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Amity Institute of Biotechnology (AIB) has state-of-the-art apparatus, lab equipment, and facilities that support innovative research topics. Some of the major high-end facilities and labs include research labs (animal cell culture & microbiology), central facility lab, plant biotechnology lab, animal biotechnology lab, biochemistry labs, cell biology lab, environmental biotechnology lab, bioprocess technology lab, microbiology lab, bioinformatics lab, and Molecular Biology & R-DNA Technology Lab. GC, HPLC, qPCR, PCR machines, FACS, refrigerated centrifuges, spectrophotometers, deep freezers, lyophilizers, gel electrophoresis systems for nucleic acids and proteins, animal tissue culture facilities, and advanced laboratory equipment are available in AIB research labs. The institute has well-equipped research laboratories for scholars to ensure the uninterrupted operation of research activities.

All the classrooms are equipped with modern equipment for interactive teaching-learning processes. We have a rich repository of books, journals, magazines, and research publications, besides umpteen reference books to augment learning. AIB has four classrooms, two tutorial rooms, ten lecture theatres, a mini auditorium, a conference room, and modern labs.

Well equipped labs

The Amity Institute of Biotechnology conducts research in core emerging areas of biotechnology. The students, scholars, and faculty collaborate to focus on various research projects and devise innovative methods and technology to leverage the healthcare and medical sectors. Scholars and students translate knowledge to advance practical measures in major areas such as health-care, diagnostics, agriculture, food, medicine, the environment, and consumer products with far-reaching impact. Our high-tech and well-equipped laboratories support research in key areas carried out by scholars and students.

The department has two research labs and 15 student labs, viz., Research Lab I (Animal Cell Culture), Research Lab II (Microbiology), Central Facility Lab, Plant Biotechnology Lab, Animal Biotechnology Lab, Biochemistry Lab-I, Cell Biology Lab, Environmental Biotechnology Lab, Bioprocess Technology Lab, Preparatory Lab, Microbiology Lab, Biochemistry Lab-II, Biochemistry Lab-III, Bioinformatics Lab, Molecular Biology & RDNA Technology Lab, Downstream Processing Lab, and Chemical & Glassware Lab Store.

Research Lab (Animal Cell Culture)

The research laboratory at AIB is a research-oriented lab. The lab is equipped with high-end instruments viz. HPLC, inverted microscope, temperature controlled incubator shaker, laminar air flow, high speed centrifuge etc. The department has successfully completed several vital projects funded by government agencies like DST, DBT, and CST-UP. Currently, three research projects are being funded by DBT and CST-UP. The research work includes genetic polymorphism in cancer cells, work on selective oestrogen receptor modulators, and drug development of polyherbal nasal formulations.

Research Lab (Microbiology)

The Microbiology Research Lab of AIB has research scholars as well as JRFs and Project Assistants working on many diverse research topics. Major projects carried out here are green synthesis of nanoparticles, biochemical and genetic studies of medicinal plants (Flax, Nigella, turmeric, etc.), effects of nanoparticles of enzymes, characterization of bacteriophages, and therapeutic effects of medicinal plants.

Central Facility Lab

The Central Facility lab is developed to facilitate research carried out by scholars and students with sophisticated instruments as well as to explore new frontiers in high-end research. The lab is resourced with a Gel Documentation Unit, PCR machine, Spectrophotometer, Ultra Deep Freezer (-80 C), deep freezer (-20 C), and milli Q system.

Plant Biotechnology Lab

The department has a well-stocked plant biotechnology lab. It deals with all the tissue culture experiments. The lab is well furnished with a channelled entry for the tissue culture lab.

The major experiments carried out by students include protoplast fusion, agrobacterium transformation, and hairy root culture. The plants of interest to the tissue culture lab are Nigella sativa, tobacco, tomato, and papaya.

Animal Biotechnology Lab

The Animal Biotechnology lab of AIB deals with experiments related to animal physiology, animal cell culture, and animal biotechnology.

It is a well-equipped lab to carry out experiments like culturing and maintenance of animal cells, cell counting, cell viability testing, and high-end experiments like toxicology studies on animals.

Biochemistry Labs

AIB has a well-equipped biochemistry lab with all the facilities related to biochemistry and enzymology. It has various advanced equipment such as colorimeters, UV-vis spectrophotometers, pH metres, centrifuges, etc. The experiments carried out in this lab include quantitative and qualitative estimation of protein, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and lipids. The lab also provides facilities for SDS-PAGE.

Cell Biology Lab

The Cell Biology Lab deals with the study of different cell stages. Students observe various stages of mitosis in onion root tip cells, cell division in flowering plants, chromosomes in different division stages, and the isolation of mitochondria.

Environmental Biotechnology Lab

The Environmental Science Lab deals with the testing of wastewater treatment, water analysis including BOD and COD, environmental monitoring, monitoring of air pollution and bioremediation.

Bioprocess Technology Lab

Bioprocess labs deal with the  production of antibiotics, alcohol production with the fungus S. cerevisae by using fermenters and batch culture of microbes.

Microbiology Lab

The microbiology lab is equipped with facilities to deal with research related to microorganisms.

The lab deals primarily with bacterial and fungal cultures. The main research work conducted in this lab is on industrial applications of microbes, viz., antibiotic producing microbes, microbes used as biocontrol agents, bioremediation, microbes producing bioplastics, production of various enzymes of industrial importance, and biological production of nanoparticles.

Bioinformatics Lab

AIB has a well-equipped bioinformatics lab. A total of 60 computers are available with the distribution of 40 and 20 systems in two labs. Configuration of existing systems: Intel@celeRON® CPU E3400 @2.60 GHz, 1 1 System of 4 GB & 2 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Disk, Intel@Pentium® CPU G645 @2.90 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Disk 2 UPS 7.5 KVA, supported by DG Set, Proprietary software: Schrodinger v11.13.0 (25 users), auto dock, Exom ED, ACD Lab/Chem Sketch 12.0, EPI info.

Molecular Biology & R-DNA Technology Lab

Molecular Biology facilitates and promotes research in key areas of biotechnology. The lab targets performing various research practises such as the basics of preparing a molar solution, DNA and RNA isolation, and cloning of genes. The lab also has PCR, hybridization techniques, and gel electrophoresis (Agarose and PAGE).


Students learn to do screening of clones as well as various methods of cloning.


The lab has all the advanced facilities to carry out recombinant DNA technology experiments smoothly.