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The Department of Operation Theatre Technology focuses on training students in the management of surgical environments, equipment, and patient safety during procedures. It covers areas such as sterilization techniques, surgical instrument maintenance, anaesthesia administration, and post-operative care. Students in this department gain hands-on experience in operating theatres, preparing them for roles as vital members of surgical teams, ensuring efficient and safe surgical interventions.

Operation Theatre Technology involves the management of surgical environments, equipment, and patient safety during procedures. Technologists trained in Operation Theatre Technology ensure the functionality of surgical instruments, maintain sterile conditions, and assist surgeons as needed. They manage pre-operative preparation, anaesthesia administration, and post-operative care. Their expertise is crucial for the smooth operation of surgical procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Operation Theatre Technology encompasses the specialized field dedicated to managing surgical environments and ensuring seamless operations. This domain includes expertise in maintaining sterile conditions, managing surgical equipment, assisting surgeons during procedures, and ensuring patient safety throughout the surgical process. Operation Theatre Technologists play a critical role in facilitating smooth surgical interventions, contributing to successful outcomes for patients undergoing various medical procedures.

Amity University Punjab offers courses in Operation Theatre Technology that cover subjects such as sterilization techniques, surgical instrumentation, anaesthesia administration, patient care protocols, and operating room management.

Course Duration

  • B.Sc. (Operation Theatre Technology) (4 Years )

Eligibility Criteria

  • B.Sc. (Operation Theatre Technology) (4 Years )
    PCB (min 50%) Aggregate percentage will be calculated based on marks scored in English and three academic subjects (excluding second language, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Performing Arts or any other Vocational /Non-Written subjects). The student should have passed all the subjects of class XII from a recognized board


B.Sc. (Operation Theatre Technology) (4 Years) :- First Year: 1,20,000

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  • B.Sc. (Operation Theatre Technology) (4 Years )

Studying Operation Theatre Technology equips students with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage surgical environments and support healthcare teams during procedures. Graduates gain proficiency in sterilization techniques, surgical instrument maintenance, anaesthesia administration, and patient care protocols. They become adept at ensuring sterile conditions, optimizing surgical efficiency, and prioritizing patient safety, contributing to successful surgical outcomes and overall healthcare delivery.

There are several benefits to studying operation theatre technology. First, it gives graduates specific knowledge and useful abilities for running surgical environments, which makes them highly sought after in the medical field. It also provides excellent compensation along with fulfilling employment prospects. Additionally, it makes it possible for people to actively impact patient care, guaranteeing effective and safe surgical treatments. It also provides possibilities for professional growth and ongoing education, keeping healthcare professionals abreast of developments in surgical techniques and technology.

The faculty at the Department of Operation Theatre Technology includes experienced professionals with backgrounds in healthcare, surgery, anaesthesia, and related fields. They specialise in teaching various aspects of Operation Theatre Technology, ensuring comprehensive education and practical training for students.

The faculty members hold advanced degrees in Operation Theatre Technology or related fields. They have extensive experience in both academia and industry, bringing a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical insight to the classroom.

Studying Operation Theatre Technology opens diverse career prospects in healthcare settings. Graduates can work as Operation Theatre Technologists, assisting surgeons and ensuring the smooth running of surgical procedures. They can also pursue roles in sterile services management, healthcare administration, or medical equipment sales and support. Additionally, opportunities exist in research, education, and consultancy, allowing for continuous professional growth and contribution to the healthcare industry.