Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP) is a leading institute that aims to facilitate quality education and enrich young minds to meet global challenges in development, innovation and application of architecture and planning for the service of humanity. Teaching and mentoring are provided by an experienced faculty and professionals to help the students achieve success in the industry. Rigorous and intensive workshops are conducted throughout the academic year to enrich the learning experience of student and equip them to deal with the high expectations of the industry. The field in itself is interesting and the institute dedicatedly ensures that the emerging architects of tomorrow get all the exposure they require to be industry-ready.

The daily schedule is aptly divided so as to make sure that the students can make most of their curriculum optimize their learning.

The quality of an architectural structure is assessed by the level of awe and wonder it creates in the mind of the onlooker by its uniqueness and creativity. When it comes to excellence in professional education on architecture, ASAP is among the finest institutes in the country.

Vision & Mission for UG / PG Courses

The core mission of ASAP is to provide quality education to students of all backgrounds, coming from various parts of India, in order to develop them into socially responsible professionals in design and architecture, through academic excellence, aesthestic conditioning as well as social exposure. Amity School of Architecture & Planning, Gwalior is dedicated to developing students’ intellectual, moral, civic and creative capacities to the fullest in order to help them become leaders in practice and discourse in the area of architecture and planning.

ASAP further works to adopt cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches for complex architectural design solutions and enhance teaching and learning processes. It is our constant endeavour to harness digital technology through use of software such as Autocad, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, CorelDraw Design Builder, Ecotect Analysis and others and simulation technology for energy and climate analysis, to bolster and strengthen students’ professional competence, while meeting requirements for research.

Another mission is to impart knowledge on architecture in its entirety, that is civic, social and professional realms. We envision an environment that fosters active learning, whereby students are sensitized towards responsible and sustainable architecture practices and are equipped to cope with social, ecological and environmental demands on the trade through design competitions and live projects, with specific emphasis on social innovation.

ASAP strives to encourage knowledge transfer and exchange through inter-disciplinary interactions, with an aim to generating solutions for complex design problems. While the practice of inter-disciplinary faculty and student interactions with Departments of Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Behavioural Science is encouraged and ongoing, we aim to enhance intra-disciplinary interactions through introduction of post-graduate courses in planning, architecture and design.

ASAP further aims to inculcate the idea of holistic excellence in students through an emphasis on value-driven professional ethics. We enrich the learning experience of students by creating an environment for research, thus helping them engage more deeply with topical issues and find unique, innovative solutions. Finally, ASAP is focused at inculcating and strengthening professional ethics and break cultural and linguistic barriers, and thus students are required to take a course in Behavioural Science, which helps them interact better with the society and environment, thus making them better professionals.