well thought out academic curriculum, backed by futuristic infrastructure and follows best international practices. The Institute’s infrastructure contributes to the learning atmosphere of the campus, which facilitates training of budding designers, enhances knowledge in design and allied subjects, while stimulating growth and excellence.

The curriculum emphasizes on building a variety of skills, in combination with theoretical knowledge and it’s practical application. The programme commences with the fundamentals of fashion design, which includes textile fibres, weave structure, surface design, dyeing techniques, printing methods, sewing techniques, constructed textiles and basic inputs in garment design

Through increasingly complex design projects, complemented by related inputs in social sciences, fashion, trends, brand identity, technology and computer-aided design, students are encouraged to design for the apparel and furnishing industry. The Institute focuses on the integration of design and technology in the areas of designing, merchandising, visualization, web designing, retail, dyeing, printing, weaving & sewing techniques and , textiles and garment making. The programme includes several interdisciplinary designing projects for Public Spaces/Exhibition/interiors and the automobile industry.

The facilities and infrastructure of the Institute complement its academic ecosystem and innovative teaching methodology. The Institute’s classrooms, laboratories, library and seminar hall serve, support and bolster the teaching-learning process. The Institute’s labs, lecture halls, library and classrooms are well-equipped with sophisticated instruments and equipment creating a very conducive atmosphere for pattern making, conceptualizing, designing and research.

Lecture Room

The Institute has two lecture rooms, with a capacity of more than 50 students per classroom. Whiteboards, projectors and other educational aids are used in the classrooms for teaching the students.


Pattern Making and Grading Lab

In this lab, the students learn how to create patterns independently for different kinds of garments in common use. It provides the students with hands-on pattern-making experience, while nurturing their creativity for fashion designing. The beautiful mannequins and dress forms provide physical form and shape to their alluring creations. The lab offers various facilities to students in order to promote effective learning, such as pattern making tables, dress forms  and mannequins.

Garment Construction Lab

The garment construction skills of the student are developed and honed to match the industry standards in this lab. The lab is equipped with the latest industry-grade stitching equipment. The students are allotted extensive machine hours which helps them develop confidence and expertise in the operation of all kinds of garment designing machines.

Textile Lab

Textile is the base of any design field, be it fashion or lifestyle accessory design, thus constituting an important part of design education. The lab is equipped with state of the art facilities with looms for weaving, dyeing & printing and fabric testing equipment. It also provides the ICT facility to the students and gives them ample exposure to various kinds of textile design software. 

Computer Lab

Today technology plays a vital role in learning, research and documentation. To keep the students updated and fulfill this requirement, it has established a highly-sophisticated and a well-equipped lab with all the latest software to ensure that the students become proficient in a wide range of computer applications. The lab has high-speed internet facility and is equipped with all kinds of necessary peripheral devices.

Applied Art Studio


Art Gallery


Painting Studio


Print making Studio


Sculpture Studio