Infrastructure & Facilities

  • ASET is part of 150 acres sprawling eco-friendly Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified green campus of Amity University, Rajasthan
  • The campus has academic blocks, separate hostels for boys and girls & various outdoor activities
  • ASET is well equipped with finest centrally air conditioned labs, workshops, facilities and infrastructure as listed here -


Mechanical Engineering Workshop facilitates knowledge accumulation on operation of various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The Workshop Practice course makes students competent in handling practical work in engineering environment. Mechanical Engineering Workshop is also involved in different maintenance/repair works for the institute. Various tools and machines are available in different shops like Machine shop, Welding shop, Tin Smithy shop, Foundry shop, Fitting shop etc.

Computer Labs

The department houses computer labs with latest configuration computer systems and software. Emphasis is laid on practical training to develop the programming skills and application oriented approach of the student. Software related to different domains of Computer Science right from programming, database, computer networking, website design etc are available in computer labs.

Advanced CNC Machine Tool Labs

CNC lab aims to provide training at par with industry requirement. The lab is designed to conduct practical training of projects undertaken by final and pre-final year engineering students of Mechanical Engineering. It imparts hands-on training on Programming and Operation of the CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Centre. The course is a blend of theory and practical sessions and is spread over semester. The course is being conducted by a dedicated team of teaching and non-teaching faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Fluid Mechanics Lab

The Fluid Mechanics lab runs in conjunction with the theory course Fluid Mechanics. It is an introductory course where flow behaviour, fluid forces and analysis tools are introduced.

The goals of the experiments include determination of forces generated when fluid flow takes place over a solid object, applications of the control volume approach, demonstration of the momentum and energy equations, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations. Intricate flow phenomena such as separations and transition to turbulence are demonstrated.

Automotive Engineering Lab

Automotive engineering lab helps students about design, development, testing, application, modification, and maintenance of vehicles and their components for use in transportation systems. Students learn about Internal Combustion Engines, Fuel Injection System, Breaking System and other accessories related with automobile.

Process Control Lab

This lab course is designed to understand the concepts of feedback control systems in the chemical and process industry. The course involves analysis of dynamic control systems and provides hands-on experience.


The CAD laboratory in Amity University, Rajasthan, is a central facility available with the Amity School of Engineering & Technology, where in all the students of ASET, research scholars and faculty can work with 2-D and 3-D design and analysis packages. The users are encouraged to learn, practice and apply the knowledge gained into their research areas. The CAD lab provides digitally integrated environment where the users can design, analyze, simulate and build components.

Mass Transfer Lab

This lab is designed to introduce a basic study of the phenomena of mass transfer, to develop methodologies for solving a wide variety of practical engineering problems, and to understand the separation equipment in the process industry. It also provides proper understanding of unit operations. Students learn about the diffusion mass transfer, operation of cooling tower, operation of dryer, crystallization and absorption.

Engineering Mechanics Lab

Engineering Mechanics is one of the important subject which deals with mechanics of various structures and components. The results determined at laboratories ensure about safety, strength, rigidity, reliability and behaviors of mechanical beams, trusses, struts, joints and other technological aspects.



To unleash the research potential in the students and to promote students' innovative ideas, projects into action, Department of CSE & IT has started research & development in the field of robotics, automation & Internet of Things by the initiation of Robotics Automation and Internet of Things Laboratory (RAIOT Lab).

Some of the accomplished projects completed under the RAIOT lab are - 17 DOF Humanoid, Home Automation System, Quadcopter, Kick O' Wheelz: An Automation based Gaming Console etc.

AIIT has well-equipped and advanced laboratories to instill knowledge and skills in students about Information Technology as 50% of the credit units of IT courses go to practical courses. AIIT has an edge over others as it offers matchless infrastructure that too run by a team of academicians, researchers and faculty having nationally and internationally proven track record and professionally trained technicians. AIIT also has state-of-the-art ICT enabled lecture theatres, fully air conditioned classrooms, faculty room and hi-tech laboratories. Here is a glimpse of labs and facilities used by AIIT students


Amity Institute of Information Technology has three specialised computer labs with over 60 computers.

  • Open source software Lab
  • MATLAB Lab
  • Networking Lab

The labs have relevant software like (Compilers of C, C++, C#, JAVA, RDBMS package- ORACLE, Operating Systems-Windows, UNIX, MATLAB, etc.)

Open Source Software Lab

AIIT has a dedicated open-source software lab. It offers open source software. It is liberally licensed to grant users the right to use, copy, study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. In the context a series of workshop was conducted and one of them was online workshop conducted from “FOSSEE” unit of IIT Mumbai. It was a hands-on workshop in which students learned about basics of Python. This programming language is used widely in project development and research. Mr. Akshin Doke, Project Research Engineer, FOSSEE Python Team, supervised this activity which received overwhelming response from students. IIT Mumbai was the instructor for the overall session. The workshop was attended by students from MCA III, MCA I, BCA V.



MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming environment. Postgraduate students apply these programs of data structures. The program has built-in editing and debugging tools, and supports object-oriented programming. These factors make MATLAB an excellent tool for analysis and research. The availability of technical computing environment such as MATLAB is now reshaping the role and applications of computer laboratory projects to involve students in more intense problem-solving experience. This lab also provides an opportunity to the students to conduct numerical experiments and to tackle realistic and more complicated problems.

Networking Lab

AIIT has a dedicated Networking Lab which has software which is useful for networking academically or to conduct research activities. In this lab students/scholars/faculties simulate various scenario on simulator tools like NS2 / NS3, packet tracer etc. Several workshops have been organized on the networking tools. The department hosted two consecutive international workshops Sim4Net on Network simulator (ns-2/ns-3). It was a great learning for students and scholars.