28 Sep 2020-|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Organizes Coronial Innovate Design Contest 2020 On Innovation Day 2020

  Creativity and innovation are open to interpretation from artistic expression to problem solving & promoting sustainable design goals. On the occasion of Innovation Day (28th September) this year, School of Fashion Design & Technology along with Club Ami-Trendz hosted ‘Coronial Innovate Design Contest’ (#coronialinnovate) for all the students of Amity University Mumbai. 

The students were asked to design a set of mask and gloves coordinates via digital medium or pen and paper illustration. The sustainability of designs emerged from conceptualizing these products to be made from re-use and recycling of old materials. The theme for the design contest was “Versatile Geometry”. Geometrical patterns and structures were used, to bring vibrancy to designs or an understated, edgy elegance and style to them. Highly flexible, visually effective and aesthetic yet functional, geometry always brings a sense of harmony and balance to design.
All entries were accepted via our Google forms or email and the best designs have been showcased on @asfdt_mumbai as well as StyleQ Digital Blog. 10 Best entries were selected by Jury members: Ms. Narmeen Hamadeh, Digital Illustrator, Riyadh, and Ms. Vandana Deshmukh, Head, Dept of Fashion Design, CKT College Panvel. E-certificates were awarded to all participants. 
Entries were received from students of Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity School of Communication and Amity School of Fashion Design and Technology. The goal to envision students to work with the concept of sustainability via reuse & recycle and think innovative designs for masks and gloves was well achieved.