From the Desk of Director

Prof Lalitesh Kumar Jain Director, Amity School of Architecture & Planning

Since its inception Amity School of Architecture & Planning (ASAP) has focused on providing quality education to students of all backgrounds from across regions. It aims at developing students into socially responsible professionals in design and architecture through academic excellence, aesthetic conditioning as well as social exposure..

Amity School of Architecture & Planning, Gwalior is dedicated to developing the students’ intellectual, moral, civic and creative capacities to the fullest in order to help them become leaders in practice and discourse on various architectural and planning-related issues.

ASAP adopts cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches for complex architectural design solutions as also to enhance teaching and learning processes. It is our constant endeavour to harness digital technology through the use of latest software such as Autocad, 3ds Max and others and utilize simulation technology for energy and climate analysis, to bolster and strengthen students’ professional competence.

Amity School of Architecture & Planning adopts a holistic approach to architecture and imparts learning on its civic, social and professional realms. We envision an environment that fosters active learning, whereby, students are sensitized towards responsible and sustainable architecture and are equipped to cope with social, ecological and environmental demands on the trade through design competitions and live projects with specific emphasis on social innovation.  Amity School of Architecture & Planning always encourages knowledge transfer and exchange through inter-disciplinary interactions, with an aim to generate solutions for complex design problems. While the practice of inter-disciplinary faculty & student interactions with Departments of Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Behavioral Science is encouraged, post-graduate courses in Planning, Architecture and Design and have also been introduced.

At ASAP, emphasis is laid on inculcating professional ethics and promoting an environment conducive for research, thus helping students engage more deeply with topical issues and find unique, innovative solutions to them To inculcate and strengthen professional ethics and break cultural and linguistic barriers, students are required to take courses in Behavioral Science, which helps them interact better with the society and environment, thus making them new-age professionals.