Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Classrooms with digital projectors and 24x7 Wi-Fi facility
  • Counselling Center
  • Seminar/Conference hall
  • Faculty rooms and non-teaching staff rooms
  • Cog - Labs/ Laboratory/ Resource room
  • Library
  • Computer labs

Clinical/ Field Work Infrastructure

  • Special / inclusive schools
  • Regional Mental Hospital, Thane
  • RG Medical College & CSM General Hospitals, Thane
  • The NAB Workshop for Blind
  • National Career Service Centers for Differently Abled (Erstwhile Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped, Mumbai
  • Regional Mental Hospital, Thane (A regional centre for mental health under the Directorate of Health services, Mumbai, Maharashtra state)
  • Lokmanya Tilak Medical College &General Hospital, Sion, Mumbai
  • SRCC Centre for Child development, Haji Ali Mumbai
  • Jagruti Rehabilitation Centre, Taloja, Navi Mumbai

Psychology Laboratory

AIBAS has a well – established Cog-Labs with more than 200 standardized projective and objective types of psychological tests and/or scales used for assessment of personality, IQ, aptitude, interest, motivation, emotions, leadership styles, marital adjustment, neurocognitive functioning, creativity, mental disorders, developmental screening, vocational preference etc.

The Cog-Lab is well equipped with psychological apparatuses to measure attention, perception, illusion, learning, memory and bio-feedback. Sound proof cabins for testing and experimentation are made available to the children keeping privacy and confidentiality of the clients intact.

Students are given opportunity of self-exploration by administering these tests on themselves first and later they are trained to administer these test on dummy clients/subjects. Psychological profiling and report writing is part of practical classes.

Psychological Counselling Center: Way to Wellbeing

Students are considered as a valuable asset and workforce of the country. Educational system both school and higher education, is expected to produce highly skilled trained professional, yet mentally fit citizens. European higher education has developed a definite system of counselling services within the system of formal education. Changing scenario of Indian Higher Education system also demands to place counselling and guidance as crucial part of higher education system. AUM being the first private university in Maharashtra, aspires to produce the best students through providing quality education. The university has a deeper mission of ‘grooming leaders’ not only thorough professional knowledge but also through inculcating good human values and sanskaras.” To fulfill the above mission, counselling and guidance services are a crucial part of University education for nurturing healthy minds.

Therefore, within the framework of the holistic wellbeing of the students and the staff in the universities and at higher education institutions, undertaken as part of the UGC Mandate, A Counselling Center is set up by AIBAS at AUM for providing safe and secure environment. As a ‘student centric educational system’ AUM provides greatest educational opportunity and highest quality of services for holistic development of the students. Therefore, A Counselling Center has an important role to contribute to the overall development of the students.

Key Objectives of the Psychological Counselling Center

  • Address personal and Psycho-social issues such as personal adjustment, stress management and coping with negative life events. Deal with relationship issues, depression, and anxiety and to facilitate behavior change etc.
  • Enhance the client’s effectiveness to deal with academic problems like self-assessment, goal clarification, learning skills, learning styles, and communication skills etc.
  • Prevention of suicide, drug, alcohol addiction. Enhance the client’s effectiveness and ability to cope.
  • To provide facilities for career assessments/ psychological assessment, guidance, and career counselling etc.

Eligibility of service

Currently enrolled students with different schools of Amity University, Mumbai campus are eligible to receive services at counselling services. Staff members can also avail the counselling service. Students under medication for long term psychiatric problem or eating disorders or de-addiction or other complex services do not come under the periphery of counselling services. In specific context the counselling center in-charge can arrange referral services to facilitate students’ academic journey.

Counselling Center Hours of Operation

Counselling services are offered from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM Monday to Friday at the Counselling center. In case of emergency or on special request by student’s counsellor can arrange an appointment by prior arrangement of his own duties of the departments. Ideally a counselling session can be of 30 to 90 minutes. AIBAS is in process of appointing two full time counselling psychologists.

Procedure for after hour services

Residential AIBAS faculty is available 24*7 in case of emergency.

Counselling center during summer and winter vacations

Counselling center is open during summers from 9.00AM to 5.00 PM. Students can avail the services with prior appointment only.

Counselling center activities

Keeping the aim of preventing mental health problems, a few activities are regularly planned, events are organized for students as well as for staff. An activity calendar for counselling center is made and renewed every year according to the needs of the students. Time to time advertisement for these activities are made by counselling center.

Counselling Team

The entire AIBAS faculty dedicates time for counselling related activities. They are available on prior appointments which can be made through Email- or student can directly walk in to the Centre situated in AIBAS. Psychiatrist consultation can also be arranged if required.

Counselling Centre Head: Prof. Gautam Gawali

Counselling Centre In-charge: Dr. Rekha Wagani, Assistant Professor


S.N. Name Contact Details
1. Dr. Gautam Gawali
2. Dr. Rekha Wagani
3. Dr. Poonam Sharma
4. Ms. Mini Narayan
5. Dr. Deepti Puranik
6. Mr. Jacob John
7. Dr. Tanvi Vijay
8. Dr. Lakhminder Singh
9. Ms. Debolina Roy
10. Dr. Siddharth Soni
11. Dr. Soumya Sharma