Dr. Sarika Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Science Engineering And Technology

Amity University Haryana, Amity Education Valley, Pachgaon, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122413

MTech, Ph D

14 Years

BSc(BT) ISt Sem: Microbial Biotechnology (BTH2107)
M.Sc (Env. Science & Mng)Ist Sem: Environmental Biology (ENV4106)
M.Sc (BT) ISt Sem: Microbiology (BTH4103)
PhD: Microbiology (BTC5002)
BTech+MTech (BT)IXth Sem: Advanced Bioenergy Engineering (BTE6905)
B.Sc (Bio Sci.)Vth Sem: Bio-analytical and Biophysical Techniques (BLS2504)
BSc (BT)VIth Sem: Industrial Biotechnology (BTH2603)
BTech+MTech (BT)VIIIth Sem: Food Technology (BTE6804)
BSc (BS) VIth Sem: Applied Biology (BLS2604)
B.SC(BS)IVth Sem: Microbiology (BLS2403)
Bioprocess Technology
Biochemical Engg.
Microbiology Biology


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Microbial Technology, Microbiology, Food technology, Bio-analytical and Biophysical Techniques
Dr Sarika obtained B.Sc and M.Sc from Kanpur University, and M.Tech [Chemical Technology (Biochemical Engg.) from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur. After that I joined as senior research Fellow on topic in Council of Science and Technology, Lucknow from 25.08.06 to 25.08.08. underguidence of Dr. R.Kar, Department of Biochemical Engineering and Food Technology (H.B.T.I., Kanpur). Then, Dr A.I.T.H, Kanpur September 2008-September 2010 as Lecturer in Biotechnology Deptt. After this I Joined Amity University Haryana as Assistant Professor in 2010, September. She obtained her doctoral degree from the Amity University Haryana in 2015, where she worked on Utilization of hemicellulosic agrowastes for thermostable Xylanase production by thermophylic bacterial isolates.
• Reviewers International Journal of Applied and Natural Sciences
• Reviewer in International Journal of Biology.
• National Scholarship holder from High School to M.Sc.
• Second Position in M.Sc in C.S.J.M. University.
• Coordinator, Examination committee AIB, AUH
• Coordinator, B.Sc(BT) AIB,AUH
• Coordinator, Time table and Faculty load
• Member QAE, AUH
• Mentor M.Sc.(BT) Ist Year, AIB
• Member of Board of Studies, AIB
Faculty of Science Engineering And Technology
Amity University Haryana, Amity Education Valley, Pachgaon, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122413