Infrastructure & Facilities


The infrastructure of School of Fashion Design & Technology has been developed to take experiential learning experience forward. The set-up focusses on a practical approach through practical’s, life projects, apparel displays, technical workshops & hands on modelling for design.

Amity School of Fashion Design & Technology is equipped with:


Pattern Making Labs

A pattern is a basic configuration & structure of any garment. Students are trained construct and adapt basic Slopers according to design and size requirements to fit specifications. The School has fully equipped pattern making labs stocked with ergonomically designed pattern making cork- top tables. All tools, technical instruments and equipment essential for pattern-making are provided in this lab.

Computer Labs

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

Digitalization of creative art is an essential requirement of all visual communication materials of design. Students are given a hands-on experience of working with latest designing software like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Computer Aided Manufacturing, TUKA-CAD as per industrial standards & demands. Professionally qualified experts provide training to execute design ideation sheets, mood boards, technical design sheets, sketches, patterns, fashion communique, fabric print & placements etc.


Fabric Construction Lab

This lab is created and equipped to enable skills of creating fabrics and textures. Training on creating materials by macramé, crocheting, knotting, braiding and weaving is imparted here. Handlooms are used to create woven fabrics by using varied yarns using different weaves and textures.

The lab is equipped with:

4 Shaft Looms, 8 Shaft Looms, Warping Unit, Hand Spinning Unit

Textile Testing Lab

Textiles is the raw material of fashion design. To determine its best end use it is imperative to establish its quality & properties. The School has a well-equipped quality testing lab for assessment & physical testing of textiles. Yarn, fabrics and garments can be tested here with the latest ISO and Internationally bench-marked machinery.


Textile Testing equipments include:

  • Colour Matching Cabinet
  • Digital Tensile Strength Tester
  • Yarn Twist Tester
  • Beesley Balance
  • Crimp Tester
  • Crockmeter- Manual & Digital
  • Button Snap Pull Tester
  • Sample Cutter I2 For GSM
  • Digital Gsm Balance Capacity
  • Pick Glass
  • Aatcc Grey Scale – Change In Colour & Staining

Fabric Artistry Lab

Is equipped with tools &instruments for creating textiles prints and surface ornamentation. It is used for demonstrating & teaching preparatory processes for fabric wet processing like scouring and bleaching, dyeing& printing of fabrics and yarns using synthetic colorants and natural dyes, natural finishes, screen printing on fabrics, stencil printing and hand block printing. This lab encompasses more than 100 hand crafted wooden blocks and Screens sourced from different areas of our country.

The equipments include:

  • Padded top block printing tables
  • Single gas burners
  • Printing screens and squeegees
  • water baths with thermostats
  • Glassware and chemicals
  • HTHP Steamer

Garment Construction Labs

The finality of a design is manifested through garment construction. The GC lab is fully equipped with the following equipment as per industrial standards:

Lockstitch Machine Single Needle Lockstitch M/c      
Overlock Machine 3 Thread Overlock Double Needle flatlock M/c    
Specialised Machines Buttonhole M/c Button Attach M/c Feed Of Arm M/c Embroidery M/c
Fusing & Pressing Continuous Fusing Machine Electric Steam Boiler (4 KW) For Ironing Table    

Draping & Styling Lab

Sculpting a fabric using a dress-form, conforming to its shape creates a three-dimension fabric pattern called a Drape. With this skill the students can conceptualize the fit & amp;overall design-effect of the finished garment on the body form before the garment is cut ‘n’sewn.

Library & Resource Centre

Apart from the central University library, Amity School of Fashion Technology has its own library and resource center with a collection of latestbooks, vertical files, videosand samples files on Fashion Design, Illustration, Textile Printing, Advance Pattern Making, Computer Graphic Design, Costume History, World Textiles, Garment Construction, Embroideries, Green Manufacturing, Home Furnishings, Luxury Brands, Visual Merchandising, etc.