Effects of Third-Party Organisations' Endorsement on Purchase Intention for Selected Products in Lagos, Nigeria

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The Role of Social Context in Influencing Career Decision Making in Generation Next

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Impact of Employee Empowerment on Performance Management

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Strategizing Social Media Brand Perception to Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

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Social Media and Brand Choice : A Study of Delhi and NCR


E-Retailing versus Physical Retailing : A Comparative Study on Service Quality Perspectives

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Communications - Application of E-S-QUAL : Assessment of Studies Across Globe

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Identifying Factors Influencing Purchase Decisions to Use Cloth Bag while Shopping amongst Youth

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Identification of Predictor Variables Influencing Learning Style Preferences of Knowledge Workers in Indian IT Service Companies

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Book Reviews
  • Dr Anita Venaik
  • Dr Supriti Agrawal
Crime Rate and Firm Entry in Nigeria

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The Influence of Teaching, Research and Consultancy Services on Efficiency Assessment: Experience from Tanzanian Universities.

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A Fundamental Analysis of Selected Steel Companies in India

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Transformation of Banking Industry from Need Based Services to Universal Banking Services (An Empirical Study)

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A Study of Employee Motivation as a Tool for Implementation of Internal Marketing

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Improving Engagement of Concessionaire Employees

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Evolution of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - Comparison U.S. and Indian Bourses

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Communications - Creative Accounting Practices at Satyam: The Fraud Methodology Revealed

Madan Lal Bhasin

Total Quality Management in Engineering Education in India With special reference to Punjab and Chandigarh

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Book Reviews
  • Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh
  • Bharat Saxena
Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firms' Profitability: Evidence from Nigeria and Sierra Leone

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Defence Expenditure and Economic Growth in Malaysia : An Application of Toda-Yamamoto Dynamic Granger Causality Test 1980-2014

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Impact of Social Media Expressions on Value Perceptions and Purchase Intentions

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An Empirical Investigation of Ethical Orientation of Pakistani Managers

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A Study of Profitability Analysis of Banking Industry in Post Reform Era

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Personality and Emotional Intelligence of Teachers

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Brand Positioning of Management Institutes - A Study of National Capital Region

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Factors Affecting Consumer Intention to Purchase Private Labels in India

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Electronic Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Study of Customer Loyalty with Special Reference to Tourism Industry

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Quality Dimension Imperative for Innovative Financial Inclusion: A Case Study of Select Banks in J&K

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Effect of Auto Ownership on Financial Well-Being of Auto Drivers - A Study Conducted Under Research Promotion Scheme of AICTE

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Assessing Impact of CSR in Business Leverage of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

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Book Reviews
  • Rakesh Gupta
  • Amanpreet Kang
Liabilities and Non-Performing Loans Value Relevance in Emerging Market: The Nigerian Experience

Muhammad Yusuf Alkali and Nor Asma Lode

An Inquiry to the Problems and Prospects of Indo-Bangla Trade in Agartala Land Customs Station

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Growth of Iron-Steel and Cement Industries: Essential Stimulus for India's Economic Growth

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Relationship between Socialisation Agents and Consumer Decision Making Styles: An Indian Teenage Perspective

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Niche vs. Multi-Specialty Firms: A SAP-LAP Analysis of Indian Semiconductor Industry

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Commitment and Business Creditworthiness: A Contemporary Issue Enclosing Retailers Perspective

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Study on Awareness about Agri-Supply Chain Management Among Farmers of Uttar Pradesh

Rajendra Kumar

An Analytical Study on Consumer Preferences towards Private and National Brands in Men's Apparel

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Developing a Causal Linkage between High Performance Work Practices and Employee Engagement

Naval Garg

An Empirical Study on Effects of Globalization on Marketing Strategy and Performance

Esha Jain, Manish Madan, Nidhi Gupta2 and Nitin Goel

Performance Analysis of Indian Mutual Funds with S&P CNX Nifty Index

Inderpal Singh and Kanika Khera

Decision-Economic Factors and Demographic Factors Influencing the Psychology of Investors towards Investing in Gold: An Empirical Study

Kanika Marwaha and Sangeeta Arora

Book Reviews
  • Prof. RNDr. Zdenka Gálová, CSc
  • Shinu Vig
Do Buybacks still hold their Signaling Strength? An Empirical Evidence from Indian Capital Market

Shaveta Gupta, Neha Kalra and Rajesh Bagga

Metrics for Human Assets: An Empirical Analysis of the Current Practice in Service Sector Organizations in India

Ajay Kr. Singh and Nisha Gupta

Capital Adequacy Growth in Banks: An Indian Scenario

Mandeep Kaur and Samriti Kapoor

The Examination of Contemporaneous Relationship between Intraday Return, Volume and Volatility Measures in Indian Equity Market

Gurleen Sahota and Balwinder Singh

Impact of Technology in Banking Sector: A Study in NCR Delhi

Shamsher Singh and Deepali Saluja

Structural capital: Concept and its Application in Service Sector of India with Special Reference to Banking and Reality Sector.

Arpita Kaul

A Portray of Indian Retail Industry: Changing Facets and Global Competitiveness

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Study and Analysis of Market Segmentation for Snacks Food (With Special Reference to Branded Cookies)

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Potential of Public-Private Partnerships in Agriculture for Inclusive Development: A Study of Uttar Pradesh

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An Empirical Study on Assessing Quality of Educational Service Using SERVQUAL Model

Namita Garg

A Comparative Study on Statistical Software Packages with Reference to Graphical Tools

Chayan Paul, Hemanta Saikia and Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee

A Study on Financial Literacy and Its Determinants among Gen Y Employees in Coimbatore City

M. Sekar and M. Gowri

The Conditional Performance of Indian Mutual Fund Managers: A New look

Subrata Roy

Relevance of Efficient Market Hypothesis with Special Reference to BSE India

Anurag Pahuja and Gurpreet Singh

Book Reviews
  • Manoj Kumar
  • Poonam Gupta