Dr. Narendra Kumar
Associate Professor
Faculty of Science Engineering And Technology

Amity University Haryana, Amity Education Valley, Pachgaon, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122413

PhD Microbiology(Botany)

18 Years

The major focus has been in biological control,microbiological analysis of food grains,antimicrobial activity in higher plants,development of low cost Botanical Pesticides against storage fungi,insects,development of ointment against dermatophytes causing infection in human beings,Biological control of wilting diseases of plants and research work on mushrooms, macrofungal taxonomy and medicinal plants


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2.Narendra Kumar (2016) Preservative potential of cumin essential oil for Pisum sativum L.during
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3.Narendra Kumar,Deepika Kulshreshtha, Sapna Sharma, Rashmi Aggarwal and S.M. Paul Khurana(2016)First
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5.Dhananjay Kumar Yadava, Dinesh Singh*, Narendra Kumar and Garima Chaudhary (2016)Induction of
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6.Narendra Kumar(2017) In vivo preservative potential of neem Giloy-tinospora cordifolia (willd.) Miers
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9. Narendra Kumar and S.M.Paul Khurana (2019) Fusarium solani causing stem rot and wilt of lucky Bamboo
(Dracaena sanderiana) in India-first record. Indian Phytopathology 72, Issue 2, pp 367–371;DOI
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10. Deepika Kulshreshtha*, Rashmi Aggarwal and Narendra Kumar(2019)Histopathological analysis of
incompatible and compatible interaction of Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici on wheat at early
infection stage. Indian J. Agric. Res., 53(5) 2019: 594-598. ISSN:0367-8245. indexed in ;SCOPUS IF;4.86
AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY,MICROBIOLOGY LAB ,Mircobiology;, PLANT ANATOMY;:ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION[EOEV, ECO SOCIAL EVOLUTION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, ;Microbial Technology,Plant Diversity-I Introductory Microbiology,PLANT Physiology,Plant science,Plant Biotechnology,Cell Biology
A.1.Editorial board member of Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ; ISSN NO: 2231-6876;
2.Editorial board member of International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research(ISSN 2349-7203) ;
3.EDITORIAL ASSIATANT BOARD MEMBERS of International Journal of Pharma Research and Health Sciences eISSN : 2348-6465;
4.Editorial member of world journal of Pharmaceutical science ISSN (Print): 2321-3310;ISSN (Online): 2321-3086 (Impact Factor: 0.453 (2015)
5. Editorial member for abstract book published for National Symp. Microbial Diversity and plant health problems.organised by Indian Phytopathological Society on dated Dec 18-19, 2006,at DDU Gorakhpur University Gorkahpur.

(i) Life Member of Society Basic and Applied Mycology. ( ISSN - 0972-7167)
(ii) Life Member of SMP[Medicinal Plants (International Journal of Phytomedicines and Related Industries)since 4th Nov,2016;ISSN: 0975-4261. NAAS Rating:4.23).Society for Conservation and Resource Development of Medicinal Plants (SMP) A-155, Ashok Vihar, Phase-IV, New Delhi - 110052, India .
(III) Life Member of ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL DEVLOPMENT ASSOCIATION (ESDA),New Delhi since 2018(.Membership L-270).
1. State Govt. research fellowship of Uttar Pradesh at the rate of 150 Rs./ per month of the year 1998.
2. Best Young Scientist Award given by the Indian PHYTOPATHOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Delhi on 07.12.2002 at N.D. University of Agriculture & Technology, FAIZABAD. For presentation entitled “Putranjiva oil an ecofriendly herbal bio-pesticide” in Annual meet (MEZ) and National Symp. on integrated management of plant diseases of Mid-Eastern India with a cropping system perspective. Dec. 5-7, 2002.
3.got YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD on 20-12-2014,in a National Conf. on Challenges of Biological and Environmental Science held Gorakhpur Dated 19-20 Dec,2014, For presentation-“Cuminumcyminum L. seed oil- a potential alternate of synthetic pesticide(sulphos and EDBA ampule) for groundnut during storage.
4.Cash prize of of Rs 2000 for research work presentation -Coriandrum sativumL.leaf essential oil-a Potential source of therapeutic agent-in International Conference on Translatioalmedicine;emerging trends in Biomedicine,Biotechnology and Stem cell research-Present status and future prospects Feb 19-20,2016 organiged by Rutgers state University USA and Amity University Haryana.
5.2ND Best Oral Presentation Award to student " for presentation-Strain improvement of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens for biocontrol of Bacterial wilt disease of tomato caused by Ralstoniasolanacaerum. in Symp on ''MICROBIAL ANTAGONISTS AND THEIR ROLE IN BIOLOGICAL CONTROL OF PLANT DISEASE and WEST ZONE MEET'' on Dt 5-7 Oct,2017 at Anand Agricultural University, India, Anand – 388 110 organised by Indian Phytopathological Society, New Delhi.
6.Appearance of -Phytochemical and Pharmacological proper ties of Giloy-A miracle vine - published in Medicinal Plants - International Journal of Phytomedicines and Related Industries(authored by Kumar Narendra, Khurana S.M. Paul) vol 8(4);275-286. Related Tinospora pic on front page of Journal.
7.Received outstanding oral paper presentation award –on presentation- Preservation Of Arachis Hypogea L. Food Seeds By Clove(SyzygiumAromaticum)Essential Oil .in International-Conference-on-Stewardship-Towards-Sustainability.held at SGT University Gurugram,Haryana .dt 6-7 Sept 19.
PhD student cleared pre PhD viva voce exam;01.
Patents filed /Applied for:
i).Filed Application No. 201911029678. July 23, 2019;"A System and Method for Isolated, Improved,
Mutated Strain of Bacteria- Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in Wilting of Tomato" (Dhananjay Kumar Yadav,
Narendra Kumar, Dinesh Singh* and S.M.Paul Khurana).
ii) Filed application no-201911051003 dt 10/12/19 (Amity CRN3752) for patent - A method to culture and
identify Fusarium solani causing stem rot and wilt of lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) (Narendra
Kumar and S.M.Paul Khurana).
iii) CRN3733 Search Report on "System and method of isolation of Acrophialophora levis causing wilt of plumeria in gurgaon-first report" (Narendra Kumar and S.M.Paul Khurana). September 4, 2019 4:58.
iv)CRN3902 "A method to detect Taphrina deformans causing white wooly growth resulting red coloured blister disease appearance in glue berry, Cordia dichotoma in India " ((Narendra Kumar and S.M.Paul Khurana ).Wed, 05 Feb 2020 16:10:45IST.
v) CRN3966;Application of Antifungal activity of Giloy leaf oil(Inventors-Narendra Kumar ¹, SM Paul Khurana2 V.N. Pandey 3)andey) To SHALEEN RAIZADA.dt 26 March 2020.
Faculty of Science Engineering And Technology
Amity University Haryana, Amity Education Valley, Pachgaon, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122413