Amity School of Communication

Amity School of Communication (ASCO), under the Faculty of Arts, a part of Amity University Haryana, Gurugram, was established under Haryana Act 10 of 2010. Amity School of Communication (ASCO) is one of the leading institutes of Communication and Mass Media in the country. ASCO encourages students to bring out their potential and hone their critical thinking abilities to become aware of their strengths as change makers. The faculty members support students to bring in fruition ideas and disseminate them in various platforms. With content clamouring for attention, we nurture students to sieve the impactful content for communication. Praxis has been the way to learn, understand and effectively communicate the learning. For students whether it’s making films, writing a report, conjuring up an event, creating an animation or working on digital platform, hands on training has always been the way forward. ASCO is one of the few journalism schools which has its own TV Channel "Amity TV", where student’s research, report, interact and interview stalwarts across the globe.


Ranked amongst the top high impact communication programmes, ASCO provides students:

Well-equipped Studios

Industry Interaction

Guest Lectures



In the three years of the rigorous Undergraduate programme, our students are taught and trained in rich variety of subjects and skills related to all aspects of the media industry. They learn film and television production as well as designing concepts for print and digital media. They are taught nuances of graphics and animation and introduced to sound design and radio production.

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