13 Mar 2019|Mumbai

Workshop On Art Based Therapy

Art in some or in other form is used by each and every person of the society regardless of their age, religious, ethnic, socioeconomic or geographical background. Now it is well accepted and considered useful with children and old age people as well. So Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences organized one workshop on Art Based Therapy for all first year students by Khula Asman team. A total of four trainers facilitated the workshop in which they divided 130 students in four groups. It helped the students to gear up themselves to use the creativity in them when dealing with people facing emotional and mental problems. Some of the basic ideas worked on were:

1 Connecting emotions with the body.

2  Improving ability to convey thoughts and emotions in a more comfortable manner.

3 Understanding of one's self.

4 Bringing out the inner self through art and creativity.

5 Anchoring one’s emotions and then helping out others.

Students were told about places and circumstances where these elements can be implemented in daily life. Activities like drawing, and acting also took place in the workshop. Overall the workshop through easiest way but effectively conveyed message.