06 Oct 2016|Mumbai

Ways on Seeing Art

Ways on Seeing Art

Mr. Giridhar Khasnis is an eminent art critic, columnist and curator based in Bengaluru, this was his second talk at ASFA, AUM.  Mr. Khasnis has published many articles on Indian contemporary art in various news papers and magazines. This time Mr. Giridhar focused on some exemplery paintings done down the ages from cave painting to contemporary art.

He explained how different people see the same subject in different perspective as well as how an art work could provoke further imaginations in the society; with examples of  Leonardo da Vici' s 'Monalisa' & Vermear's 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' and the way they affected other fields such literature, film as well as mass media.

The presentation was followed by question answer session. Mr. Giridhar has a very good knowledge of English and he is a good orator too, apart from these he is also an easy going person so students could easily approach him regarding their doubts or questions.