21 Aug 2020-|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Celebrated World Fashion Day 2020

 World Fashion Day was digitally celebrated on 21st August 2020, with fervour and astute content. The students were enlightened by the guest lectures about various concepts and approaches prevailing in the industry with experts from the industry and academia.

Session titled ‘Aesthetics and Photography’; on fashion orientation, aesthetics and photography was conducted by Ms. Shraddha Bhargava, an International Photo-journalist & Lens Based Artist and Visual Storyteller.  Students were clarified with the knowledge of how it works from camera to its lens, focal choices, camera settings, and from subject to its color tone, placement, composition, everything that affects the image outcome, and about the importance of why developing a personal style is necessary.
The next session on sustainability by recycling, titled ‘Waste to Wealth’; was conducted by Dr. Suman Mundkur, Hon. Secretary, Board of Trustees, Society of Dyers, and Colorists Education Charity (SDC EC).  She helped everyone get a glimpse of the basics of how sustainable fashion is about benefiting the people involved throughout the fashion supply chain – from farmers to consumers to everyone working in end-of-life facilities such as recycling factories and also the environment. By the end of the session, students selected a discarded garment from their wardrobes, upcycled it, and took photos as a means to promote rationality in fashion.
The sessions were very interactive and informative to say the least. Information shared by both the guests widened the visions of students concerned with fashion photography and sustainability, thus enabling them to work more gracefully and efficiently in the future. It will also help them understand in making up their final portfolios and how to make them more attractive and selection ready.