Infrastructure & Facilities

Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) & Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT)

  • ASET is a part of 150 acres sprawling, eco-friendly, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, green campus of Amity University Haryana, Gurugram
  • The campus has academic blocks, separate hostels for boys and girls & various outdoor activities
  • ASET is well equipped with finest centrally air conditioned labs, workshops, facilities and infrastructure.

Computer Labs

The department houses computer labs with latest configuration computer systems and software. Emphasis is laid on practical training to develop the programming skills and application oriented approach of the student. The computer labs are equipped with software related to different domains of Computer Science right from programming, database, computer networking, website design etc.


Mechanical Engineering Workshop facilitates knowledge accumulation on operation of various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The Workshop Practice course makes students competent in handling practical work in engineering environment. Mechanical Engineering Workshop is also involved in different maintenance/repair works for the institute. Various tools and machines are available in different shops like Machine shop, Welding shop, Tin Smithy shop, Foundry shop, Fitting shop etc.

Innovation Gallery

Innovation Gallery of ASET and AIIT is to showcase the successful innovative projects carried out by the students successfully. Some of the glimpses of the gallery are shown below:

Smart Electronic Voice-Controlled Wheelchair

Neuroplay: Neuron based Electronic Interface

Low Cost Eye Check up Disk

Thermoelectric Quad Core Bike

Auto Intensity Controlled Street Light Based On Vehicle Detection

Self-Balancing Robot

Gyroscopic multi-movement ducted propellers for aircrafts”

Amigo: Innovation Gallery Walk-Through App

Solar Car

Bionic Arm

Electric Bike

3D Printing Machine

Laboratories at Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) & Amity Institute of Information Technology (AIIT)

Aerospace Lab

Civil Lab

Electronics Lab

Mechanical Lab

Electricals Lab


Amity School of Applied Sciences (ASAS) has state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and research facilities for complete training of the young minds. Amity believes that a true science professional is a blend of sound theoretical knowledge and a strong hand in practical applications. Keeping this in mind Amity has provided the finest infrastructure for teaching, research and overall development of an individual.

The excellent infrastructure duly takes care of the UG, PG and Ph.D degree programmes in:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry and Forensic Science (CBF)
  • Mathematics
  • Polymer Science &Technology

Chemistry Lab

Wet Lab

Dry Lab A

Dry Lab B

Computer Lab

Forensic Science

Forensic Science Lab

Forensic Science

Research Labs

Amity School of Applied Sciences (ASAS) has state-of-the-art infrastructure for research. Besides its own research labs, ASAS has easy access to labs of other Departments and CIRF (Central Instrumentation Research Facility). The school has the following Research Labs:

a) Electronic Materials and Nanomagnetism Lab

The lab has been established for research work in the fields of Lead-free Piezoelectrics, Multiferroics, Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors and Magnetic Nanostructures. The facilities available are P-E Loop Tracer, Spin Coater, Hydrothermal, Muffle Furnace, Hot-air Oven and Magnetic Stirrer etc.

Electronic Materials and Nanomagnetism Lab

Nanophosphor Lab

b) Nanophosphor Lab

The lab has been set up with the help of a funded project given by UGC-DAE-CSR Indore.

c) Material Research Lab

Amity School of Applied Sciences has recently operationalized a DST-FIST and Amity sponsored Materials Research Lab (MRL). MRL provides latest and advanced analytical instruments for Nanomaterials characterization, and the research carried out by faculty and students is supported by DST, UGC-DAE, IUAC, AMT (USA).
This state-of-the-art Nanomaterial characterization facility houses the following instruments to boost our on-going and future research activities.

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS for particle size & zeta potential analyses

Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS for particle size & zeta potential analyses

Perkin Elmer Simultaneous Thermal Analyser 8000 for thermoanalysis

Perkin Elmer Simultaneous Thermal Analyser 8000 for thermoanalysis

Research India Modular Spectrometer for spectroscopy

Research India Modular Spectrometer for spectroscopy

Perkin Elmer UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Lambda 365 for spectroscopy

Perkin Elmer UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Lambda 365 for spectroscopy

Amity Institute of Biotechnology (AIB) is a well-known institute for research in biotechnology, encompassing modern biology tools and techniques to improve health, environment and food security. Specialised Research Clusters in the institute, including Microbial & Industrial Technology; Plant Tissue Culture & Engineering; Animal Cell Culture and Stem Cells; Infectious Disease; Molecular Diagnostics & Healthcare; Bioprocess, Bioengineering & Nanotechnology; Bio-resources, Energy & Environmental Technology; Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, add value to ongoing high quality research.

AIB attracts private-public funding. It has a 'Centre of Excellence and Innovation in Biotechnology' that has earned `20 million grants from Department of Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Council of Medical Research, Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, The European Union and other International agencies.

BioNova Research Lab

Imaging & Cell analysis lab

Imaging & Cell analysis lab

Lipidomics Lab

Bioinformatics Lab

Confocal Microscopy lab

Spectroscopy lab

The Environmental Sciences laboratory is well equipped with all basic facilities for carrying out environmental analysis like soil analysis, surface water, waste water, organic pollutants etc. It has instrumentation facilities for culture of aerobic bacteria, cyanobacteria, and algae. The environmental microbiology lab is concerned with the isolation of microorganisms from the natural environment and polluted sites. Laboratory aims to describe microbes from polluted soil and water, to study microorganisms for their uses in the treatment of recalcitrant pollutants and to address environmental issues related to the field of microbiology.

The Earth Science lab, at Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, is the exact replica of the diverse lithology of India. The samples include the mineral, rock and fossil samples. We are also equipped with the gears to undertake geological field excursions to varied terrains of India. Moreover, we have collaborations with the reputed institutes/ universities to conduct the advance level practical and experiments.

Laboratory Instrumentation facility at Environmental Sciences Laboratory

Diverse range of Mineral, Rock & Fossil Specimen in the Earth Sciences Laboratory