Research & Publications

Faculty is actively involved in research, regularly get their work published in journals, present research work in national and international conferences and encourage students to participate.
Title of Paper Name of Author/Faculty Name of Journal Year of Publication ISSN/ISBN Number
Manifest Anxiety, Extroversion and Neuroticism among Different Types of Physically Handicapped Gawali, G; Thacker, P & Kamble, G. Disability and Impairment: an Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Vol. 12 (2), pp, 81-87 New Delhi 1998 UGC Approved Journal ISSN 0970356X
Generation Gap, Masculinity Femininity, SES and Personal Values Gawali, G;& Kamble, G. Praachi Journal of Psycho-Cultural Dimensions Vol.15, No.2, pp. 17-21 1996 ISSN: 9717064
Prolonged Deprivation and Personality: A Correlation Study Gawali, G. & Janbandhu, D Praachi Journal of Psycho-cultural Dimensions, Vol. 18, No.1, pp.59 - 64, April.  2002 ISBN:-978-93-7831-432-2
Impact of Psycho - Legal Intervention on Parental involvement in the Rehabilitation Process of Persons with Mental Retarded Gawali, G. Disability and Impairment: an Interdisciplinary Research Journal, Vol. 17 (2), pp, 25-30  2003 UGC Approved Journal ISSN 0970356X
Self - concept: Impact of Caste and Sex Gawali, G Praachi Journal of Psycho- cultural Dimensions, Vol. 21 No.1, pp 2005 ISBN:-978-93-7831-432-2
Sexuality of Women with Disability: Psycho - Social Issues Gawali, G International Journal of Disability Studies, Vol.3, No.1&3, pp.35 - 51 2007 ISBN–0973-4996
Social Injustice: Psychological Intervention Gawali, G. Jogdand,P; Bansode, P and Meshram, N . (Eds), Globalization and Social Justice, Rawat Publication, Mumbai 2008 ISBN 8131602125
Correlates of Assertiveness: A Study of Adults with Visual Impairment Gawali, G., Gonsalves, W., & Tambe, N. Journal of Psychological Researches, 55 (1, 2).  2011 ISBN-0022-3972
Relationship between Distress Tolerance and Coping Styles among Suicide Ideators and Non-Ideators Bankar, N; Gawali, G. and Shinde, S. Disabilities and Impairments: An Interdisciplinary Research, Vol.26(2), 2012, pp.103. 2012 ISBN-0973-4996
Personality Determinants of Attitude towards Persons with Physical Disability: An Associational Study Gawali, G., Gonsalves, W., Shinde. N. International Journal of Disability Studies. 2013 ISSN- 0970356X
Effect of Physical Labeling on Facial Attractiveness Ratings Among Youth. Gawali,G; Wilbur,G and Khattar,T Disability and Impairments, 27 (2), 104-110. 2013 UGC Approved Journal ISSN 0970356X
The role of Empathy in Building Counsellors-in-Training Trinjana, K and Gawali, G Journal of Psychological Researches, 58, No. 1, 41-47 2014 ISSN:0022-3972
The Influence of Perceived Stress on Various Dimensions of Well Being Pooja Soni and Gautam Gawali Indian Journal of Mental Health, Issue: 4(4) 2017 Print ISSN-23944579, online ISSN- 2394-6652
Exposure to Violence, Child Abuse and Normative Belief about Aggression among Children Gawali, G., Paul, P & Tambe, N Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology. Vol 44 (2), 317-323. 2018 ISSN0019-4247
Perceived Social Support and Psychological Well Being among Youth with Total and Partial Visual Impairments More, D. S. & Gawali, G.S. Disabilities and Impairments. Vol 32 (1), 23-31 2018 ISSN 0970356X
The Effect of Visual, Speech and Hearing Impairment and Gender on social Phobia More, D. S. & Gawali, G.S. Journal of Psychological Researches. Vol 62 (1) 2018 ISSN:0022-3972
The Gender Roles Expectations Scale for Women in Indian context Archana Kamble and Gautam Gawali IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Review, 2019, 7(5-II), 1510-1514 UGC Journal No 41948 and NAAS Rating 2.72 2019 ISSN-2347-3797
Home Environment, Values, Gender and Academic Achievement of Students: A Comparative Study of Joint and Nuclear Families Ramesh Gulde and Gautam Gawali IAHRW International Journal of Social Sciences Review, 2019, 7(5-II), 1510-1514 UGC Journal No 41948 and NAAS Rating 2.72 2019 ISSN-2347-3797
Gender Discrimination In Health & Education In Private And Municipal School Children Gautam Gawali, Priscilla Paul and Naresh Tambe Think India Journal,   UGC Care Approved International Indexed and referred Journal Impact Factor 6.2 2019 ISSN:0971-1260
Positive Predictors of Health Pareek, R. & Singh, S. Journal of Indian Health Psychology, 2, 10-19. 2007 ISSN: 0973-5755
Role of Life Style & Spirituality in Positive Perspective of Health. Pareek, R. & Singh, S. Journal of Indian Health Psychology, 2, 208-215 2008 ISSN: 0973-5755
Exploring adjustment among adolescents: A study on intelligence Pareek, R Indo-Indian Journal of Social Sciences Researches (1) 8, 55-58 2012 ISSN:0975-1343
Effectiveness of Association with spiritual missions on spiritual wellness among adolescence Wagani, R. & Golani, R. Indian Journal of Positive Psychology, 3 (8), 338-341 2017 ISSN-p-2229-4937,e-2321-368X
Role of Father versus Mother in Self-esteem of Adolesence Wagani, R Journal of Psychosocial Research, 13 (2), 173 to 182 2018 ISSN 0973
Effect of White Noise on Visual Memory Jain, R & Wagani, R IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, 24, 10 (10), 59-68 2019 p-ISSN: 2279-0845.
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Effect of Online Communication on Well-Being among Young Women: A Qualitative Analysis. Vijay, T. The International Journal of Indian Psychology, Volume 4, Issue 2, No. 88, 25 2017 ISSN 2348-5396
Correlates of Communication: An Exploratory Study among Young Adults Vijay, T., & Sen, C. Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Volume 3, Issue 9 2017 ISSN 2454-1362
Eliciting experiential Knowledge of autobiographical episodes on Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling Puranik, D.A., Paul P., Mukundan, C.R., Gawali, G Indian Journal of Psychology (IN PRESS) UGC Care Journal 2020 ISSN NO: 0019-5553
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UGC Journal No 47250, NAAS Rating 4.79
Positive psychological factors, role ambiguity and organizational commitment of public sector bank employees Soni, S., Agarwal, M. International journal of social sciences review,6(3), 2018 2018 ISSN-2347-3797
UGC Journal No 41948 and NAAS Rating 2.72
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Multiculturalism: An interdisciplinary investigation in India
Rehabilitation Psychology
Suicide and Self Concept in Persons with Disability
Violence on Child and by Child

Our Thrust Areas

  • Academic Resilience
  • Rehabilitation
  • Drug Addiction, Suicide Prevention
  • Career Counselling
  • Psychological Capacities
  • Therapist Development and Training
  • Concept Formation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Health Psychology
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Child Development and Counselling
  • Positive Psychology
  • Workplace Counselling
  • Multiculturalism
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Organizational Development
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Psychology of Criminals