26 Feb 2019|Mumbai

Guest Lecture On Use Of Unconventional Mediums In Art

Throughout the history art has been evolved with the mediums along with it’s contextual development. For any artist in the post-industrial world there are plenty of materials/mediums to choose from, whether they are long lasting or ephemeral mediums. The choice of the medium mostly depends on the conceptual realm of the artist too; down the age’s artists resisted commodification of the art by using ephemeral mediums such as salt, alum, ice, wax, fluids against the conventional mediums such as wood, stone, bronze, paper, oil paint, canvas etc. Hemali Bhuta is one those artists who explored varieties of mediums based on their individual political aspects in the otherwise general use in the society.

During BFA one the important aspects that students need to explore is the medium. The reasons being:
1) To find out suitable medium based on ones own personality traits and physical and mental agility.

2) To bring out the ideological aspects and political underpinnings of the mediums. So its essential to the students to put themselves to experience various mediums. 

Students of Painting managed the event, the lecture began as per the schedule, Ms. Hemali shared different sides of her practice that varies from sculptures, drawings, installations to video art. She politely answered all the questioned students had asked about practice and the international residencies she had taken part.