25 Jun 2020|Lucknow

Practical Approach of Ayurveda to fight with COVID 19

 Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus organized a Webinar on “Practical Approach of Ayurveda to fight with COVID 19”, for all the Amity and outside Amity students, faculty, staff and others.

The Guest Speaker for the session was Dr Vidushi Tyagi, BAMS, MD, Professor HOD, Ras Shastra & Bahishajya Kalpana (Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics), Shri Krishna Ayush University Kurukshetra. The session was organized and conducted by Dr. Garima Awasthi, Assistant Professor, AIB_L and Dr Ruchi Yadav, Assistant Professor, AIB_L under guidance of Prof (Dr) Janmejai Kumar Srivastava, Director, AIB_L.

A total of sixty five people attended the session and participants discussed various issues related to Ayurveda approaches to fight with COVID 19. The whole session was recorded and can be made available for future reference.