Dr. Nishi Priya
Associate Professor
Hospitality Management
Amity School of Hospitality (ASH)

Malhaur, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow-226028

PhD in Hotel Management
Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT)
B.Sc. H&HA

17 years

Front Office Operation and Management, Room Division Management, Property Management System, Applied Interior Management
Psychological influence on Customer Relationship Management, Sustainable Waste Management, Rural Tourism, Computer Hospitality Services, Internet of Things (IoT).
Accommodation Operations, Rooms Division, Computer Hospitality Services
Professional Housekeeper's Association (PHA)
Book chapter published titled 'From Trash to Treasure-A Practical Insight into Sustainable Waste Management Practices with the Hotel Industry' published in IGI Global Book Titled “Sustainable Disposal Methods of Food Waste in Hospitality Operations”, ISBN13:9798369321812 in 2024.

Presented Research Paper in 'International Conference 2023' on 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Perspective of Education System' organised by IHMS Kotdwar in December 2023.

Presented research paper on ‘Transformation of Hotel Industry’ for International Knowledge Transfer Conclave Conference at GCU and published in Ripple Journal in June 2019.

Published Research Paper on 'Development of Rural Tourism Through Entrepreneurship – A Study on Sadeibereni in Odisha' in International Journal of Advanced Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology in 2019.

Published Research Paper on ‘Influence of Ethnic Food on Culture’ under the theme of ‘The forgotten Ethnic Food of India with Special Emphasis on Organics and Connecting and Building Food Network of India’ in Ripple Journal, 2018.

Published Research Paper on ‘Impact of Internet of Things in terms of guest service satisfaction in Hotel’ in World Journal of Engineering Research and Technology in 2017.

Published Research Paper on 'Green Technology In Hotel Industry.' Vol.6, ISSN: 2229-6794, Ripple Publications in 2017.
Best Paper Industry Aspect by IHMS Kotdwar in 2023.

Best Paper Presentation Award received from AIMS Hospitality, Bangalore

International Researcher Award 2020-21 by I2OR, MSME
Amity School of Hospitality (ASH)
Malhaur, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow-226028