11 Mar 2021-|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Organizes Webinar On Unlocking Success - Crafting The Future In Art And Design

Amity School of Fashion Design and Technology, Amity University Mumbai organised a webinar with ‘Miss Raadha Shalini’,: the creator of Soul Splash Programme and Former Creative Director of Paul 

Salon (Satya Paul). The webinar was designed: 

- To throw light on the future in art and design. 

- To discover how art and design helps build mental, physical and emotional immunity as well as bringing success career-wise. 

- To impart the knowledge of thinking out of the box.  

The expert commenced the webinar by introducing herself and sharing her thoughts on success and ways to achieve it. According to her, clarity in goals is the most important direction for moving towards success. Following it, one should dive into one’s area of interest and experiment with it in every possible way. In this era of online learning,  students should focus more on experimentation as it gives practical knowledge and enhances problem solving skills. Nowadays, students have a misconception about taking inspiration. They usually tend to copy things from the internet and fail to execute their own ideas. They forget that there is a fine -line between inspiration and imitation. According to her, a new design should not be influenced by any existing work on the internet; it should completely be brand new. She explains this by giving an example of famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, he usually burns his old collection to avoid repetition of ideas. She adds that, to start a new design, one should know the basic elements and principles of design. These are said to be the building blocks of design. Besides, talking about art and design, she encouraged the students to have the basic values in life. She says, “Every person is unique in his or her own ways just like leaves on a tree.” As everyone is unique, they have different thinking capabilities. At the end, the expert patiently answered all the questions asked by the students. She ensured that all the doubts that students asked were cleared. This session was totally an eye-opener as it was very informative and encouraging.