Prof.(Dr.) Shalini Bhaskar Bajaj Professor and Head of Department
Amity School of Engineering and Technology

From the desk of Dean

As a Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology I welcome you to Amity University Haryana (AUH) a part of Amity Educational Group which is a Research & Innovation driven University. The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology has fostered the ideal environment to accelerate learning and creativity by adopting value added teaching & knowledge dissemination. Due to the rapidly evolving dynamics contributed by constant technological updating, traditional learning has evolved into blended teaching at AUH. Technology has enabled the dissemination of information beyond geographical barriers and provided students access to modern concepts and learning outcomes. AUH has been constantly putting effort to provide ‘smart learning’ to the student community making them better equipped to face modern day challenges and grooming them at par with other world-class universities.

Since the day Dr. Ashok Chauhan, the Founder President of Amity Education Group had dreamt of revolutionizing the Indian education system by a research tide, he also realized that this platform needs two solid pillars. First, he brought back the best Indian brains from abroad. Second, he provided the best possible infrastructure to nurture research. The intellectual workforce at AUH includes alumni of world-renowned institutions like UCSF and UCLA, USA; NUS, Singapore; Max Planck, Germany; Birmingham University, UK; UMMS and UNC, USA to name a few. At AUH, on the research front, our faculty scientists spend maximum effort to amalgamate research and teaching together. They strongly believe in the conception that students benefit as budding researchers when they are directly involved in the ongoing research projects as research scholars and project fellows in dissertations. A balance of the two activities is a must for providing an impetus to our research and innovation drive. Today several extramural research projects are running in parallel with the teaching program in our research cluster labs. The research clusters work actively in domains of Cancer Biology, Stem Cells, Nanotechnology, Infectious Disease, Plant-Microbe Interaction, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. The research faculty have on-going collaborations/MoUs with leading national institutes like NII, NIPGR, RCB, THSTI, IGIB, IARI as well as international collaboration in Rutgers University (USA), UK, Germany, Sweden, Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Poland that has contributed in the scientific endeavor and broadened the horizon for both the researchers and the students. Guest lectures and hands-on workshops from eminent scientists, innovators and technology experts at regular intervals for our students give them practical insights into scientific innovations around the world. Simultaneously, our newly developed Central Instrumentation Research Facility (CIRF), DST sponsored FIST Centers and Bionova Lab with a team of industry connect introduces the students to hands-on experimentation skills and practical scientific know-hows. National and international conferences, symposia, workshops are successfully coordinated to develop a network of global scientific communities.

A good teaching-research practice has been adopted for concept-based and inquiry-driven learning, as opposed to the more traditional content-based pedagogy. Strong emphasis is laid on the interdisciplinary nature of today’s science, engineering and technology fusion while recognizing the importance of research-based experiments during the process of learning. The most important feature of the graduation program comes with defined learning outcomes. AUH has made a concerted effort in this direction. The process is facilitating the students in innovative learning and helping them to achieve higher academic or entrepreneurial pursuits.

I wish you all a very fruitful academic stay with us and confident that with our ensured constant support you will fulfil your dreams thus making us proud.

Dr Atul Thakur Director, Amity Institute of Nanotechnology
Amity School of Applied Sciences

Amity School of Applied Sciences (ASAS) is envisioned to be recognized globally as a centre of excellence for learning and research in relevant areas of Applied Sciences, and for developing innovative minds for interdisciplinary research. The mission of the school is to deliver high quality education meeting international standards and serving national needs, to develop human resource into skilled workforce with analytical and critical thinking to excel in a global environment.

The school has an extensive portfolio of UG, PG and PhD degree programs in disciplines including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Forensic Science, Biochemistry and Polymer Technology. The curriculum is refined and upgraded to nurture young minds towards fine-tuning their scientific temper and embracing scientific challenges and needs for future development.

Amity School of Applied Sciences excels in research and innovation through patents, publications and research projects funded by the DST, DAE, AMT, KIST and other leading funding agencies. Recently, we have received a prestigious DST-FIST grant to set up Materials Research Lab in our campus. With excellent research infrastructure, our faculty and students are actively engaged in carrying out high-impact research. The academic and research output from ASAS faculty and students is getting due recognition nationally as well as internationally through awards, honours, citations, MOUs, and collaborations. Its alumni are bringing laurels by their achievements in workplace and some of its alumni are excelling in higher studies at leading institutes/universities in India and overseas.

Our eminently qualified and competent faculty are fully committed to evolve suitable pedagogical approaches aligned to the individual learning needs of our students to facilitate them to achieve their maximum potential.

Prof. (Dr) Rajendra Prasad Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology
Director, Amity Institute of Biotechnology
Director, Amity Institute of Integrative Sciences and Health
Amity University Haryana, Gurugram

Amity Institute of Biotechnology (AIB) at Amity University Harayana, Gurugram is an intellectually vibrant inter- and multi-disciplinary institute that aims to help students gain a holistic view of modern biotechnology.

Formed in 2010, it provides students with a solid grounding in the scientific understanding of the biotech sector, and emphasizes the ways in which molecular biology is shaped, understood, and interpreted within the scientific community and industries.

The key features and USPs of our courses are:

Co-taught, interdisciplinary core courses

Opportunity to choose an area of concentration between B. Sc./M.Sc. and B.Tech./M. Tech. programs

Opportunities to get involved in research and industry

Relevant to all future careers

A close knit and diverse community of faculty and students

To accomplish these goals, students take pedagogically-innovative core courses in biotechnology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics that are co-taught by faculty at Amity Institute of Biotechnology (AIB), Amity School of Applied Science (ASAS) and Amity School of Engineering & Technology (ASET). In addition, students take courses in the languages that fit their particular interests. Ph.D students also pursue coursework at the lower and upper levels in the sciences that provide an understanding of the scientific process relevant their thesis.

The AIB faculty comes from diverse scientific backgrounds, and brings along a wide range of interests and expertise. Almost all faculty members have undergone trainings in some of the renowned institutions around the globe. We, likewise, welcome students that have interests in a broad array of subjects and offer excellent research facilities, modern labs & high-end instruments.

On behalf of the entire faculty, I welcome and invite you to explore our website to understand the programs and opportunities we offer, and consider that the courses offered by us can positively impact your education and your post-Amity aspirations.

Dr. Kushagra Rajendra Head of Department
Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Amity University Haryana, Gurugram

Welcome to Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Amity University Haryana. The Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences is one of the key departments involved in quality interdisciplinary teaching and research outreach programs.

The main attributes of the Department curriculum include several dimensions of teaching of the Environment- Pollution, Chemistry, Geoscience, Earth sciences, Toxicology, Urban Planning and Auditing, Natural Resources, Ecology and Biodiversity, EIA, Remote Sensing etc.

Looking towards present scenario and futuristic needs, the primary focus of the department is to empower our students with overall development.

The vision of Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences is to acquire knowledge and understanding of the environment and natural resources at advance levels and a commitment to the highest standards of professional endeavor with an ability to take a leadership role in the community.

The Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, being a beautiful conglomeration of fundamentals of Earth Science and Environmental Sciences & Management provides an ideal platform with opportunities to create new knowledge by digging into the unfathomed depths of imagination.

Our students are provided opportunities to relevant industries, R&D institutions, lucrative field trips to explore the field of geology and nature in depth and understand ground level problems to think over ways of solving them. Innovative research projects are assigned to UG, PG and Ph.D. students. The faculty members and technical staff members of the department are well qualified and experienced to ensure a smooth transition of fresh out-of-school students into professional under-graduate students.

Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences strives for quality education and research in contemporary global environmental challenges through holistic pedagogy and extensive field-based learning.