Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) & Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT)

ASET and AIIT focus on knowledge creation, academic excellence, skill development, innovation and entrepreneurship. The main focus of research studies is to translate knowledge in areas such as Waste Water Treatment, Adsorption Engineering, Advance Machining, Soft Computing, Computer Networks, VLSI, Control Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Antenna Technology, and Image Processing.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure, experiential learning and seasoned faculty train students to think beyond the books and go for innovative and path-breaking ideas for the betterment of humanity. ASET and AIIT help students to channelize their potential for innovation and hence establish themselves as innovators and professionals in technology development, technology deployment, and system implementation.

The academic curriculum and pedagogy are aimed towards providing quality education in Engineering and Information Technology with special emphasis on emerging technologies and research such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, speech recognition technology among others.

ASET and AIIT are committed to achieve excellent placement of students each year. A proven track record of consistent high quality placements year-on-year is one of the reasons for many bright students opting for admissions in ASET and AIIT. Taking up a course in ASET and AIIT make students industry ready and be a valuable human resource in Science, Engineering and IT industries.

Highlights of ASET and AIIT

  • Well-equipped and advanced laboratories to instill knowledge and skills in students about Engineering and Information Technology
  • 100+ Research Papers by Faculty
  • Edited books by Faculty
  • International Conferences
  • Workshops with hands-on experience
  • Guest/Expert Talks on recent technologies
  • Patents by Faculty
  • Funded Projects by Industry and Government agencies
  • Papers published in International & National Journals
  • Various Scopus Indexed and SCI/SCIE listed Papers
  • Research Scholars

The undergraduate programmes of ASET and AIIT also offer these features –

  • Choice Based Credit System
  • Industry Oriented Curriculum in consultation with Industry Advisory Board
  • Value Addition Courses like Behavioral Science, Foreign Language, Communication Skills
  • Minor Track and Open Electives in Interdisciplinary Areas


Amity School of Applied Sciences (ASAS) has vision to be recognized globally as a center of excellence for learning and research in relevant areas of Applied Sciences, and for developing innovative minds for interdisciplinary research. The mission of the school is to deliver high quality education meeting international standards and serving national needs, to develop human resource into skilled workforce with analytical and critical thinking to excel in a global environment and to build competencies for high quality research in relevant interdisciplinary areas of basic and applied sciences. The school has an exciting and extensive portfolio of disciplines including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Forensic Science, Biochemistry and Polymer Technology. ASAS has strived continually to lay a strong foundation in Applied Sciences and to equip the students to carry out practical applications of their knowledge. The curriculum is refined and upgraded to nurture young minds towards fine-tuning scientific temper and embracing scientific challenges and needs for future development.

Amity School of Applied Sciences excels in research and innovation through patents, publications and research projects funded by the DST, DAE, AMT, KIST and other leading funding agencies. The faculty and students have been actively engaged in carrying out high-impact research which gets published in reputed international indexed journals. The output from ASAS faculty and students is getting due recognition Nationally as well as Internationally through awards, honors, citations, MOUs, and collaborations. Its alumni are bringing laurels by their achievements in workplace and some of its alumni are excelling in higher studies at leading institutes/universities in India and overseas.

International Partnerships

Amity School of Applied Sciences has signed MOUs with

• Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNIVERSITAS BENGKULU, Indonesia

• Institute of Medical Science and Technology National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Scope: The MOUs facilitate Faculty exchange activities; Sharing and use of resources and facilities, Jointly organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and forums; Joint PhD supervision, Opportunity for Master’s degree students to carry out their major project work at each other’s campus, collaborative research through joint projects with funding from various agencies; student exchange to conduct programmes such as credit transfer, short-course, internship, cultural exchange or other agreed activities. Facilitated by the MOU, our Physics faculty is co-supervising PhD students who are on Full Scholarship at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.

Recent Conferences and Seminars Organized- Advantage

In a globalized world, science education and research in academic institutes play a vital role in nation’s growth and welfare. Amity University Haryana is a research and innovation driven university and thus has a dual mission; to educate students and to discover new knowledge frontiers through research. Amity School of Applied Sciences (ASAS) is devoted to this mission of the University and facilitates it through regular organization of Lectures, Conferences, Workshops and Seminars like

  • National Conference on Forensic Science & Crime Scene Investigation Competition, 18-19 Oct 2019
  • National Workshop on “Raman and Fluorescence based indigenous spectroscopy in India”. 21 Jan 2019 (supported by RI instruments and Innovation India)
  • National Seminar on “Quantum Mechanics and Applications”, 23 Jan 2018 (supported by NASI)
  • National Conference on “Recent Advances in Material Science & Technology”, 21 April 2017

Distinguished Lecture Series

Eminent people from academia and industry are regularly invited to deliver expert lectures and to provide opportunities for active engagement with faculty and students.

  • Prof. Ajoy Ghatak, formerly at IIT Delhi
  • Prof. Ali Taheri, University of Sussex, Brighton UK
  • Dr. Kenneth G. Furton, Florida International University, USA
  • Dr. Aditya Sharma, KIST Seoul
  • Prof. Kehar Singh, formerly at IIT Delhi
  • Dr. Kumar Krishen, Johnson Space Center NASA
  • Prof. Peter Langer, University of Rostock, Germany
  • Prof. K Thygarajan, Bennett University
  • Prof. Anirban Pathak, JIIT NOIDA
  • Prof. B K Das, University of Delhi
  • Prof. S P Ojha, former VC, CCS University Meerut
  • Prof. Talat Ahmed, VC, Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • Prof. Ravi Kumar, NIT Hamirpur
  • Dr. D. Kanjilal, formerly at IUAC Delhi
  • Dr. A. Sengupta, formerly at NPL Delhi
  • Prof. R P Tandon, University of Delhi
  • Prof. D S Rawat, University of Delhi
  • Prof. R K Sharma, IIT Delhi
  • Dr. R. Nagarajan, University of Delhi

Student Achievements and Alumni Network

ASAS takes pride in its students’ achievements and maintains an active connection with its alumni. A strong network of alumni is crucial to an institution’s success as alumni relationship brings several benefits including placement support to the existing students. Laurels achieved by some of our alumni and students are listed as follows:

  • Gold Medal in Sangathan Sports Championship 2018.
  • Silver Medal in World Taekwondo Championship, Thailand, 21-23 Oct 2017
  • Second Prize in Poster Presentation, Int. Conf. Bikaner University, 25 Nov 2017
  • First Prize in Poster Presentation, National Seminar, JNU New Delhi, 14 Mar 2018
  • First and Second prize in Forensic Medicon- JIPMER, Puducherry, 1-3 Feb 2018
  • Third Prize, Innovation Project Sukoondhara, ANVESHAN, MRU Faridabad, 15-16 Feb 2018
  • First and Second prize in National Seminar on Quantum Mechanics, Amity Univ., Jan2018.
  • First prize in Quiz Competition, Delhi University, 25-26 Oct 2017
  • Many students have cleared GATE and UGC JRF/NET
  • Several students have cleared JAM exam by IITs

Alumni Success Stories

ASAS alumni are bringing laurels by their achievements in workplace and some of its alumni are excelling in higher studies at leading institutes/universities in India and overseas.

Placements: Innodata, Siegwerk, Avitech, Mankind, Atotech, OCCL, Nagarro, M3M, TelentEdge, Decathlon, Growman Research Group, Panacea Biotech, Apelo, Amazon etc.

Awards: Best Paper/Poster awards at National and International Conferences, Innovation Award for Projects

Higher Studies: TIFR, IITs, Monash Univ, Indiana Univ, Pittsburg State Univ, NSYU Taiwan


Amity School of Applied Sciences excels in research and innovation through patents, publications and research projects funded by the DST, DAE, AMT, KIST and other leading funding agencies.

Unique Value Addition

  • Industry partnerships for promoting research endeavours
  • Collaborations with leading Academic Institutions and R&D labs
  • Practical-oriented contemporary Curriculum attuned to emerging needs
  • Interdisciplinary Minor tracks in areas of current relevance
  • Strong mentorship programme for shaping Career paths
  • Research focus- an integral part of pedagogy, awards/ recognition for students’ research at National/ International levels
  • Govt. funded research projects and Consultancy projects for skill development
  • Choice Based Credit System allows students to opt electives from others disciplines and to earn a minor along with their major area of study.
  • Compulsory Foreign Language Courses in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean & Japanese.
  • Empowering Learners with Flexibility FRICS (Flexible Research Integrated Credit System)

Research and Innovation Ecosystem

  • Excellent Physical Infrastructure
  • Research-oriented Faculty
  • Research Grants from Reputed Agencies
  • National and International Collaborations
  • Joint PhD programme (National and International)
  • Research-based MSc projects
  • National and International Conferences, Seminars, Workshops
  • Financial Support for Conference Participation
  • Incentives for Quality Research
  • Awards and Recognitions
  • Generous Support for Patent Filing

Awards and Recognitions

Faculty members at ASAS have publications in National and International journals of repute, which are indexed in Scopus or Web of Science. They are on the Editorial Boards and Review Panels of various International/National Journals of repute and have also been appointed as members of Academic Advisory Board, Selection Committees, External examiners, Session Chairs and been part of Technical Programme Committee of IEEE conferences. To highlight a few

  • Dr. Ankush Vij and Dr. Shailendra Kumar have been appointed as Guest Editors for special issues of a reputed international journal Applied Nanoscience published by Springer Nature till April 2021
  • Dr. Ankush Vij: Appointment as a “Young Visiting Scientist/Official Research Collaborator” in RINZTECH MZ LTD NEW ZEALAND in the domain of Material Science (2020) and Visiting Scientist Award by KIST Seoul, South Korea (2017, 2018)
  • Dr. Shailendra Kumar: DST Young Scientist Award (2016-19)
  • Prof. Joydeep Dutta: Outstanding Reviewer Award-International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2018
  • Dr. Sunita Negi: DST Young Scientist Award (2013-16)
  • Dr. Ayana Bhaduri: DST Travel Grant (Russia)
  • Dr. Anupam Vyas: Travel Grant for Physware 2015, ICTP Trieste

Awarded Internships/Scholarships Abroad

  • Dyotima Biswas, Indiana University USA
  • Shaveta Sharma, Monash University Australia
  • Shivani Yadav, Germany
  • Mohit, DESY Germany
  • S. Pranav, GSI Germany
  • Amit, Varun and R K Rakesh, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Amity Institute of Biotechnology (AIB) is dedicated to provide the excellence in Biotechnology Education, Training and Research. The mission of the AIB is to equip the students with extraordinary skills for life, making them not just job seekers, but also job creators.

Amity Institute of Biotechnology has taken a lead in initiating a programme in the most challenging area with high-tech advancement in meeting the growing need of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics to sustain the industrial venture and also in achieving the greater task of agriculture, healthcare, energy and environmental sustainability. With highly motivated faculty members and modern research infrastructure AIB is committed to imparting high quality science educations in research environment to young and bright UG, PG and PhD students. AIB provides a platform for biotechnology education, training and research at the interface of multiple disciplines.

AIB provides a platform for biotechnology education, training and research at the interface of multiple disciplines’ – AIB Director Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Highlights of AIB

  • Thrust on Research and Development and Project Work under seven operational Research Clusters
  • Researchers working on industry-academia interface. Research is being carried out in the field of large-scale fermentation, developing bio-fuels, and bio-fertilizers.
  • Scholars working under Nanotechnology Cluster are engaged in working on nanoparticle based immunosensor development as well as novel bio-mimetic, polymeric nanomaterials as 3D tissue co-culturing systems for drug screening and tissue engineering.
  • Researchers in Plant Biotechnology Clusters are studying various tissue culture and genetic transformation methods.
  • The Cancer Biology Cluster uses interdisciplinary approaches like cell biology, biochemistry, lipidomics, genomics, nanotechnology and bioinformatics to unravel various facets of cancer and carcinogens.
  • Researchers in Infectious Disease Cluster explore intricacies of fungal and bacterial diseases from molecular to organismal level to decipher complex cellular and physiological interactions.
  • Computational Biology Cluster utilises modern day high-end computational power to solve problems in Biology. Some research areas include genomics, transcriptomics, understand complex structures of proteins etc.
  • Stem cell biology cluster is engaged in exciting research in areas like stem cell therapy, tissue re-generation and skin grafting.
  • Well-equipped laboratories to run academic courses such as laboratory of biochemistry, enzyme technology, microbiology, cell & molecular biology etc.
  • A well-stocked library having a wide range of books, national and international journals as well as reference material related to Biotechnology.
  • AIB has highly qualified, experienced and specialized faculty members from different domains like biopolymer technology, bioprocess technology, microbiology, tissue engineering, etc.
  • Students are encouraged to opt higher studies and research work in abroad and reputed institutions like IITs, IIMs, IISERs, NITs, and Central Universities through different competitive examinations.
  • Choice of elective courses at undergraduate level such as IPR, Photography and Journalism other than core subjects
  • Value added courses provided to students such as education in communication skill, soft skills and foreign languages like French
  • Mentor-Mentee system has been established to enhance support system for students to mitigate their concerns and trouble associated with respect to academic and in-house activities. It helps in creating a conducive learning environment.
  • Continuous and regular assessment of students to improve performance
  •  Supportive alumni to acclimatise students and scholars with industrial practices
  • Attractive scholarship schemes to motivate meritorious scholars through financial rewards for their academic excellence

Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, established in 2014, aims to provide the students the asset of knowledge in the field of Earth and Environmental education through classroom teaching, laboratory experiments in controlled conditions and the biggest laboratory called “Nature”.

Students of Earth and Environmental Science have the benefit of having insight in environmental issues in both local and global context, gaining a greater understanding of the solutions needs to address these problems. Today’s world is facing greatest of challenges of limiting resources and threats of novel diseases, that human survival is at risk. Recognizing the balance of nature and implementing them in the world of development is the need of the hour and the only solution to save the humanity.

The school makes continuous efforts to bring the students closest to the mother Earth and develop a holistic understanding to lead the world of environmental management. We believe in learning through doing and the extensive field excursions help them to grab the finest firsthand experience and train them to apply the acquired skill on the spot. The students nurture in the vivacity of highly qualified teachers and exuberant learning environment.